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I am The Guardian Alpha, the first Guardian.

If you wish to submit a request, send me a Private Message and I will answer as soon as I am able.

Favorite quotes (Whether inspiring or hilarious)

"Were it so easy"- Arbiter's response about anything involving Chief dying

"Ah! He erased his own memory!"- Chopper when Zoro made himself forget ever meeting Kokoro

"My fortune is yours for the taking...but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Piece" Gol D. Roger's final words that sparked the Great Pirate Era

(Not sure how this is worded but this is the message) "PIRATES OF THE WORLD! ONE PIECE, EXISTS!" Whitebeard's final words that rekindled the Great Pirate Era into a great flame

(Not sure how this is worded but this is the message) "Luffy, everyone, thank you. You cared for me like a family when everyone else wished me dead." Ace's last words as he dies smiling in Luffy's arms

"Looks like we are the support Colonel!" Marcus to Hoffman near the end of Gears of War 2 when a squad requests for support and the five man Delta squad shows up.

"I...I hurt Sarge...Tell my brothers, and my ma...Tell 'em I love 'em...and...and..." B. Carmine's last words as he dies in front of Marcus in the riftworm

"There's a Hunter around here. Come on out! Wussy!" Francis calling out to a nearby Hunter in Left 4 Dead

"It's dead." Bill's non-caring statement that he says sometimes when you kill a tank in Left 4 Dead

"Man, we're covered in zombie eyes, puke, guts, shit, and piss! I THINK we're immune!" Coach replying to a bomber pilot asking them to stop the bombing and allow the group to cross the bridge

Marcus: "Control, we've regrouped with Cole"
Cole: "Regrouped? Is that what you call it when I saved your ass?"

"If it shoots bullets I'll take it." Bill when you find weapons in Left 4 Dead

"What do you call the fat free pokemon? Caterpie!" (Supposed to be Butterfree) Meowth screwing up a comedy run

"There's a Bitch cryin' around here." Coach when you approach a witch in Left 4 Dead 2

"F* Bruce Willis" The cop as he dies in Scream 4

Leafa: "So what do I do now, thank you, or run away screaming?"
Kirito: "Well, in my mind I just saved the princess, running into my arms and praising me would be a good start"
Leafa" Wh-what!?"
Kirito: "I'm kidding"- When Kirito meets Leafa in "Sword Art Online"

Favorite Songs

"Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin

Character Center

Being a Writer, I've got plenty of original characters to call upon to write stories for, this section is a list of them, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them, but I can tell you where they're at so you can read about them.

The Guardians- With a maximum of 14 original Guardians, I'll have them be sub categories of this one

Fire- Fire is the Infantry Commander of the Guardians, he uses a large red Greatsword with a twisting flame symbol engraved into the blade. Can be found in "Guardian Style" on

Water- Water is the Field Medic of the Guardians, she uses a katana with an enchanted cross-guard that can transform it into a naginata. Can be found in "Aquatic Soul" on

Lightning- Lightning is the Decoy of the Guardians, he uses any type of fire arm (or ranged weapon in pre-gunpowder settings). Can be found in "Shocking Spartan" on

Nature- Nature is the Tactician of the Guardians, he uses a large ball and chain. Can be found in "Natural Warrior" on

Ice- Ice is the Sniper of the Guardians, she uses a large ring blade (Outdated info, has changed in Guardians 2.0). Can be found in "Frozen Knightmare" on

Earth- Earth is the Guard of the Guardians, he uses a large Warhammer. Can be found in "Master Earth-Bender" on

Wind- Wind is the Scout of the Guardians, he uses a spear. Can be found in "The Windy Wayfarer" on

Steel- Steel is the Leading Force of the Guardians, he uses two arm blades that are similiar to Tonfa (Outdated info, has changed in Guardians 2.0). Can be found in "Steel Bots" on

Darkness- Darkness is the Assassin of the Guardians, he uses a longsword. Can be found in "The Darkness Alchemist" on

Light- Light is the Doctor of the Guardians, she uses a quaterstaff. Can be found in "Shining Princess" on

Gatescholar- Gatescholar is the Leader of the Guardians (Outdated info, has changed in Guardians 2.0), He uses a tome that keeps track of all the spells he's learned. Can be found in "One Guardian" on

The Protectorate- These characters were originally made as individual characters but when the need arose they were called upon to become members of the Protectorate, a small group that represents the world's influence to the Guarerian defense against the Darkness.

