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Heya! I find profiles a lot easier to read in this format, plus i don't feel guilty when i skip a line or two :-)

Name: Imogen

Age: 4563 (no, seriously)

Location: Top secret, need to know basis, very hush hush...ok, it's the Bermuda Triangle


My horses: Monty 'Monty Python' (Connemara) and Indie 'Indigo Moon' (Friesian and in pic).

My dogs: Rugby (Labrador), Tillymint & Lola (Chihuahuas...they are pure evil, trust me).

My cat: Harvey

Loving: Reading, riding, writing, rugby, football, hockey, shopping, romcoms, snow leopards, owls, swallows, sparrows, wolves :D, random things (anything random...and I mean ANYthing), famous or not-so-famous quotes that make me laugh or think, I could go on, but I really can't be bothered :)

Loving not so much: School (not doing badly, it's :P) and not much else, I'm pretty easy going haha...yeh

Music: Owl City, The Fray, Nelly Furtado, Nickleback, OneRepublic, Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Chipmunk, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore, and tons more, I like variety :D

TV: SCRUBS!! Me and my best friend Tayla call ourselves Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear haha. Umm, Glee, Ugly Betty, Wild at Heart, Got To Dance (amazing), Family Guy, Mock the Week, Have I got News for You, QI, COUAGR TOWN! aaaaand Drop Dead Diva :-). (It may seem like I watch a lot of TV but I don't! I just record it all and then watch most of it at about 5 in the morning :P that way I have time to do everything else during the day)

I am a Shetland girl but I lived in Jakarta for 3 years so my accent is pretty messed up, plus my parents are English

Favourite Books: Where do I start? Okay, this is going to be like tearing my heart out but I will attempt to choose my 5 favourite authors...uh no 7...let's make it ten...and by ten I mean 17 :)

1) Tamora Pierce UNDOUBTEDLY :D

The following are in NO particular order!!

2) Elizabeth Goudge

3) Julia Golding

4) John Flangan

5) Terry Pratchett

6) David Eddings

7) Angie Sage

8) Philip Reeve

9) Trudi Canavan

10) Michelle Paver

11) Michael Morpurgo

12) Michael Scott

13) Kate Forsyth

14) Lisa Shearin

15) Cornelia Funke

16) Jane Austen

17) Alison Croggon

I love all these authors equally, but Tamora quite a bit more :P haha

Favourite Pairings

Tamora Pierce (Tortall)

Kel: Dom, Neal, Roald, Faleron, Thom of Pirate's Swoop, Joren (when done well (WDW)), Lerant (WDW), Zahir (WDW), Wolset (WDW). And I will only accept the following when done EXTREMELY well - Raoul, Merric, Seaver, OCs. However, I do not like: Wyldon (Why would you do it anyway?!), Cleon, anyone else not mentioned.

Alanna: George...that's it. Well I suppose I wouldn't mind a very well done Alanna/Jon.

Daine: Anyone tries to put her with someone who isn't Numair and I will not be happy, they are just too perfect.

Well, those really are the only books I felt the need to rant about, I'm pretty easy about other books :) ...ish, sometimes :D

I would really like some scenarios or ideas and I welcome constructive critiscm as long as it isn't too harsh :)

I am currently working on my next two fics - they are all songfics, one is a romantic KD one (I seriously love that pairing! :D) and the other is a parody...not sure how it will go down but it's not bad, I was just listening to a certain song and thought it would suit a certain character... but don't get me wrong! I love the character being parodied, I just really wanted to a songfic with that certain song... notice how I don't use names for the songs beforehand? That's cos Lana starts singing them and I never get them out of my head -.- it gets really irritating. She once did it with twinkle twinkle little star. I tried to punch her, but she's too damn fast...

Also, just a random side note, but don't you think Kel would look a lot like Scout from 'To Kill A Mockingbird'? The movie of course lol

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Protector of the Small Quartet - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 21,029 - Reviews: 132 - Favs: 100 - Follows: 163 - Updated: 11/24/2008 - Published: 11/10/2008 - Keladry, Roald
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Wintersong reviews
It's Midwinter and Kel is feeling lonely while her friends are in the arms of their loved ones. Songfic to Sarah McLachlan's 'Wintersong'. All stories re-uploaded due to glitch!
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Colours reviews
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Kel has returned from Carthak to Tortall, where Dom waits, the same question on the tip of his tongue. But is Kel ready yet? Or will he have to wait longer until his question is answered the way he desperately wants?
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