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Poll: In my "Holes" fanfic, Jaden needs a nickname; the choices are Spirit and Sunshine. Both feminine for a reason! Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Age, Labyrinth, and Holes.

Hey everyone!

Let me give you a little insight on my styles, likes and habits.

I really like fanfics (hey, perfect site for me!) and I really like characters of my own creation. I know lots of people on this site prefer to avoid those unless it's a fanfic for an RPG game or something else that's really open to that. Luckily, I happen to LOVE the game Dragon Age where the main character of the story is a character made by the player, or in this cause author.

If I do ever write a story for a game, show or anime that makes it hard to add my own character, all I ask is that people respect that and not completely bash the idea. I keep my characters down to a reasonable level of skill and personality. I don't like characters that are "perfect" in everything they do, nor do I like the vulgar stories or characters where every other word is "Fuck" "Damn" "Whore" etc...those stories have NO story to them and are often crappily written one-shots. Why they are written, I don't know...

Also, a warning to my readers, I have a bad sense of time and updating things. I have a terrible attention span when it comes to my stories, and I feel terrible when they get neglected! T-T So, if anyone reads a story and it's been over ONE DAY, just ONE since the last update, email me, write a review or something cause i check my email often so I'll get it and be urged to write the next chapter!

I will try my very best to write only 1 story at a time because if I get to 2 then it'll get to 3, then 4, then 5, and then none of the stories will end. Trust me.

Anyways, I hope you like my stories~
Write reviews.
I'll take flames, but make sure they're not pointless. Give me something to improve on within your anger! Regardless though, I will continue writing.

Updates for my stories:

Legends Come From Somewhere: First priority! I've been playing DA2 and I really wanna work in a sequel...the only problem being what I want for the sequel is no where near any of the endings I thought for the first part...So I either have to revise a huge chunk of the ending I had planned out or revise the lovely idea I have in my head for a part 2.

Captivating Freedom: I'm not gonna lie, this is my least concern. The first one is still getting some reviews, which are awesome, and it's still being looked at daily. So, I feel like I can shelf it while I wrap up my other stories.

As Days Go By: okay...This SHOULD be my first priority, but it's not. I don't know why, I had the whole thing planned out till chapter 14 and reading back through my planning I found holes (ba-da-ching!) and I couldn't fill the spaces between some ideas so I'm kinda stuck on the current chapter. It's planned out fine, it's just...I have a word limit for each chapter and it's WAY below the line so until I find a way to extend it, it'll be pushed to my 2nd or 3rd idea. I'm sorry! If anyone has a suggestion on how they'd like to see things go in camp (just a rough idea...I don't need a chapter written out) please, send it to me! It may help me get past this stupid barrier in my mind!

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