Slicer- Slicer is an Original Character in the World of Fairy Tail, he's a Ghost Dragon Slayer, raised by the dragon Celest, he uses his dragon roar to remove portions of people's souls and consumes them to rebuild his magic power, and change his appearance. Current Named Attacks: Claws of the Ghost Dragon, Scales of the Ghost Dragon, Spiritual Body of the Ghost Dragon, Gosutodoragon no hoko (Roar of the Ghost Dragon), Hollow Wail of the Ghost Dragon. Can be found in "Possession Magic: Slicer!" on

Julia- Julia is an Original Character in the world of Code: L.Y.O.K.O, she's a support character in the supercomputer, but a very shy, sometimes brash girl in the real world. Her past is unknown, except that she moved to Kadic from America. Current Named Attacks: Strength, Heal, Speed, Defense, Accuracy, Weaken, Harm, Slow, Vulnerable, Blind. Can be found in "Code: J.U.L.I.A" on

Brice- Brice is an Original Character in the world of Pokemon, he's a beginning trainer, His past is unknown. Current Pokemon Team: Charmander (LV 6), Pidgey (LV 10), Ratatta (LV 3), Sandshrew (LV 21), Mankey (LV 16),Pikachu (LV 20), Box 1: Contains: Nidoran male (LV 4), Nidoran female (LV 4), Spearow (LV 3), Metapod (LV 7), Weedle (LV 5), Jigglypuff (LV 5), Zubat (LV 6), Paras (LV 6), Geodude (LV 7), and Clefairy (LV 6). Can be found in "New Battles" on

Hueven- Hueven is an Original Character in the world of Ranger's Apprentice, he was a member of Morgarath's Shadow Corp and was one of the brightest in the Corp. Now he serves Araluen as Head Shadow. He is a master at knife fighting, the bow, and the sword, preferring his knives. Can be found in "Ranger's Apprentice: A Twist in Time" on

Draven Uniferus- Draven is an Original Character in the world of Bioshock, he was a member of Frank Fontaine's rebel army and has shown natural use in plasmids and tonics while fighting in the underwater city of Rapture. He can be found in "The Life of Draven Uniferus" on

Dren Brand- Dren is an Original Character in the world of Sword Art Online, he's a solo-player who bought four accounts and linked them together to his one nervegear so he commands four seperate characters at the same time. He later upgrades to 6 in Alfheim. He can be found in "4-Boxing Has Its Perks" on

Talia Riggs- Talia is an Original Character in the world of Brutal Legend, she's the daughter of Eddie and Ophelia and leader of the new Ironheade and Drowning Doom. She can be found in "Epic Legend" on

Lucas and Mira- Lucas and Mira are Original Characters in the world of Soul Eater. Lucas is a knight meister and Mira is his weapon partner. They can be found in "Chivalrous" on

Kira- Kira is an Original Character in the world of Kingdom Hearts. She is a keyblade wielder and her keyblades are "Road to the Heart" and "Path to the Body". She can be found in "Road to the Heart" or "The Path to the Body" on

Ruben- Ruben is an Original Character in the world of Minecraft. He's a solo survival specialist and can play a role in groups as well. He can be found in "Ruben's Adventures" on

Lancaster- Lancaster is an Original Character in the world of The Sacred Blacksmith. He's a former church steward turned hero as he collects the Demon Swords and keeps them out of the hands of the evil organization "Tearniv INC." He can be found in "The Rise of Lancaster" on

Melody- Melody is an Original Character in the world of Blue Exorcist. She's the daughter of Mephisto and an Exorcist in training. Her story "Demon Blade" can be found on

Merc- Merc is an Original Character in the world of RWBY. He's a solo huntsman who is currently in Ruby's class. His story "Solar Flare" can be found on

Lady Emily and Timothy- Emily and Timothy are Original Characters in the world of Black Butler. Emily is a noble lady who works as the Queen's Cat, sneaking around and collecting information, and Timothy is her butler and guardian. Her story "Evidence" is currently unwritten.

Garet and Jaret- Garet and Jaret are Original Characters in the world of Kill la Kill, a pair of Twin Lightning Half-Guards, they are a military based duo who have 3-star uniforms that reflect this. Their story "Static" is currently unwritten

Falcon is an Original Character in the world of Akame Ga Kill. He's a member of Night Raid and a close friend of Tatsumi's. His story "Falcon Ga Kill" can be found on

Solo Characters- This list is comprised of characters who work alone or with one another and are not associated with a group in any way.

