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Hey! I'm Dyz. I'm a Canadian/German, but I'm living in England at the moment. I luv writing fanfics and drawing fanart, and I loooovee music. I can't stand a day without listening to my favorite songs. #Shout Outs#

Well, I have a long list of shout outs but first of all, I'd like to say a big hi to my very, very, very, very, best, best, best friends, Anne (FF: xXNaughty-By-NatureXx) and Kate (FF: Marionie Hearts).

#Other Shout Outs#

Other shout outs go to our Hayden Christensen lookalike cousin, Christian, and Tom (sorry, he wouldn't give his last name but I expect people who know him well know who I'm talking about) sister Kylie and cousin Mariemaia. More shout outs go to Julia, Nicole Jordan and Ashli McBee


Well, I only usually use Yahoo! Messenger, so you can IM me at these SNs:
lil_punk_rocker00 -- haydens_sweet_lil_gurl -- arsenal_fan_4eva -- xxpadme_naberriexx (only for Star Wars Episode II and I RP) -- lil_miss_ljungberg

#Friends Messengers#

I'm sure that Anne, Kate, Julia, Nicole and Ashli won't mind if I put their Yahoo! SNs up here too, but if it bothers you, guys, just ask me to take them down and I'll do it. They're only ones that I know of so bear with me if I haven't put one of your other SNs coz I don't know it.
Anne: dracos_golden_girlz, dunk_rox_mah_sox & slytherin_ice_princess
Kate: marionie_hearts
Julia: tekno_guilden_freida & alexandra_punk_rocker
Ashli: sugar_sweet_girl_elf
Nicole: nicolej11, goddess_of_gryffindor, angel_of_ravenclaw, duchess_of_hufflepuff, death_princess_of_slytherin, soragurl1, princessofelves3016

#Favorite Bands#

Well, as I'm part german, I like the rockband Rammstein a lot; it's mostly heavy metal so most girlies don't like it...but hey, it's me and not the rest of the world!
The only boyband I like is Blue, so, if you're a major boyband fan don't start pummelin' me with all this stuff about different ones. FIVE AND WESTLIFE SUCK.
I like popbands like S Club 7, and techno and trance from people like Ian Van Dahl, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Kylie Minogue and the Venga Boys (ok so they're old now but they did some great songs).
I only like a bit of rap; the only two songs I really like are M.O.P Cold As Ice and Ashanti&Fat Joe What's luv? I like any rock too, but Linkin Park kinda suck and so do Lost Prophets; I only like Shinobi VS Dragon Ninja from them.

#List Of Favorite Rock Bands
Ozzy Osborne
System Of A Down
Papa Roach
Our Lady Peace
Iron Maiden #E-mail Addresses#

Plz do not e-mail me at lil_punk_rocker00@hotmail.com anymore, coz I closed up that account. I'm only using the following:
haydens_sweet_little_angel@hotmail.com. #!!Warning!!#

I DO NOT accept flames, so you are a ashloch if you send me a flame. Send your flames to the litter bin and keep it to yourself; or I'll bitch slap you back to Africa. NO EXCEPTIONS. I DO NOT ACCEPT FLAMES AND THAT'S IT. I appreciate that you comment and have your own opinions, and show me where I've gone wrong, but I don't like them and that's final. Yes, I'm known to be arrogant and ignorant, but that's just the way I am. I will delete the story and put it back up if I receive one, single flame, GOT IT?! OK, I think that's enough work on my bio and just about more than enough, but, do R&R if you view one of my fics, coz I do appreciate your comments, I just hate flames. I know most of them are just expressing your feelings about my fic, but, even if they don't contain strong language or anything, I think they're rude to go and basically say: "Oh, that's absolutely crap and it sucked".
Catch ya l8tr,

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