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Yo. I'm Rat300, call me Rat, everyone else does. Now, for anyone who was following me, and apology:

Anyone who was reading my stories Unusual Embrace, Lockets and Machine Grease, and/or I Guess It Runs In The Family, I can not apologize enough for the unintentional hiatus I have gone through. I was having issues with my computer insomuch that no matter what I tried it would not allow me to get on the the fanfiction website and access my account and I was unable to upload my stories and went though a mild melt down. That being said, the same computer that denied me my right to written expression had his own little melt down, and his replacement and I seem to be on much better terms as to what I am allowed to do. I can not apologize enough and as soon as I get my life back in order I will work hastily to redeem myself by finishing as many of my stories as possible in a timely manner, as well as possibly uploading some of the ideas I've been flirting with.

Not much I'm gonna say about me except that I am fairly new at this whole writing where others read it thing so constructive criticism is always welcome. I have at least one friend on the site, walks-with-nose-in-book, possibly known bettter as Avi Lovegood. If any of you have read the twerps profile (I mean that with love, dear) I am one of her partners in crime and general mischeif.

I mainly write because if I sit still long enough I get bombarded with all kinds of day dreams or worries, or simply inspirations that won't shut up until I get rid of them, normally I write them or doodle them and forget about them later but I figure what the hell, can't hurt to try right?

So, here is the thing none of you care about but almost everyone provides, "Stuff About Me". I'll keep the me bit simple and move on to things I like, we can bond that way much better, we could probably bond over dislikes, but I don't have enough space here to write that without seeming like a complete twit.

Name: You all can call me Rat

Age: As I don't often change my bio, it's not worth concreteing a number that symbolizes the number of times I've made it around the sun. Lets just put," I'm planning for college" and leave it there.

Favorite books: I like a lot but here is a small portion of the paper creations I consider delectable: The Looking Glass Wars, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, any and everything Tamora Pierce has written, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Dead Witch Walking, Down The Rabbit Hole, Hacking Harvard, Harry Potter, Heir Apparent, the Eleneium trilogy, Brain Jack, The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, I could go on for ages but due to my lacking memory this is all that you are going to be getting.

Favorite TV shows/anime: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Jekyll, Torchwood, Leverage, Bones, Ouran High School Host Club, Deathnote, NCIS, CSI(not New York though), Mythbusters, Castle, Firefly( so sad it was cancelled), Fruitsbasket, and again I won't waste your time with my endless lists...

Favorite Bands: The Hoosiers, Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Relient K, Skillet, Disturbed, Eve 6, Hellogoodbye, Fallout boy, Staind, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Thousand foot krutch, Paramore, Nickelback, Mindless self indulgence, Linkin Park, Blue October, Lacuna Coil, The Used, Fuel, Crossfade, Sick Puppies, SR-71, Hawthorne Heights, P!nk, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, thelostprophets, Deja vu.. I am going to run out of room if I keep this up...

I'm going to stop with the whole favorites thing, it's getting kind monotonus with all of the exceedingly long lists. If you haven't guessed already I like music and books, as well as anime and art. Art in all of it's forms has become my passion, and in all honesty movies have become a big draw for me, I'm fascinated and enticed with the ideas of production and creation and would love to worm my way into that field, but all forms of art are worth a bit of my love, and writing and drawing will always have a special place in my heart. (Not even a dusty place, their shelf is nice and dust free. Cluttered, but without dust as all artistic places should be)

I have a rather rag tag bunch of friends, all of us messed up in the head at least a little bit. We are definetly not 'normal', but I love them all to pieces and would and will do anything for them. I will freely admit that I am a geek pure and true. Born and raised in a D&D household with Sci-Fi as my guide, I will gladly experiment with any suggestions into the geek culture that you feel may be pleasent, so please shoot me a message if you feel so inclined.

Now that the meet and greet is over with, I'll go ahead with my disclaimer: I can almost positively promise you that my stuff will be less than great so If anyone has any constructive criticism for me then bring it on! Even if it is just an "You idiot! What the crap was that lame post? Was it supposed to be a story or something?" I'll take it. Gladly.

Are we done? Feels like it. So let's stop here till inspiration strikes us to change things up again. Life is change after all, because we change until we die, and even that alters us forever.

Onwards into the unknown land of the dark and not at all suprisingly cluttered confines of Rat's imagination(Try not to trip and hurt yourself, my search team is very picky about when they'll start looking for missing people )

But before that...a word from our sponsors! Kidding, I just found an adorable poem about OHSHC so I will continue to share it with the world!!

Oh anime, anime! Where would we be?
If your presence not grace us ever so fully?
I know just what to do; we should propose a grand toast!
The grandest of toast with your preferred host!

Now young and fair girls, come one and come all!
Pick a partner to take to our anime ball!
We have every character; just tell us your type:
Height, eyes, hair color, and favorite plight.

Do you go for the leader? The king of all kings?
Who commands respect with all the awesomeness he brings?
The person in charge, who knows just what to do,
until rejected, then goes to his emo corner to cry “boo hoo!”

Or is the smart one the way you will go?
He smiles up front, he puts on quite the show.
No problem too big for him, the solutions are clear.
But a darker side will show if you get too near.

And then we have twins, who are rarely apart.
Could it be incest, or brotherly heart?
Mischievous, impish, the troublesome lot.
They differ in some ways, just don’t ask me what.

Perhaps the strong and silent man suits you best.
Barely a word ever escapes from his chest.
You may feel he’s no emotion as life passes by.
Dare offend his friends, and then you can expect you will fly!

But may haps the cute little boy with the cake?
Looks pure as a doll and you may fear he might break.
Do not be deceived, his age is more than he appears,
and he knows kung-fu! Whoa. Watch out little dears!

Or perhaps the new guy who is shy and polite?
Who will smile, take orders, and won’t put up a fight.
He listens and counsels, importantly deems.
But is everything with him just as it seems?

What if you’re a guy, who wishes a girl or two?
I think we might round up something for you.
Although our host club is comprised of guys,
a woman’s touch is at work beneath your eyes.

Laughing and smiling, tenacious and loud,
the manager can always catch quite the crowd.
The fortitude for more to go above and beyond!
No one knows what she thinks or of who she is fond.

And another you may find, with a mind open as can be.
A poor little girl that can set the rich free.
Although, go after her, you’ll hear Tamaki scream,
“If you touch my Haruhi, it is you I will cream!”

Choose any one; our doors are open for you!
This night is the night for your dreams to come true!
Your desired host is yours, providing you pay.
But none of you are commoners, so you should be okay.

On that out of left field, whimsical note, thank you for reading my bio and my stories and so long as my computer (his name is Doc for furture reference if I start yelling about him) get on well, then I'll be more than happy to chat and listen to anything you have to say about anything. I really appreaciate and need people who let me vent some times, and they are few and far between, and I know very well that others do too. I'm more than happy to listen if you all need me, I'm baring my fears, loves, and unbelievably cheesy, fluffy addiction to preciousness for the world to see, and I love everyone who takes the time to take a peak whether they like what they see or not. So thank you and as I sign as often as possible,

Lots of Love,


So enjoy, and thanks stopping by.

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