Serin- Serin is an Original Character, he is the last of his kind, born in the modern world as a White-Seer, he is gifted with vision of the future, but when dark forces make efforts to steal or use his powers to further their own ambitions he sets out on a quest to stop them and learn more about his heritage along the way. His story "Serin's Log" is currently unwritten, and will appear on my account on

Shioven- Shioven is an Original Character, Shioven is a brash and bulky 'human' who has been through countless wars through centuries of living. During one of Serin's quests he meets this hulking figure and the two become allies and eventually friends. Shioven is one of the last few members of an ancient order known as the "Oracles" A group dedicated to protecting Seers, especially White-Seers, when he finds out about Serin's heritage he swears his life to him and becomes a close friend.

Levin & Selel- Levin and Selel are a pair of friends who play the Terrain of Magical Expertise together. Being around since the game's public launch the two found each other on day 1 of the game and have been a pair ever since, participating in a 'rebellion' where extremists who didn't think the virtual reality was safe attempted to terrorize and destroy the game's reputation, but Levin and Selel led the charge against them and forced them out of the game, making T.O.M.E enjoyable for everyone. Levin is a Fighter class with "Lunder Defender" powers, his abilities mainly focus on protecting and improving his allies. Selel is a Swordsman class with "Solar Swordsman" powers, his abilities focus on dishing out huge amounts of damage using his Solar Fire and his twin blades.

Sineeha (Pronounced: Sin-E-Ha): Sineeha is an Original Character in the world of Final Fantasy X, a Guardian to the summoner Yuna, his past is unknown and his actions are mysterious. He is a young man with orange-brown hair and wears bandages around his right arm, a simple white shirt and blue pants. He carries a quarterstaff for his weapon of choice, often using it to combo attacks together.

The Defending Pirates- These characters are members of the Defending Pirates, or they are in the story that goes with them. All of these characters can be found in "The War of the Ancients" belonging to Gatesage (me) on

Gurren- Gurren is the Captain of the Defending Pirates. He has the Copy Ancient Power. He's independent and carefree, but will protect his friends. Gurren is the last surviving member of an ancient race of war beings known as "Quilks", when he was found abandoned on an island by the government, they were going to kill him, but the Admiral Defender, offered to keep an eye on him instead and adopted him, after living with this family he was eventually forced to flee with his sister where they were seperated, his sister living in the lap of luxery, while Guren lived the life of an apprentice pirate. Now he leads his own Crew. His current weapon is a blue-iron staff he's named "Ryslinger"

Suuk- Suuk is the First Mate of the Defending Pirates. He is an unannounced Master Sage. He's studious and will assist his friends with his extensive knowledge of the world. Suuk was an apprentice at the Sage academy in Herba. He fled from the academy after his masters became afraid of his potential, having mastered spells that took most a lifetime in only a few years. Since then he's met Guren and become the official First Mate of the Defending Pirates.

Lo- Lo is the Shipwright of the Defending Pirates. She is the adoptive sister to Guren. She's serious, but only against her enemies and those who break her ship. She was Guren's sister, living with him until forced to flee, from there she was taken to live in a life of luxery while Guren fought as a pirate. Lo is a weapons mistress, carrying a large variety of weapons in a small bag.

Kiero- Kiero is the cook of the Defending Pirates. He's the only Chain-swordsman in the world and was formerly a slave to a powerful Enchanter whom he paid to give him his chain-blades. Since being freed by Gurren and the Defending Pirates he signed up with them as their cook. He's normally a powerful fighter and good friend, but has a weakness for beautiful women, often flirting with them and offering them his service as a chef at the expense of his own crew.

Quaro- Quaro is the Protector of the Defending Pirates. He's chivalrous and doesn't fight often unless his friends are in danger. Quaro was the protector of his home island until Guren and the others arrived. After a duel with Guren he agreed to join the Defending Pirates.

Tieche- Tieche is the Scout of the Defending Pirates. She's tomboyish, but slightly shy when not being brash. Tieche was stranded on an island in southern Aequor until Guren and the others found her. She has since joined the crew and slowly reverted to her original self.

Kabo- Kabo is the Navigator of the Defending Pirates. He's calm, collected, and loyal to Guren. Kabo was originally a member of his home island's police force, but with a strong urging to see the world, he left with Guren and the others in his own devised escape plan.

Aeko- Aeko is a fish-man; one of the minor races of Trinia. He's brash, bold, and loves to fight. Aeko was originally found on a "Gravity Island" a set of islands that release a strong attraction to themselves and pulling anything that gets near them. After an offer to help him get off the island, he agreed and helped the Defending Pirates escape, joining them immediately afterwords.

Kedaru and Dooshiro- Kedaru is a young woman, in her last year of school, she ran away for unknown reasons and usually keeps to herself. She's a familiar user with Dooshiro being her familiar. Dooshiro is Kedaru's familiar and has the ability to transform among several "Classes" that allow him to use his powers.

