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Author has written 17 stories for Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人, and Hunter X Hunter.



AS OF MAY 19, 2017, 17:53 pm: After a year of promise, I am still alive, and like what I said a year ago, I have an AO3 account with the same name but without space in between (username: EllarieSoulhart). I'm still in the process of fixing things in my AO3 account but sooner or later, I'll be able to post there. :D

Anyway, I am incredibly slow, as I have just posted my latest at The Rainbow's Guidance under Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom. But I am on the progress of writing, it's just that work has been very demanding and they need my skills...so...yeah. It's so hard to be an adult. >_> Hardships aside, I am still very much bright with literary fire, so there is no way (so far) that I'd be burned out AGAIN from writing. You guys didn't have to wait another year though. ;; I apologize greatly for that.

The world is filled with sorrow and confusion, bringing hearts to shards that are hard to recollect. But in the hope of life, a pen and paper could lighten the sorrowful soul, and enlighten the confused imagination. And that's what I believe at.

Elluna (Me)

edit: On May 27, 2017, it's going to be my 15th year as an amateur writer (which supposed to be put to good use but well...) and a fiction writer here on FFN. With that, I want to give my readers a little something. Please do visit me on my Facebook, Ellarie Clarencielle Soulhart, to see some updates (I made a page but even it hasn't been updated >_>).

THE BASICS (subject to be changed)

I'm Azuraelle and that's the only name you could ever know. For cat-calls, please simply call me Azura-chan. Actually, I'm also known for my actual pen name, Ellarie, but you can call me either. I am, let's say, at an age where wisdom of reality finally sinks in and is living a life pretty fulfilling, thus bringing my stories according to my greatest imaginations and experiences. And for obvious reasons, you all guys can see that I've changed my pseudonym. Azuraelle even was not my real name, it's a mixture of elements that I saw in books being patched up together to make a unique name. But, observing my username hides my real name...what could it be?

edit: As you can see people, I have been constantly changing my pen names for the reason that I really want to find the most suitable pen name that I can forever use. I decided to go on forever with this name, but since it's too long to remember, I've decided to narrow it down to Ellarie Soulhart. Two of my first real names are in there and the last name remains intact. I will not change my pen name in my current stories, but I have to change it soon once I write my new ones. :D

For the past years, I have been writing in the PoT category and sadly, I cannot remember where they are. I've been irresponsible due to extreme academic business. But alas, I've devised something to keep my accounts intact. :D Another, I was writing fictions for Naruto as well, but like what I said, they disappeared. So basically I was renewing from scratch. Now, I'm going to include Katekyo Hitman Reborn and even Card Captor Sakura (thanks to my little brother because I influenced him to watch the anime because it's cool. Plus, his classmates are watching it too. I want them to experience "CHILDHOOD" :))))))))) )

edit: My range of fandoms have been increasing, and my CCS fics are halted, because I lost the bunny who supplied me ideas. I need to re-watch CCS so I can gain back my bunnies. I'm re-watching CCS for this.

A little update about me, I am quite surviving the harsh environments of our world, earning money here and there. So pardon me if I am being on a looooong hiatus. I have been also in a lot of volunteering jobs which were very fulfilling and I wouldn't exchange it for the world.


I don't want to keep your hopes up guys, but I will try to fix my updating schedule right after I finish writing some of my fics. For now, this will be my target schedule.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn updates: every saturday, weekly

Haikyuu updates: every sunday, weekly

Prince of Tennis updates: every thursday, probably every two weeks

Kuroko no Basuke and Shingeki no Kyojin updates: every monday, probably every two weeks

Other fandoms to be scheduled

I'll try to make use of my tumblr account too, so check it out for schedules and updates. If you have questions, don't hesitate to PM me.

edit: I am not following this because my work >_>


I love lots of things and I make sure I do them a lot, for it only brings me joy and depletes my stress from every day's work at school. But most of those things I love to do is WRITING. I started writing at the age of 6, and I simply cannot remember where I have put my very first, un-beta-ed childish story of mine. Not to mention, it's TRAGEDY! Whenever I reminisce that scene, I always ended up laughing alone, then seeing my parents' horrible faces and the loud question why their daughter was laughing alone. Oh my gosh, I could die laughing.

