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Author has written 24 stories for Pokémon, Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Naruto, and Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード.

I have been known to rant so beware...

I play a lot of video games/watch a lot of anime but I have a select few of Ultimate favorites.

Legend of Zelda: is probably one of my faves but I dislike writing Fanfiction for it. I'll read it but I'm pretty critical when keeping Link in character.

Tales of Symphonia: How many playthroughs have I done on this game. Wait hold on. *Asks SonicZ16* ToS (Gamecube) was played fully like 7 or 8 times and Tos (Wii) 3 or 4 times. Well I haven't tried writing anything much on this series. I read it all the time and I don't mind out of character for this series.

Fire Emblem: Well I have played A LOT of Fire Emblem by far one of my TOP FAVORITE series of all time!!

I dislike out of character for this series depending on the character and by how much they act abnormal. I'll write almost any pairing. (I must find it worthy) I dislike common pairings along with any female paired up with Ike. I'll write whatever yaoi pairing you come up with. (Yes I am taking requests) I'm not critical at all when I read other Fire Emblem stories unless it irks me that much.

I am currently in the middle of playing Fire Emblem's 1-4 (Translation Patch) I have beaten Fire Emblem's 6-11. My favorite Fire Emblems' to write for is 9 and 10. And there the ones I play the most. Fire emblem 9 I've beaten (1 time on easy) (4 times on normal) and (1 time on hard) Fire Emblem 10 I have beaten (6 times on easy and almost beat my 7th) (1 Time on normal) (Currently playing my first Hard trial) So I know the game well.

Harvest Moon: It's on and off when I play this game sometimes I'll pick up a controller and can't stop playing for two weeks straight. Then I don't even look twice at the case. I read it when I see a good one. I don't mind out of character. And I'll write this when I get a good idea otherwise, eh. I have played all the harvest moon 'cept for like 2 or so I don't have a Playstation(1, 2, 3, or portable...Nothing)

Hetalia: OMG I watch this all the time I totally love it there will be a fic once I find a good not-common idea. NorwayxDenmark FTW!!!!

Arc Rise Fantasia: Well I had finally beaten this game and the ending disappointed my greatly. T.T 60 hours of my life...wasted on a horrible ending...

Told you it was a few, anyways some regular faves of mine...

Poke'mon: I write a bit of it. Read a bit of it. Play a bit of it. Watch a decent amount of it. I've known poke'mon since I was about 4. I know all the poke'mon by heart and I can write a fic or two when I want to but I must have a motivator to do so.

Super Smash Bros: I play this with my brothers fighting always ensues but it's still fun. I actually haven't read anything on this series. I only write my let's play for this series. But any game where sexy guys with swords fight each other for fun needs more attention. Maybe i'll do a one-shot pairing or something.

Naruto: When it come to Fanfiction I don't read much of this series at all. This is actually one of my favorites of all time and should be on the list above but I don't wanna. I don't read much because some novice writers can't use the characters the right way and its mostly EXTREME out of character which annoys me greatly. I don't think I'd be writing stories on this series at all. I'll read yours if you feel it really good.

Mario: Well I don't read or write for this series but I might. I play/watched a lot of the Mario games :D Yay baby Luigi!! You might actually see a story or two eventually.

On another note...

Final Fantasy: I'm telling you now DON'T ASK. I know people would flame me but I HATE Final Fantasy with a passion. Turn base destroys my will to play.

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And HD Academy! Oh noes! On second thought... Yay!
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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