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I'm a 40 something mom living in Southern California, a computer geek, an insurance nut and I love good design of any kind. My music taste is eclectic, but I'm particular in my diversity. I'm an administrator on the Unofficial Official Adam Lambert fan website . We were nominated for a NewNowNext 2012 award. We were beat out by the Vampire Diaries fans (boo) but it was fun to attend and go to the star-filled after party!

I read Twilight in the summer of '09. I was immediately hooked. Within a couple of months I had a Twilight story in my head that was begging to get out. I started writing it down and during my research I found Fan Fiction. Wow... you mean there's a place I can actually post this stuff? Insane!! I ended up finding so many good stories that my own made it to the back burner but after a few people started bugging me again to post it, I'm going to post the few chapters that I've created. It should be understandable even in just the few chapters I've written and who knows... maybe this will push me to write more.

My pen name came from a 100 Monkey's concert I went to in the Fall of '09. "Flying Squirrel" was their improv song of the day. "fuzzy little winged thing," were prominent lyrics. I have seen them several times since and Jackson and the gang were really entertaining in concert I hope you got to see them before they broke up.

I've started a new banner making hobby. Check out my work on Photobucket. In February 2011 I won the Bedevilied Lisaison Graphic contest in both the "Best Non-Canon Pairing" and the "Best Before and After" categories. In November 2010 I was nominated for an artist award at "The Fandom People" awards for a manip banner I did for Honeymoon Suite (a wonderfully written piece which is seriously under reviewed). Thank you for the nom! If you would like me to make a banner for your story, please read HERE before you message me.

I also enjoy Beta'ing. I was nominated as Best Beta for the Sunflower Awards in the spring of 2011. Thanks for the nom! I helped beta Hawaiian Vacation , Shattered Perfection and A Rude Scotch (before it was pulled by FF). I was also a pre-reader for now completed The Practice of Love. I also beta'd Not for Now, But for Eternity and Shattered Perfection. Go and read them now. Come on now, what are you waiting for???


"Chaos is the law of nature. Order is the dream of man." -Henry Adams


Random FanFic thought...

I was reading Wicked in the summer of '10 (much different than the musical, you should check it out) and realized... isn't this just FanFic?? And better yet, what about Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy? She WROTE fanfic and won't even let anyone write fanfic about her stories!!! Then there is that second Gone With The Wind book. And of course there are hundred's of Star Wars and Star Trek books out there licenced by George Lucas and Paramont. Come one SM!! Get with the program! If you don't want to write, how about licensing some really good authors to help!

I have these Random Twilight questions and there is really no answer (unless I had a few hours with SM herself), but over the years in the fandom people have tried to come up with their own answers. I have included links to some of my favorites.

1. Why does food smell so horrible to SM's vampires, but flowers (and vanilla and cinnamon) smell so edible?

2. Does vampire ejaculate sparkle? Answer from Carlisle's Q&A blog.

3. Do vampires have to cut their hair with vampire teeth? I know they don't have to cut it regularly, but I'm talking if one got turned the day before their next hair appointment or one got stuck with a horrible cut and had to change it up. And if they don't then is it just like human hair? I can't imagine what human hair would look like after 300 years. I think this could be a major detail fail. Here is a general question about hair that was asked on Carlisle's Q&A blog. She added additional information HERE.

4. If Edward was so determined to kill himself, why didn't he just throw himself into an industrial furnace somewhere? I mean... besides the fact that the story would've ended more like Romeo and Juliet. Here is an answer on "Carlisle's Q&A Blog"

5. How would Twilight (or even better... Midnight Sun) be different if Bella slept in the nude? Someone please re-write pages 106-110 and get back to me on this? I used this as a Christmas Cracker prompt and someone actually wrote this. YAY!!!

6. A vampire hard-on would rip right through their pants. Every fanfic which ignores this is a fail. I don't particularly agree with this answer, but it's what Giselle-lx came up with on her Carlisle Q&A blog (please excuse my poor grammar in asking the question).

7. Does Rosalie have to deal with a vampiric hymen or did she give in before she was married? And what about Alice? She was put in that hospital as a child! Another Carlislen Q&A answer and here's a possible outcome Alice had while she was in the hospital that I didn't think of.

8. If a vampire used vampire or wearwolf teeth and vampire venom, could they give each other tattoos? They wouldn't be as obvious (or colorful) as regular tattoos, but it seems (based on Newborn Bella Vampire's reaction to Jasper) that they would for sure be noticable. They would at least be as noticable as a white tattoo and MUCH more noticable than a black light tatoo. If the answer to question 2 is yes... then what if they used that "venom" instead? Could they make a sparkley tattoo? I asked this question of "Carlisle and even tried a follow-up question to explain that I didn't mean that any ink would be used, only venom but got no response.

9. Does vampire ejaculate contain sperm and if so why didn't Carlisle realize that a vampire could get a human pregnant. If he is so curious why didn't he ever try to mix his ejaculate with an egg??? If it DOESN'T contain sperm then what mechanism creates vamp/human hybrid babies since there is no way to create male children without sperm.

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A look at SM's world of vampires from Edward's guardian angel's POV. Started as a study in why Edward hates himself and why is he so smitten with Bella. Inspired by Edward's guardian angel in Midnight Sun. "I had no angel. They were reserved for the good..."
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