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Author has written 11 stories for Artemis Fowl, Total Drama series, Web Shows, and Cartoon X-overs.

Note: The new avatar is my own creation. It's me in pixel form. Yeah. The evil overlord here is a total geek. ACCEPT IT.


I happen to be a writer and freelance artist, which for me means that I make comics for what-the-hell. Those of you who read Total Drama Unlimited, Universal Destruction, Total Drama Supernova, certain TDI OC stories or just go to high school with me (Here's looking at you, SeleneMelia, Severussnape1212.) will recognize the name Charles von Ducan, more well-known as The Ambassador. This guy is the main character of my big series, which is a manmade comic, planned webcomic, planned videogame, planned cartoon. If you would like to support Team Ambassador and Iceberg Industries, my company, please copy the following phrase into your profile and write your penname after it.:

"I support Team Ambassador and wish it success and virtural cookies on its voyage to worldwide recognition."

Together, we can make the best superhero parody in the world!

Anyhow, to the fun part: Info!


OCs (The Ambassador)

Charles von Ducan: Aged 14. A rich teenage boy who saves the day as his alter-ego, the Ambassador. He is also insane.

Professor Regulus Nigellius: An evil genius who constantly plots to take over the world. Has a thing for genetic splicing and robotics.

Renee: A master thief, Charles' bestie. Can be controlling at times. Can shift her body into anything from a feline.

Scarface: A telekinetic teen, badly scarred. Tries to make himself look cool. Fails to make himself look cool.

Frankenbot: A loyal robot under command of Regulus. Mainly a lackey, but sometimes participates in solo missions for his own gain.

Doctor Phineas Moreau: Regulus' bro. They both consider the other a rival. Skilled at genetic splicing and is the leader of the Ultimate Sinister Band (USB).

OCs (Rayman 4)

Val Magnum: Part of Rayman 4. An aviator of his own right. Broke his plane. Is insane, argumentative, entertaining.


A Decemberween Miracle: One of those Homestar Runner fics. When Bubs refuses to celebrate Decemberween, it'll take Homestar, Strong Bad, Coach Z and Strong Sad to talk him out of it.

Supernova Origins: A mash-up; all the characters in Total Drama Supernova will have their origin stories told.

Working On:

Rayman 4: Ultimate War: 9 is now up! Last chapter is 10!

Artemis Fowl: Cancelled. Dropped due to poor readership and laziness.

Rayman Truth or Dare Extravaganza: Please keep sending more dares or questions. I'm no longer posting the list of characters due to a massive cast. 9's up!!!

Edgar and Ellen One-shots: Also Dropped. Little to no readership or reviews. I gotta work on choosing the stuff people like.

The Prankster's Ultimate Guide: A one-stop guide to being a supreme prankster.

Universal Destruction: I'm planning out a sequel to TDS. It'll be a crossover! When the contest is over, odd things begin happening. People act more weird than usual, Chef barricades himself in his kitchen, and all the villains have disappeared. Soon, it's discovered to be part of a mass conspiracy to destroy the universe and the adjoining ones as well. And it's up to Chris and the other heroes to stop it.

Strong Bad Emails: Fanfiction Edition: Have your emails mocked by Strong Bad himself!

Total Drama Truth or Dare: I've expanded my Truth or Dare thing! Now there are two! Awesome! Same as the Rayman one. On the 4th chapter.

Total Drama Supernova: A big-time fun OC story with superpowers! Soon to be my best work.

Total Drama Unlimited:A TDI with Cartoon Network characters from other series'. Features the most action, the most drama, the most weird TDI fanfic ever me. On the sixth chapter as we, write.

In fact...

Here are the hangers-on...

Charles, the teenage superhero.

Noah, the high IQ.

Owen, the party guy.

Finn, the adventurer.

Zoe, the bookworm who knows hot to kick some *

Heather, the queen bee.

Princess Bubblegum, the princess.

Marceline, the vampire.

Susan and Mary Test, genius twins.

Regulus, the evil genius.

Ice King, the sociopath.

So far, that's it.

It's gonna get brutal. What do Regulus and Heather have planned? Will Noah and Charles get the girls? Just how far will Regulus go to win? We'll see...

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