Prien- Prien is a fallen angel, another minor race of Trinia. She's shy, innocent, and very self-conscious. She uses a scythe as her weapon of choice and was adopted by Guren years prior to the story.

Zohl- Zohl is an illusionist, using his magic to create images and attacks that entrance his opponents. He was a member of the Government Air-force, before abandoning his position to help Guren and the others, especially his childhood friend Quaro.

Shuuk- Shuuk is a human who has the "Wolf" Ancient power, allowing him to take on the attributes of a wolf. He lived by himself on a Gravity island until Guren and the others found and rescued him. Living by himself he discovered the uses of many medicinal herbs and spices, making him an excellent doctor.

Ventus- Ventus is the air-captain of the Defending Pirates. He uses the air-ship Protectorate to transport the crew wherever they want in the land of Herba, he isn't seen much after his introduction and the end of the ark.

Terra- Terra is the last member of the three royal families who still has a claim to her inheritance. Secretly helping the Defending Pirates and asking them to help her country, Terra has provided a tank to traverse the rugged landscape of Terra.

Retnuh- Retnuh is the last member of a native tribe and uses his tribe's ability to speak with the spirits of nature. Using them to attack and help his allies. Retnuh uses a large spear as his weapon of choice and speaks in a tongue native to his tribe, as well as common language.

Toto- Toto is a mimic and doesn't talk at all. He seems unable to speak, he also has his body covered in clothes so only his eyes are visible. Not much is known about him excpet that he returns with Guren after the time-skip.

Kidan- Kidan is a metal arm, a type of inventor who uses different metals and schematics to fashion themselves suits of armor that enchance their abilities during battle.

Sofia- Sofia is a demon bard, using music to inspire her allies and assist them in battle. She can fight with a shortsword if need be. Initially Sofia was opposed to the idea of becoming a Pirate, but at the urging of her rulers she agreed to assist the Defending Pirates as a Demon, in order to bring their prescence back to the world.

Badoum- Badoum is an ex-marine who was trained in all manner of firearms. He was picked up by Guren and took his place as the crew's cannoneer.

Clover- Clover is a former slave who has the ancient power of the bunny. She can fight with her feet, using a special martial art that focuses on kicks and leaping around her opponents. She has a sixth sense for danger and can hear enemies from long distances.

Lora- Lora is a traveler who has gone around the world of Trinia many times over, trying to find the perfect crew to join, she eventually joined the Freedom Pirates and the Defending Pirates, being a member that served both of the alliance compatriots.

The Guild of the Dragonborn- These characters are my Skyrim Characters that appear in "The Guild of the Dragonborn"

Hidirion- Hidirion is a high elf mage. He's the Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold, and leader of the Guild

Hi'er'lek- Hi'er'lek is an orc berserker. He's the Harbringer of the Companions, and smith of the Guild as well as Vice-Leader of the Guild

Shealin- Shealin is a Khajit thief. He's the leader of the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, and an assassin and thief for the Guild- Declined a Vice-Leadership position claiming "It's better to have those more suited to lead, lead."

Pirdien- Pirdiein is a Breton Mystic Knight. She's a member of the companions and the College of Winterhold, as well as a warrior and enchanter for the Guild

Shilaney- Shilaney is a Wood Elf Ranger. She is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and is an archer for the Guild

Tsunaya- Tsunaya is an Imperial Adventurer. She is a member of the thieves guild, dark brotherhood, companions, and the college of Winterhold, and she can substitute for any member of the Guild.

Bord- Bord is a Nord Warrior. He's a member of the companions and a Legate in the Imperial Legion, and a warrior for the Guild

Sin'Hadir- Sin'Hadir is an Argonian Nightblade. He's a member of the thieves guild and College of Winterhold, and a thief/illusionist for the Guild

Shishinee- Shishinee is a Redguard Aracanist. She's a member of the College of Winterhold and the Dark Brotherhood and an archer and mage for the Guild.

Hudien- Hudien is a Dark Elf Battle-Mage. She's a member of the companions and the College of Winterhold, and a warrior and mage for the Guild.

Wuu-shin is a Werewolf. He's a member of the companions and a recruit for the guild (Meaning he can be a follower to any member)

Viren- is a Vampire Lady. She's a member of the Vampire Lord family, but betrayed them. She is a recruit for the guild (Meaning she can be a follower to any member)

Diren-is a Dawnguard Warrior. He's a member of the Dawnguard, but left after his Viren betrayed the Vampire Lord family. He is a recruit for the guild (Meaning he can be a follower to any member)

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