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Hey all, figured I better do a profile now that I've attempted writing fic. I'm new to the Bones fandom as the first episode I ever saw was "The Critic in the Cabernet." (Yeah, I have no idea what the hell I was doing with my time the previous four years.) I have since rectified that idiotic mistake by purchasing all four seasons and watching them repeatedly and yes, obsessively. I've always loved shows where the romantic couple begin as friends and it slowly (just not THIS slowly) becomes something more. Plus, the way Booth looks at Bones just makes me melt.

Other shows I like are Glee (Jane Lynch is a genius), Royal Pains, The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, SVU, The Big Bang Theory (Jim Parsons is another genius), I'm starting to get into Castle and I will always have a soft spot for The Gilmore Girls and Law & Order.

I'm also a freak for reading and can't IMAGINE life without a book in my hands. Anything by Alison Weir (Preferably her non-fiction stuff), Robert B Parker (RIP), Jon Krakauer, Jan Karon, Janet Evanovich's early books in the Plum series, The McNally series By Lawrence Sanders (again RIP), and Dennis LeHane are among my faves but I'm pretty much up for any kind of book if it catches my attention and there's not a ton of needless or graphic violence. One book I can never get enough of is "The Pillars Of the Earth" by Ken Follett. Over a 1,000 pages and still not long enough.

As for fanfic, I'm not big on the purely angsty stuff even though my first (but hopefully not last) fic was full of it. I mean, I can take a little of it as long as there's plenty of the fluff and romance and all that other stuff (yeah, like s-e-x-) that HH and co. have thus far seen fit to deny us. As for the "grown up" stuff, I love it as much as the next person but I do prefer a little story to go along with it. I mean, Booth and Brennan haven't yet jumped into bed for no good reason on the show (not that I'd mind if they did) so it doesn't really seem in character to me when they do so in fanfic.

I've got one sort of motto I try say to myself everyday: Embrace the crazy. (If you worked where I do, you'd understand completely) And sarcasm is my security banket, for future reference.

My favorite quote and more words to live by:"Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world." Einstein

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