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I was introduced to fan fiction by my best friend in third grade; we wrote a lot of "Star Trek" stories back then - it was current on-the-air ... jeez, that was a long time ago!

I've written a lot of it since then. I never really realized that everybody else was doing it too...

In the 9th grade, another one of my friends & I took every tv show we could think of, and all the cute guys in some teen magazines, and made one huge story out of them. (Time Tunnell, Wild Wild West, Rick Springfield and Alice Cooper, to just name a few.)

Gave it up for a while (may have had something to do with 2 husbands & 5 kids... not all at once!)

Just started writing Harry Potter ff. It's kinda fun! I found this site and - gee - everybody else is doing it too !! :-P

I was looking for some "Bad Boy" action in my head, and wound up with Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton is SO HOT!!)

Then I tripped over Frances Potter's "Resolution" story and nearly dropped dead: Harry and Draco fit SO PERFECTLY!! (Was so repulsive, now is so beautiful! gasp)

So, I keep coming back here for ideas for my own little stories -- I don't know if I'll ever get brave enough to "publish " them here...

But I enjoy what everybody else is doing here (I'm mostly reading Harry/Draco stories - OMG there's so much stuff here! I'm just starting to read the tip of the iceburg...) I'm just randomly puddling through, A premise will catch my eye, and I'll dive in !!

I also adore "Other Character" action, as I always make up people as I go - I usualy put a lot of "me" into them.

Which brings me to "Robin"

Robin is an OC I'm using with Harry Potter characters. I love her and admire her

Maybe some day you can meet her too -- she's just incredibly cool...