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Welcome to my Fanfiction homepage! If you know ChrisMSMB, he is my older brother.

I enjoy playing and drawing video games made mostly by Nintendo.

My DeviantArt page is DreamyDawn65.

Video Games I Like:

Favorite Kind of Games: RPGs (Role-Playing Games) and Life Simulation

Like a Lot: Nintendo Games (Especially Mario, Poke'mon, Mother/Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and some of The Legend of Zelda and Metroid)

Like Also: Tales of series, Sonic the Hedgehog (games around 2001-2007), Mega Man, Blazblue, The Sims, Rune Factory 4

Poke'mon Related Information

  • Favorite Poke'mon: Chimecho
  • Favorite Generation: V, almost beaten by lll
  • Favorite Region: Kalos, almost beaten by Sinnoh

  • These are my favorite video game pairings:

    LuigixDaisy- Awesome canon pairing in the Mario universe. This includes their baby forms, but don't get any funny ideas!

    NessxPaula- Paula's awesome; so don't give Ness a 'girlfriend' in Super Smash Bros.

    WarioxMona- Spit it out, lovebirds! I can only see Wario with her and, maybe, Captain Syrup.

    KirbyxRibbon- Very cute! I wish there were more Fanfictions with these two...

    ScraggyxGothorita- My favorite pairing made from my Fanfictions. You'll see this everywhere in my later Lonely Trio Fanfictions.

    SumiaxChrom- Sumia's a true darling, but her heart should only belong to the captain she loves most.

    LucasxAshley- Ummm... please ignore this...

    Pairings I dislike:

    All Yaoi & Yuri

    Pairings with Ganondorf- GROSS.

    Pairings with Waluigi- If Waluigi shows off more of what he does in the Tennis and Golf games, I'll buy it!

    Pairings with Rosalina: I prefer Rosalina being a loner. That being said, I'm not totally against her having a significant other.

    WaluigixAshley- Even worse than pairing him with Daisy or Rosalina. They have little in common!

    MarioxDaisy- Mario saved her. Nothing more to that.

    LuigixPeach- These two are a possible and understandable couple, but I don't like it.

    NessxLucas- Disgusting. Don't sully my favorite character!!

    Favorite Female Video Game Characters:


    Daisy, Rosalina, Medli, Malon, Impa, the Gerudo, Adeleine, Kumatora, Ashley, Kat and Ana, Lyn, Serra, Nino, Lute, Marisa, Myrrh, Robin (if she's a loli!), Miriel, Sumia, Tharja, Cherche, Severa, Viridi

    Tales Series:

    Rita Mordio, Presea Combatir, Anise Tatlin, Cheria Barnes, Sophie, Elize Lutus, all the female protagonists from Eternal Sonata (especially Polka)

    Sonic the Hedgehog:

    Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit

    Original Characters in Fanfictions:

    Nocube: A human from the 4th Walls, who came in the form of a Cubone. He befriends Lucas and Ashley greatly. His demise is in Soulless Eyes.

    Princess Elaine: The first antagonist in The Lonely Trio Fanfiction. She is the leader of the Sunrise Boos, whom all used to live at Cavi Cape. She wants to protect her people by destroying the world to create a peaceful one.

    Anna: Princess Elaine's loyal servant, who is also a Sunrise Boo. She gets the gears going for Elaine's plot.

    Celestial: The final antagonist of The Lonely Trio. She leads the Ghost Army and is the incarnation of Elaine's wishes.

    Isfury: A resurrected zombie girl who joins Celestial with her cause, longing for a peaceful world. She loves the Legend of Zelda.

    Sabrina: Isfury created this Chilly as a destination for the Lonely Trio. Ashley befriends her, and now she is able to freely live her life.

    Eric & Eli: Two human children taken captive by Jaq and Jacqueline, and were to be eaten by Lamia along with other children separated from their families.

    Jaq: An antagonist in Soulless Eyes. He is an imp who follows his comrade, Jacqueline. Lamia is his superior.

    Jacqueline: A Sunrise Boo who hates the Lonely Trio for killing Celestial. She goes as far to team up with demons to succeed her goals.

    Lamia: The antagonist of Soulless Eyes. She is a demon who eats children. Though truly evil, she is later shown to express her somber feelings about the 'selfish humans.'

    Tabatha: A Koopa who works as a secretary and bishop for Bowser. She has a secret relationship with an antagonist in Soulless Eyes.

    Antonio: A Shroob Rex who befriends Starlow. Though he dislikes the Mario Bros., he fights by their side along with Starlow.

    Melodi: A surviving human from the decaying Poke'mon regions. Her Lucario has trained her to analyze the auras of others, but after a bad fall, she is confined to a wheelchair.

    Thresh: The antagonist of A Heart of Sorrow. He is a young human boy who is taken control of magical gummies, but is aware of his actions. He plans to drown the world in a sea of gummies.

    Inita: A puppet to the antagonist of Skull Bathed By the Dawn. A psychic girl who cannot control her PSI powers, turning her into a mindless murderer.

    Seva: A puppet to the antagonist of Skull Bathed By the Dawn. A once-proud warrior of an unknown land who uses magic and used to ride a wyvern.

    Gyroro: A puppet to the antagonist of Skull Bathed By the Dawn. An abomination who is very lonely, but ruthlessly powerful.

    Morella: A puppet to the antagonist of Skull Bathed By the Dawn. A psychotic woman who kills Poke'mon, thinking all of them doomed the world.

    That's all for now. Enjoy reading, and unleash your imagination!

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