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Hi! I am a 25 year old Aussie girl. I am addicted to Harry Potter (but then again, who isn't) and the Black Jewels Trilogy. I am an aspiring writer, and have started writing my own fiction, as well as having been writing fanfic for about 2 years, however up until recently I have not had the courage to publish. Through fanfic, I hope (like most authors) to improve my writing.

I will read almost any HP fanfic, but I have a particular fondness for epic length Harry centric stories, especially wrong BWL


I know that occasionally we come across a story that we simply cannot stand, and feel the need to tell the author this, however it should be remembered that most (if not all) of the authors here are amateures, and are trying to improve. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of their WORK is more often than not, welcomed. Criticising them as people, however, is not. We are, of course, only human. I myself have been in the position of hating a story, and wanting to tell off the author, several times. So I have come up with a simple set of rules which I hope will help;


writing a review is a great way to let the author know what you think, however sending it straight away is not.


read your review, and ask yourself 'if I were an author who got this review, how would I feel?'


it is all too easy to critique the person, so make sure your review focuses on the work.


even if it just about the spacing of the paragraphs, or lack of spelling mistakes, try to make sure there is something encouraging/nice at the beginning and end of your review. Criticism is a lot easier to stomach if there is.


now I know that a lot of people will feel this is a sin, but one overly bad review could put an author off af writing completely. In some cases, it is far kinder to say nothing at all.


Authors are usually more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their work.


It is only natural that an author will feel quite strongly about their work, however your readers/reviewers are only human, and occasionally there will be those reviews that will leave you feeling quite put out. Here are some tips.


it is quite easy to get carried away by a negative review, however you should try to focus on the positives. At least they took the time to read and review, right?


did they say your spelling was awful? No? Then at least it wasn't bad enough to attract their wrath.


so they said your punctuation and spelling was bad? Proof read more carefully, or get a beta. Your relationship was unrealistic? Spend more time developing it next time. There are almost always hints on how to improve your writing within your reviews. Take the time to find them.


Write a (nice) reply to their review, and ask them if they can think of areas in which you can improve, or ways in which you can fix the problems. Even if they don't reply, it was worth the effort.

(in case anyone is wondering, I abide by my own rules ;-)

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SNAPE'S DAUGHTER: ( my first fanfic) Severus Snape has a daughter, raised as a muggleborn. All Death Eater's children belong to Lord Voldemort, so what happens when he finds out about her? How will her life as a seventh-year Slytherin be effected? And what does Hermione Granger have to do with it?

TO ALL MY READERS PLEASE NOTE - I know I have said previously that I had finally fixed my internet access problems, only to disappear again. I hope that this time *fingers crossed* my problem is solved- half the ram on my computer died! I PROMISE YOU THAT I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON SNAPE'S DAUGHTER. I love the story just as much as you all seem to =) Thank you for your patience, understanding, and most importantly your encouraging reviews. They are what keep me going with this story.


My most sincere apologies to you all. I have encountered a long period of difficulties (both personal and technological) that have interfered with me continuing on with Snape's Daughter. I will be revamping the story, taking into account your reviews and criticisms, and will be looking to publish it under a new title (which I will put here) later this year. My thanks to all of you who have patiently watched and waited, read, reviewed and even criticised (thanks so much for that, it was well deserved and much appreciated).


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