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Well, not much to tell. I'm just an average American girl who LOVES to write. This is just my Fanfiction..but I write story's about real, hard, and harsh reality's of young people. Of some young people, I have 3 fantasy novels I am working on right now. And the rest is just putting my feet into shoes of others really. A lot of things inspire me to write, nature, dreams, the news, and even some of my personal experiences. I adore good books, I still like the Twilight Saga but I barely read it anymore... AND I love classics. Charles Dickens is my favorite author. I love music, I can't sing at all but I still do :P...I once said: "I am not reaching for the stars, I am just reaching for a pen and paper. And right now, that is the best thing I can and may reach for"~ I am thanking everyone I know- or you know...DON'T know-

1. My twin Dolphinogirl!! GO READ HER STORY DITCHING

2. my family (love you all!)

3. My viewers! (I love everyone who likes my story! Also, I want to thank-you since I have joined this website, I've been more open to writing. I was having doubts but now...welll now I believe I am a good writer)

4. My friends-even though you guys are all perverts you still are supportive.

5. Even my English teacher..."You are quite a poet" lolz.
--Since my freshman year I have had two other English teachers who have said "You are quite imaginative" and "You have true potential." And one actually wrote a book and had it published so... *happy dance for meh*

I'm done with Witness Protection program and I am currently working on the sequel. To all of you who liked WitnessProtection, I encourage you to take I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You. A chance. It is the sequel and so far, I am very proud of it. I'm not sure if (after this one) I will make a third book to the series of events. Also check out Are we Really Childhood Friends?
quirky comedy, romance, drama, suspense, and i sound like im advertising for a movie or something so ;3
I'd like to say thank you to all my fans, and I would like to say YAY THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to people who have put me in their communities ^W^ Thanks! I am currently in 5 communities the titles are:
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I think I've said check this and that out a lot soooooooo...
Happy reading and writing to all~!

Ditching by Dolphinogirl reviews
What would happen if Edward came back but Bella didn't want him? What would Edward do? Well, he might go crazy. This ought to be interesting......
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Witness Protection Program 2.Nessie gets kissed by a stranger on her 17th birthday and later on that evening he comes to her friend's doorstep begging to let him in He claims to have fallen in love with her at first..rest of summary in first chapter.
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Meet Bella Swan who has a grudge against almost everyone is Forks High School, especially Edward Cullen-Meet Edward Cullen, a boy who remembers Bella from long ago but why did he decide to bully her And why does he suddenly show his soft spot for her NOW?
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