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eh eh...I've been super busy. I am, however, truly sorry for the lack of attention I have paid to my fanfics lately. I just kind of dove into my novel and now that I've hit a mental block on it (and I've been watching Inuyasha again) I've turned back towards my fanfics for a break. War Peace and Revolution has been updated and there are two more chapters for that on the way.

As for Blood and Hanyou...well...I don't know. I've been working on the same chapter for months and I just keep deleting it because I don't like where it goes. I guess BH's hiatus will continue for a little longer. Thoughts have even surfaced of me completely redoing it, which I might. I don't know right now. Maybe I'll just re-read BJT again and maybe watch some more Inuyasha to get a few ideas. I think my brain just died on that one for right now.

I might get another revised chapter of Shadow Warrior up and ready here soon, as well. Should probably get my Ronin Warriors box set out and watch that for a while, too.

Anyway! Enjoy!

~ Raven

Stories to Look For:

Shadow Warrior - Ronin Warriors

Last Circle; Cassandra - Dragon Ball Z x Black Jewels Trilogy

Ring of Obedience - Gundam Wing x Black Jewels Trilogy

War Peace and Revolution: A Demon's Song - Inuyasha

Stories currently in the works:

Blood and Hanyou - Crossover with the Black Jewels Triolgy. A strange mishap with the Bone Eaters Well transports IY, Kagome, Rin, and Sesshy to the realm of Kaeleer. Now they're in a strange land with strange people, Naraku is on the loose, as well as a new, more threatening enemy. Pairings include IY/K, Rin/Sesh, Miroku/Sango, and all BJT pairings. Enemies include: Naraku and OC Hakuuyo(Ancient Dog Demon from HELL! Literally...XDD His name really has no meaning, I don't think...XD) For those of you who don't have a damn clue what in the world the Black Jewels Trilogy is, don't fret, it's all explained in the story and if you still need some more info, feel free to contact me about it! After the first three chapters it's pretty much self explanatory really...

She's Had Enough - Bulma has had enough of Yamcha's two timing ways and turns to the one man who has ever really paid her any attention. Vegeta may be all insults in public, but in private it's a whole different story. Just a stab at what eventually drove Bulma into her Saiyajin Prince's arms.

The Heart of April - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (not yet posted!) Willy finally has the heir he sought but now realizes that he's still missing something essential in his life. When a sick and helpless woman miraculously appears before the gates of the factory desperate for shelter and rest, the Oompas take it upon themselves to give their master a push towards the family life. However, April is worse off then they thought and when Willy falls in love he is forced to make a hard decision on her behalf. But even with a weakend heart, will April be willing to give up what she's longed for so desperately her entire life? All original characters from Tim Burton's rendition of this classic are present!

Demon Song - Inuyasha and Kagome Pairing, as well as Sesshomaru and Rin.(on hold for now)

Completed Stories:

Kiss Me Softly - YGO. Moved to my blog!

Rude Awakening - DBZ

Shadow Warrior - Ronin Warriors (OH! So being redone... I hated it so badly...)

Everything Has A Price - HP

Future stories:

Addicted - Inuyasha and Kagome. It's in the works, but it's only a one shot fic and short.

Prophecy and Tragedy - Star Wars fanfic set after the ENTIRE series. Yoda prophecises the end of yet another Jedi order. Who brings it to an end? Anakin's granddaughter, of course. Yes, it's still in the works.

Azure Eyes - Gundam Wing. Zechs and OC. IN THE WORKS.

A/N: Any stories with the rating M often have missing chapters. Contact me to learn more. Please be truthful with me concerning your age, please, as some of these missing chapters are gory, or, in few cases, GRAPHIC. These chapters will NOT be housed on so don't think you'll find them hidden on here.

Love always,


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