The Eddie and Bellie Awards
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the Eddies & the Bellies are an awards show that hosts excellence in the world of Twilight Fanfiction. This account exists as a means to communicate with anyone who may have a question for us regarding the awards.

the Eddies are an annual celebration of completed stories in four categories:

-Short Fiction

-Mid-Length Fiction

-Novel (Canon/AU)

-Novel (All-Human)

the Bellies are a bi-annual celebration of less serious categories that change with each round; previous categories included "Edward you want as your boyfriend" and "Update you Twitter about". The current round of the Bellies include the following categories:

-Emmett you want as your brother

-Wolfpack award

-Story that haunts your dreams

-Best Fansite

-Most constantly updated

-AU fic you'd write a fic for

-Best "Edward who?" fic

-Fic you'd click on for the title alone

-Best Trendsetting Fic

-Best missing moment (canon award)

-Story that makes you want to throw your monitor

-Fic that keeps you up 'til 3am reading

The current round of the Eddies & the Bellies is ongoing; winners will be announced in March 2010.

Visit for details, nominees, and descriptions of each category.

Thank you for voting!

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