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Country: Usa

Favorite anime/manga: Naruto, Gundam 00, Zoids New Century Zero, Rosario+Vampire, Aquarion, School Rumble, School rumble z, Galaxy Railways, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, Nabari No Ou(just for the theme song and not the actual story), Mushi-Shi, Case Closed, Dragonball, Dragonball z, Dragonball GT, Rave master, Yu Yu Hakusho, Beyblade,(the good ones with original characters not the suckish metal fusion) Black cat, Busou Renkin, Claymore, pokemon(my absolute favorites are only as far as johto journeys... i like the rest of it a lot but i know where my loyalties lie), digimon(really just the first two cause they really started pushing it as far as plot), inuyasha, MÄR, One Piece, Rosario+Vampire, Rurouni Kenshin, Sonic X, Kirby Right Back At Ya, Transformers armada, Transformers Cybertron, Transformers Energon, Yu-Gi-Oh(not the spinoffs like gx, but the original good stuff with exodia and the blue eyes white dragons), hunter x hunter, GE Good Ending, All the legend of zeldas, onidere, open sesame, zatch bell, dragon drive, xxxholic, avatar the last airbender, ultimate muscle,(still updating its a long list, and i know the list is mostly anime right now but i'm working on it)

likes: anime/manga, good books, good tv

dislikes: don't feel like telling you (its a quote from an anime haaa :p)

fanfiction specific dislikes: yaoi, yuri, lemons, people who put m rated fics under k-t and scar little kids for life, people who write in l33t so i can't even read it(seriously i do enough problem solving in math class, I don't need it to invade my down time too)

Favorite pairings:



i only really like the pairing because the good fic writers with imagination go into random pairings and can make these kinds of things work. I've read at least one that made it sound canon


see nooneimportants profile for explanation


only if the writer makes her his age, but anyway i like it cause they're pretty similar personality wise


it was one of the first fics i ever read and honestly it was awesome... the story i mean you could have substituted ino with any of the girls. this is another of my "the good authors hide here" pairings


i don't actually read these kinds of fics, maybe a few with them as a side pair just to get them out of the way to get back to the story but never as main pairing.

i'll pretty much read any non yaoi/yuri naruto pairing if its good. Yeah i'm flexible like that.

Rosario+Vampire pairings


its canon, they're a good couple, the capu-chuuuu's are funny, not much else to be said. Every minute they spend together brings tsukune closer to death from blood loss.


my favorite, nuff said but i'l keep talking anyway. mizores the least creepy of them all in my opinion,most of the time the stalking isn't even stalking,( i mean she walks out of a door and people freak out... thats just a fail people) she actually considers his feelings(ooh thats a big one, actually nice to you instead of lusting after you)

Profile still in progress, so much stuff to put on here it will take time

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