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I'm not writing any stories on here anymore.

Should have been obvious since I've not updated on here since last October but some newbies are finding my stories and I don't want to get people committed to something that isn't going to be finished.

I lost all motivation for this due to one reason or another and every time I tried to get my head around where I wanted certain stories to go, how it had been written already had ruined any chances of improvement. Plans were warped due to personal feelings and - looking back at things now with a clearer perspective - the way certain stories were turning out wouldn't have been good for anyone.

I want to do something productive with what I've learnt during the five years I'd been using this website - and events IRL prompted me in October to do just that.

I'm sorry to anyone who was still looking forward to hearing the end of the story.

The original ending was terrible - I have a better one in the works.

But not here.