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Hello i am Phoenix Charm (former name FallenCheryLover). Im a 18 student who loves the fantasy realm. I like the idea of far-off adventures, destined romances, and sacrifices for the good of all. I'm a quite a loner, but enjoy several close friends; I enjoy peace and quiet, but like violent movies and music; I enjoy hot, sunny days, but am drawn to fierce and unexpected storms. to summet up, i'm a very diffrent female. I'm currently starting my second year in high-school, this year i have alot! of paper and test and such, so i will try to update ASAP. I have an unhealty love writing Harry Potter slash and even more when it's a Crossover.

Latest Update (06-20-2010)

Hello everyone! i thought i just give you all a update on my stories.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to put “Be My Vampire Knight” on ‘hiatus’ (think its called that, right?)for now. I’ve given this a lot of thought (since I've told poeple that I Wouldn't continue, but I thought I should give it a go), and to give this story an actual plot and charector development i need time…sadly I just don’t have the time to devote to it now. I will come back to this story, I promise!!!!

Latest Update (06-26-2010)

I've decided to write a new story, called, When Love Is Tainted. Unfortunally i don't have much time to write as much as I would like it, three of my cousins are getting married in these two months and it's been decided that I will be their wedding planner, much to my confusement and horror. In my religion, we have three/four cermonies, and if i have to do them three times, in all that would be Nine/thirteen diffrent cermonies to plan TT-TT

And not only that, they have specificly told me that they all want me to outdo their cermonies, which is rather pain in the butt, since two of them are sisters, and the other is our cousin. It was a stroke of luck when a found my little sisters batty old laptop (siriously now i really understand why she want's a new one), as I am currently in Norwegient, where one of them want's to held her wedding there. Let me tell you that the water is a little bit sour than i'm used to drink, I've already gotten my famous Headache... urgh anyway, I hope you'll all understand how busy i'm going to be

Latest Update (07-18-2010)

Oh my Friggin God, i just found out indstead of 3 weedings, it now have turned to four!!! i mean FOUR!!! goddammit if 3 wearen't enough... sigh.

My story priorities at the moment are as follows:

1) Be my Vampire Knight - A Zero/Harrt story, with slightes Kaname/Harry and Yuki bashing. (currently under construction)

2) Butterfly Wings - A Edward Cullen/ FemHarry Potter (I'm actually considering tuning it into slash, tell me what you think?)

3) Daybreaker - A Edward Cullen/ FemHarry Potter story. (Het)

4) When Love is Tainted - A Edward Cullen/ Harry Potter story (slash)

So there you have it folks! I believe I have everything listed there and as you can see it’s quite a bit. So please be patient, more is coming I promise.

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Draco replied to the calculating look, “Yes, Draco Malfoy the disgraced Malfoy heir.” The greeneyed boy smiled, “Sorry, I don’t read the papers much so, that means nothing to me.” He flashed another charming grin, “I’m Harry, by the way. Harry Potter.”
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My Turn reviews
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Phoebe Black is 17the war is over.She moved with her very distant Uncle Charlie Swan.there she meets with the famous EdwardCullen whom unknowingly have his destiny entwirled with her.But will he chose his mate Phoebe or his singerBella Before its to late?
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