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Author has written 15 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Naruto, Avatar: Last Airbender, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Greetings, and welcome to my slice of this website. You can call me SuperShanny. I'm a college kid studying history. I like the color red, warm rain, baking, reading and writing. I can sew and crochet, but my true love is quilting. I have several ear piercings and am hoping to get a tattoo someday. And this is starting to sound like a dating site profile.

I am a couch potato. I happen to adore the following (which are in no particular order): Smallville, CSI(the original, up until they killed off Warrick), NCIS, Criminal Minds, Psych, White Collar, and Supernatural. In the cartoon category: Phineas and Ferb, Danny Phantom, Avatar the Last Airbender, Kim Possible, and Scooby Doo. And lastly, I'll take Anime for 500: Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Pokemon, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, and Fruits Basket. If I were to list my books, we'd be here for an eternity.

I tend to create my story titles from song lyrics. I mean no copy right infringement. Please, don't shoot.

Eventually, for anyone who wants to know, will be a Yugioh GX story. It's Jaden and Zane (Judai and Ryo) for anyone who cares. I have a few chapters done, but I've learned my lesson; no posting until the whole thing is finished. That's just the way I have to do it, or the story sits there for months without update XD I've also got another Harry Potter story in the works, and a Yugioh GX one shot. There's a Supernatural one shot swimming around in my head, as well as a Trickster's Series fic, but I need to flesh them out more.

Yeah, I've been out of comission for a while. No, I haven't forgotten about writing. I've been having trouble finding time/inspiration to write. Ode of a Puppeteer and If it's Worth Saving Me only have a few more chapters left respectively. A Thousand Ways to Die Trying obviously has at least 5 chapters to go. It got halted at the end of chapter 3 for the most stupid reason ever, so I'll try to get that up soon.


Gaara has a twin sister that is not related to him named Akki. She was found in the desert. After Yashamaru's death, Akki runs away to live in the desert. Years later, she comes back to control Gaara while they attend the Chuunin Exams. Unfortunate things keep happening from there. Dysfunctional family= dysfunctional love story for these two. GAARAxOC

My WIPs:

(Harry Potter) Translated very loosely, this phrase is Latin for 'above all else, do no harm'. This phrase is learned by med. students the world over. It's the story of a girl born into a Slytherin family, Cecilia Eleanor Rukin. Voldemort killed a several people in her family and extended family, but her oath (the Hippocratic Oath which binds a wizard so tightly that the healers in St. Mungo's rarely even take it) prevents her from refusing to help the Dark Lord while he is injured. So Cecilia decides to become a Death Eater to exact her own brand of revenge on Voldemort by helping Harry Potter defeat him, no matter the personal cost. It's (hopefully) going to be pretty long, and eventually turns into a DracoxOC. The word sporadic is too frequent to describe the updates for this story.

(Naruto) Sasori of the Red Sand ends up adopting a little girl named Ryo. Ryo is naturally gifted with puppets. They live in Suna until an unfortunate event causes them to flee. Years later, Ryo and Sasori have joined the Akatsuki. But between befriending Jinchuuriki, a crazy cult that has turned Sasori into a god, and two very weird Uchihas, life just keeps taking twist after twist. Not to mention falling in love. SASORIxOC

(Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid had a friend in highschool who used to make sure that he didn't get the snot beaten out of him on a daily basis. When that friend, a beautiful woman named Adrienne Cain, sends him an email, Reid is too terrified to open it. A new case in southern Virginia involving a poisoner might just throw the two together again. REIDxOC (this has one more chapter and the epilogue; trust me, I haven't forgotten)

(Criminal Minds) This is a collection of one-shots based on Hotch's line at the end the episode 'An Elephant's Memory' when he's berating Reid about not being the only kid in the room. I wanted to see how many ways I could interpret that line. Mostly Reid and Hotch centric. On going with no end in sight.


FullMetal Alchemist:
Roy Mustang is curious about the fire he sees burning in Ed's eyes. Roy doesn't want Ed to disappear again, but he doesn't want him around either. Just in case he becomes too attached and Ed leaves again. There's also the tiny problem that Roy might want Ed. Ed just wants Roy to stop being a bastard and make up his mind. Curiosity, a want of friendship, a tiny bit of lust, and the FullMetal alchemist are a recipe for disaster. ROYxED (technically this is a two shot)

Ed's POV of Fire in his Eyes. Not posted yet, but it'll get here eventually.

Spencer is being forced to attend the annual FBI masquerade ball. If he's going, he might as well have fun with it. Dress up, trickery, and a little bit of song and dance. Reid might just pull a fast one on the whole FBI.

Naruto misses what he and Sasuke used to have, whatever it was. Now that Sasuke is back, nothing is the same. Both of them are unhappy. Do they have the strength do overcome it, or will life continue in misery? Perhaps dreams are all they really have... NARUTOxSASUKE

Shikamaru is bothered by the music that keeps on blaring in the apartment below him. When he goes to check it out, there is a beautiful blonde bombshell on the other side of the door. And she has a nasty temper. What more could a lazy genius want? SHIKAMARUxTEMARI, GAARAxNARUTO(kinda) (technically a two-shot)

Smutty Uchihacest. That's pretty much all there is to it. No rape, 'cause I'm against that. Sasuke and Itachi are out in the forest. Sasuke is salivating over Naruto, and Itachi just can't control himself. I actually pulled this out of my other story, Ode of a Puppeteer; I thought it couls stand alone as a one-shot. SASUKExITACHI & one-sided SASUKExNARUTO

Zane and Cyrus blitz themselves into a sugary coma because Jaden and Jesse are dating. Totally crack-ish.

Alexis has never really had a convenient time to tell Jaden how she feels. Jaden is always so busy saving the world that she feels that it might not work out anyway. But it's worth a shot, just to tell him the truth. JADENxALEXIS

Yami considers Yugi very dear to his heart; they are Yami and Hikari after all. But he's also a bit dense. With a misinterpreted bit of help from an unwilling Bakura, Yami realizes that Yugi and Kaiba must be dating; it's the only explanation for how close they are. Unfortunately for Yami's brilliant powers of deduction, Yugi has been dating the pharaoh for years. Yami just hasn't figured it out. YUGIxYAMI, dom Yugi. Title comes from a phrase of my mother's; a 'butterfly moment' is when you have no clue about what is going on around you.

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