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Hey guyz!! I'm SeddieIsTheBomb!! And it is! I'm here to write a little, and read other stories...I

I absolutely LOVE Nathan Kress And Jennette McCurdy is the BEST ACTRESS in the world!!

About Me:

I love chocolate, Seddie, and writing!!

More About Me:

Movies: The Blind Side!! (OMG!), Avatar!!, Twillight, 17 Again, 13 Going On 30

Disney Character: Princess Belle, Mickey and Minnie Mouse (Together: Micknney)

Actors: NATHAN KRESS, Zac Efron :/, Taylor Lautner, Jae Head, Cole/Dylan Sprouse (mostly Cole, srry Dylan!!), Quinton Aaron, Tim McGraw

Actresses: Jennette McCurdy (Of course!), Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone, Sandra Bullock, Lily Collins

Singers (Bands): Relient K, Jennette McCurdy, Selena Gomez, Tim McGraw, David Archuleta, Hawk Nelson, Aly and AJ, B. Reith, Barlow Girl,

Britt Nicole, Carrie Underwood, Tobymac, TruDog, Drew Seely, Emily Osment, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, P!nk, Rascal Flatts, Rihanna, The Rocket Summer, Taylor Swift.

I love seeing what you guyz think about my stories, so R&R!! (Read&Review) I really hope you guyz enjoy my stories, I know that I'll have fun writing them. Most of them are Seddie!! I might do different ones too, though. I love you guyz!!


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