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Author has written 10 stories for Resident Evil, and Naruto.

4/4/2013 - Hello dear readers. I bet you never thought I'd come back huh? Honestly neither did I. The events in the past year and a half or so have been so chaotic that I've barely had time to sit down and breathe, not to mention even being able to write. I'm back now but who's to say how long? *sigh* I want to give my deepest apologies for leaving you all at such cliffhangers and I know you all are deciding whether or not to hunt me down and force me to write. No need though, since I'm back to finish my stories. However, I'm going to start back slow and I've decided to put Natural Selection at the top of my list, so expect a loooooong awaited update soon. I'm sorry for the readers of my other stories but I don't want to just put down crap because I didn't have the time to write thoughtfully. Unfortunately, during my move, the chapters I was writing for Breaking The Glass and Natural Selection were deleted so I had to start over. I'm not too bothered though because I rather like the new chapter much more than the old. So hang tight and I'll have your tasty fic updates soon. Thanks so much everyone and once again I'm sorry. -please don't kill me?- :D

Name; You can call me Echo haha.

Age; 22 currently but I plan on getting older :P

Location; In a little boondock-y town in NC

Kids; Yes. I have 2 wonderful babies. A little girl and a little boy.

Favorite Stories to Write for; I've only really written for Resident Evil and Naruto, but I am open to trying new stories to write for.

Favorite Resident Evil Pairings;

Wesker/Claire - Obviously, best pairing ever.

Chris/Jill - Most people do lol.

Leon/Ingrid - I just kinda like her residual geeky yet sexy style and I love her no-nonsense attitude. I think she could snap Leon into place proper.

Krauser/Ada - I know! You're thinking...Wha!? But it kinda just kinda works. Even if I'm not big on Ada, there are some times when I'm like..-big doe eyed- "I wish I was Ada! She's so coool!"

Rebecca/Billy - This one is iffy, considering Rebecca from the games irritates the crud out of me, however if she is well written in a fanfic I do like her with Billy.

Carlos/Carlos - XD He could only love himself.

Claire/Steve - Only if it's not whiney and little boy-esque Steve. As for Claire well...She's the best. Hands down.

Wesker/Jill - I'm warming up to this. At first I was against it but...It's awfully fitting.

Favorite Resident Evil Characters;

Wesker; He's the most badass villian this side of the ENTIRE WORLD. And he's super delicious. Just saying.

Claire; I absolutely LOVE Claire, she's kindhearted and sensitive but can still kick your butt no questions asked!

Jill; I'm more partial to the RE 5 Jill, because you get to see a side of her that's different and not canon to her original self.

Barry; BARRY'S AWESOME! He really is.

Alexia; I love Alexia, she's right up there next to Wesker as one of the pimpest antagonists in RE.

Alfred; Only because I love making fun of him, it's so easy.

HUNK; What's not to love about HUNK? He's a big dude in a full hazmat get-up with secrets and a past as dark as the night. I live for that.

Tofu?; Heh. I know Tofu isn't actually a character per se but...Gotta love a big piece of soybean foods stuff that runs around a police station at night screaming "WHYYOUDOTHAT!?" When he gets hit.

Favorite RE Games;

Mostly all of them, even Gun Survivor, because I'm not predjudiced haha. But my absolute faves are;


RE 2

RE: Code Veronica

RE 4



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