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hey ya'll its Haley Conrad! I'm 19 and i live in Dublin, Ireland which is nearly Always raining. lol. what do you say on these things? i like flowers?? lmfao. no i'm more of an emo-kinda-girl. or at least, VERY VERY eccentric. i love matching my outfits to totally random things. like with my uniform (normal clothes) i always wear either luminous tutu's and\or leg warmers with loads of badges. (and stripy ties with random shirts) on the topic of tutu's i have been practicing ballet for the past... well a long time anyway, since i was a child.

i'm not very girly although i am kinda fashionable and my bffl's Cami (or Camila), Tammi, Carter and Riley are my stars, moon, food and the air i breathe. they are the best friends that i could ever ask for and we would do anything for each other. I LOVE Riley, he's the best bf ever!! so sweet and considerate, i luv u babe!

I was originally a blond but died my hair black with electric purple streaks and now i have Haley Williams colored hair (like in the music video 'Decode') i have Emerald green eyes and am REALLY pale. i also love singing and playing the piano (i go to lessons every Friday and Saturday)

I think only about a few things in life. 1. BALLET. 2. PIANO. 3. SINGING. 4.BEST FRIENDS BF. 5. MY FAMILY (WARREN WALTER AND TAYLOR-PAYTON EMMA) and 6.CARS. also 7.WRITING. there that is what i live for (but not in order)

Warren Walter Conrad is my big bro; what can i say? Warren, Warren, Warren... he is the reason i have only three girl friends and am always hanging out with his friends and him. i am the baby of the family and he is very protective. Riley (the best bf and now my fiance!) is his best friend since they were in diapers. he's the only one he would trust me around. lol. he seems very pushy but he just worries about me and we love each other soooo much and he thought me how to play piano and signed me up for my first singing lessons, we both love playing rugby and baseball with the other guys in our group and just messing around basically. he is 21

Taylor-Payton Emma Conrad is my older sister and the one in the middle; she was always there for me, from my first ballet audition to the nationals. she is my role-model and whilst i got all the outrageous-genes she got the smarty-pants-genes but i love her all the more for it. she is a natural blond (like i was) and has streaks of ginger through it, whilst Warren has a dirty blond hair color which he got from our dad. she is Warren's twin and is 21.

Tammi is like another sister and is a dancing partner who i share everything with. we always joke that she's the same Tammi from'another cinderella story' because she designs both my and her's ballet outfits for competitions and finals and stuff like that. she also designs all of my outrageous clothes and is the reason i am not totally against the fashion-code. she is 20

Cami is the makeup\Baseball expert. she loves all that stuff and knows everything about it whilst i only know the rules and the basics. she and Warren (my bro) are in love and she is 19 and they are high school sweethearts and will always be together!! they plan to get married, i know so sweet!! she is my long-lost sister (not really but certainly acts like it) she has honey blond hair and blue eyes. she loves giving makeovers whilst i love reading and remodeling my fathers car i have my eyes set on the Chevrolet corvette, and he agreed that if i am good at school then i can have it.

Carter; she and i aren't as close as the others but still pretty close, we get along well enough after all we'll be family soon enough for real. lol. her fav color is purple and she wears it everywhere!! seriously almost everything in her wardrobe and room is purple. lol. not much else to say except she's 20(almost 21)

Riley; love of my life, young soul mates, my fiance (yay!). together for ever!! stuck up for me when i was a little baby and crying when Toby took my crayon's away from me in kinder garden (he kicked his butt, yay!) he is the most romantic idiot in the world and proposed with a lollipop ring when i was 4 and he was 6, so i'm stuck with him forever! lol. he's 20 almost 21 (only 2 years older) and is cousins with Carter. it was love at first sight, okay i'm going to stop before i go all soppy and then Carter, Tammi and Cami laugh at me and Warren gives me 'the talk' again... -shudders- lol

i have a cat called Sienna and a dog called Lee (after the river Lee in Cork, which is my home-town) i know some French and Irish as well as English (obviously)

i am not an out-cast at school, but i'm not the queen-bee either. i am the one that everyone likes and is the funny one that makes jokes and the teachers always let away with murder. my art and music teachers rock!! love you Kate!! (mrs. Heinz) and then miss coco. (she's addicted to coco. lol)

my favorite band is Paramore and i love them soooo much!! Haley is one of my role-models and i love Zack (but not as much as you Riles)

i love vibrant colors and comedy films. my fav animal is a cobra snake (Riley has one called Amy and treats her like the other women in his life. lol) but seriously its kind of annoying. lol. but i love her too!! okay well thats all when i write some stories on this site i'll try post some pictures, okay?

so then there is school. i go to a rather large all-girls school that is bright yellow and looks like it is falling down around us. i wont say the name officially -for fear that either the principle or one of you will either kill me about my comment on the school falling down or just from knowing where i live- but yes it isn't that good. we have music classes and horse stables and the chose of staying as a border student or going home every night. my parents live in the city and as the school is out in the woods, i go home at weekends and for Birthdays\Bank holidays and such like that.

okay so bye, oh and check out affarie ava mai's stories coz she's an awesome co-writer and best friend! she's totally fucking epic!

BTW this is my banner for 'Fading Crimson' made by the amazing mmsimpy09 :

is it fucking awesome or what!?

i am working on some stories and i can't wait to upload them!! xxxoooxxxooo Haley Babe

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