I also DRAW. But I'm not those professional or those who have the 'it' to drawing. I was just taking the enjoyment of drawing what I desire. I started learning anime drawings when I was in grade school with the aid of my best friend who was heck of an artist. When I draw, it's based on nature and abstract, and it's not that as pretty as the painters out there. But I'm trying my best.

I play the piano. But that's much of a past now. It was caused by some...I don't want to remember it, but I cherish playing the piano so much. I have played several pieces, but still imperfect. I was learning to play again. Hahahaha!

What else? I love to eat, sleep, and slack. You got the impression for this. :D


IN ANIME: I love Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, Soul Eater, Code Geass, Ouran High School Host Club, Akazukin Chacha, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, D-GrayMan, Kuroshitsuji, Sukisyo, and other more. I must say, I love Yaoi too, but I'm not a very huge fan to the point I drool on it. I WAS ALREADY MISTAKEN FOR THAT AND NEVER BELIEVES ME.

I guess reiterating them would take me long. Perhaps next time.


I write Yaoi because to widen my perspectives. I use this as a means of challenge and experimentation to my writing abilities, on how I can bend my imaginations and play down the plots properly according to its genre. Some people mistook me for being a FUJOSHI (Yaoi fan girls that drools on it) and I'm not certainly one of those. True, I love Yaoi and I won't stop writing and reading them; but putting too much statements into it makes me sad. People experiment, right? WRITERS are like SCIENTISTS too.

Yaoi is one way to project the third sex life. Hence I do not like Yuri, I don't know but perhaps I found something odd about it. I have watched several Yuri animes and it did not easily kicked my conscience and challenged me to write one. Hmm, perhaps I could try that one in the near future when I already gained enough courage to do so. However, I do not ridicule or disrespect Lesbians, in fact, I have respect in them. :3

For now, Yaoi has become one of my genres. The experimentation is tricky, and you've got to be very careful not to offend others, especially the third sex. Though I am writing with no ill-intentions through anime fictions, my plot and choice of words can have an impact on them.

(edit) On the other hand, maybe I could change a bit to widen more my perspectives. I could try reading Yuri and heavy Hentai mangas. XD


ON HIATUS: The Amiable Flame; chapter 7 supposedly

ON GOING: Unimaginable; chapter 1
The Rainbow's Guidance; chapter 3


FOR HOLOGRAM JUTSU (NARUTO ONE SHOT): This segment is for those readers who did not understand my concept for Hologram Jutsu, the technique itself I made before Naruto died. I made this technique simply because Naruto doesn't have anymore strength to wait for Sasuke's return due to his condition. With the help of his friends, he managed to learn the technique and execute it on his birthday of the fourth year. When I say fourth year, counting from the time he's thirteen with Sasuke, plus four then he's seventeen. Assuming that it's the time that they last saw each other again with Sasuke's new team. He died at seventeen years.

For the technique: imagine a hologram in reality, a device to lure enemies with the exact replica of the user. It could be recorded, or played at the exact time the hologram is placed. In the Naruto World perspective, I made the hologram as a chakra based material (remember the chapter when Kushina explained to Minato that he decided to put their chakras into Naruto right after he sealed the Kyuubi into their child, so that in case the time comes and Naruto needs help, they'll appear). The user need to extract 60 to 70 percent of his chakra into the scroll where the jutsu is written. As the chakra get secured, the user will have to draw the seal drawn into the scroll twice on two blank black papers because it will serve as a catalyst and the activation for the jutsu. I mentioned about Tsunade and Kakashi having the two papers and only Tsunade activating it. As soon as Sasuke reached the office and done talking with Sasuke, she tore the black paper into four, activating the jutsu. On Kakashi's part (which I didn't mention), his paper is the catalyst, where the whole of Konoha will be casted a friendly genjutsu to support the chakra that will come out of the scroll. The scroll is left at Sasuke's, but it returned to Tsunade as soon as the jutsu was finished. If you guys can remember, Naruto appeared at the Hokage mountain where he supposed to appear at Sasuke's house. People, read my stories. Sasuke bumped into his friends, making Naruto have the chance to walk up to Hokage mountain.

The technique is a top S-class technique, because it could be used both on defense and offense tactics.

Hope it supplied the questions. :D


( To follow )

More facts would be added, perhaps some of the random-ness and silly antics my best friend and I share all the time. _ Ciao!

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