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My name is Shadkim, or Kimmie2. I'm eighteen years old and experiencing my first year in college as an English major. Whoot!

Let's see...


Being an Anime fan, Surfing the Internet, Drawing, Writing, Bowling, etc.

Favorite Anime/Video Games:

Candidate for Goddess, Anything Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ouran Host Club, Pretear, D.N. Angel, Baten Kaitos, etc.


Hmmm. So far, I have one chapter left for Homemade vs. Storebrought Gifts. I know a lot of people are anxious for me to finish, especially since it's been years since I wrote the rest of the fanfic. I truely apologize for that, but believe me when I say the writer's block is bad. I kind of regret leaving it open for a last chapter. Why? Well, only two important things happen, and one of them you would assume would happen the day after. The other... well, it's just my theory on Sally's behavior. There's nothing but closure left in the last chapter. Grumbles It also doesn't help that I can't afford a new game system to get the inspiration going ; Anyway, I will write it eventually... just don't know when. But thank you guys for all the reviews!

Right now, and for months, my interest is in Death Note. I'm plotting a fanfic for it now, which I hope to get rolling in a few weeks after my finals are over. I'm really excited at the challenge! The story will be called Don't Go Chasing Ghosts... The pairing is LXOC and the story takes place Post- Death Note. Yes, that's right. Let's see how well I'll pull it off! XD

Well, that's all for now. Thanks to everyone who have favorited me and supported me through the years. I've been gone a long time, but I hope I still got it! XD

BTW: I changed my homepage to my livejournal account. If anyone feels the need to contact me, or just see what's going on, feel free to stop over. I'll also be posting pictures and things pertaining to future fanfics on it (and finally make some use of it eye roll).

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