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Author has written 1 story for Inuyasha.

Will everyone I have my first story out for reading. I am very happy with the idea. I really like Sess/Kag stories, I just don't know what it is but Sess seems way more of a man than Inuyasha ever could be and Kag just should not have put up with a guy that is a two timer. Just don't like it.

I got me a beta reader. I am just so happy that my storie is doing good. I have most of the story outline so the ending is clearer in my mind but all the lines have not been put together but they will be...they will be.

I have an idea of a new story another Inuyasha but I have the pairing picked but my evil side will not let me tell you. Its very sad b/c I feel in my heart that it will be a very good story and be a massive Lemon story. I think that I will call it Lemon juice. Yes a lemon juice story b/c it will run through it (after the plot is shown, one long butt chapter one) like water falling down a hill.

After that I think that I will try a Harry Potter fanfic.

Not sure how long all this will take but I got my ideas done for the first two stories and a third.

I do not like to do more I think I can handle so I will do one story at a time as I can. I do not like stories be cancelled and I will not do that to anything I do when I start it, it will be complete.

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