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Well I think it's about time I did something with this page... I'm bored.

A little about me: I'm a sad sad midwestern girl attempting to avoid mainstream society through various means of imaginative self-expression. So you want to know what goes on in this crazy head of mine?

Well to explain, let me introduce you to my three muses Arien, Aria and Diedra.

Arien- my head muse, kind of a sarcastic one with an odd and somewhat evil sense of humor.

Aria- Arien's twin sister, very happy and innocent and sometimes really annoying.

Diedra- a little more subdued than the other two, she likes to keep up her library and helps me keep track of everything, she loves snow.

So those are the three main voices in my head that help me out with the writing. The others are the various characters from my stories. Have fun, and welcome to my slighly insane little world. Don't forget to Read and Review!!

2/27/04 Um... hi... hehe... so, I've been on a bit of a slump for the past few months... Arien: Like we couldn't tell... *twitches* Got myself into a few new series to... current obsessions include Yami no Matsuei and Saiyuki. This may explain my slight slump. *shruggs* Don't worry though, I have no plans to leave my stories unfinnished. I've worked too hard on them for that. ^_^ So, just incase anyone really wonders where I've been, that's about it.

6/31/04 Still working... slowly... I've just graduated from Highschool, hence my past few months have been... hell... I'm still working, still have no plans to cancel anything and... yeah... just expect my updates to by as erratic as usual...

My Fanfics:

Reviving the Sun: Alright, so I got bored one day and decided to try something... new. A Yami no Matsuei/Saiyuki crossover to be exact. Tsuzuki and Hisoka find that thier newest case will lead them to the secret of a legendary scripture lost over 2000 years ago and its sleeping guardian who has been waiting an eternity for the sun to return. *in-progress* 1/10/05 - I have uploade a version of this story in the Saiyuki section as well so it will be easier to find for people. Both are the same story, just different places. ^_^ Hope you like.

Dark Crimson Night: In the process of rewriting...

Of Mages and Elves: Au Yu-Gi-Oh fic about a world where humans and elves pretty much despise each other. There is only one link between the two kingdoms, the mage school known as the Tower of Illusions. When it is attacked, a group of humans and elves, and even half-bloods, the bain of society, must form a group to save it. Au, yaoi. *complete*

Of Love and War: Sequel to Of Mages and Elves. Yami and Yugi have returned to the elven kingdom Malanash only to run into a dangerous conflict with Yami's treacherous council. In an attempt to rid themselves of the prince, the council imprisons Yami. But and escape and a journey will lead to a descovery beyond imagining. Au, yaoi. *in progress*

Of Truth and Eternity: Sequel to Of Love and War. Au, yaoi. *not yet written*

Love is an Army: A songfic done to songs from LeAnn Rimes' Twisted Angel cd. Bakura writes a letter to Ryou before leaving for good. How will Ryou react? Angst, yaoi and suicidal themes. *complete*

Viva a Mexico: A silly little humor fic about four yaoi couples on a spring break trip to mexico. Silly, fluffy and hopefully amusing. *complete*

Prison of Darkness: Bakura gets himself into a little bit of trouble with the law. Sadly, that's not the only trouble he's in. Things start to get ugly when he and Ryou both end up trapped in the Sennen Ring. slight Au, yaoi, darker. *complete*

Damn: A short, one shot songfic to LeAnn Rimes' Damn from her Twisted Angel cd. Ryou is musing about his yami. Slight angst, yaoi. *complete*

Four Souls: The final chapters to this fic have been uploaded and though I am not particularly proud of them, I was sick of having them lying around. It is now complete, and I will probably never continue the saga. Basic plot: Van and Merle, along with Hitomi who has temporarily returned from Earth, go to visit Van's mother's homelad Lavia, only to find it in ruins. There they meet a young native of the land, who draws them into a new adventure possibly even more dangerous then the first. *complete*

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