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Hey guys,

My name is Isabelle Conroy and I absolutely ADORE the Twilight Saga.

Most of my stories will be on Twilight, but I do have some Harry Potters floating around in my mind right now.

I am a high school student, so it might be a little hard for me to update as often as I like, but I will try my best.


Here are the links to the dresses and accessories that the Cullens wear to prom in my story:

Alice's Dress & Accs.

Rosalie's Dress & Accs.

Bella's Dress & Accs.

Renesmee's Dress & Accs.

Alice's picks for Renesmee:

Renesmee's Choice: (and what she'll be wearing to prom)

And, of course, we have to have the guys in there, as well!



and Edward:


--Hey guys,

I uploaded my story! Now all of you can read it! And review, of course. (wink, wink) ;)

Anyway, I'm still working on Bella Senior Prom story, and I'm thinking of the perfect title...Anyone have an idea?

I'm gonna finish it soon, so stay tuned! Check out all of their prom outfits by copying and pasting the links above in your browser!


--Hey guys,

GOOD--no--AMAZING NEWS: I FINISHED MY NEW STORY!! Turns out I had little homework today, so I could finish it! It's called A Very Special Prom That I'll Always Remember. Make sure you take a look at it and review! Check out what they're wearing to prom by copying and pasting the links above into your browser. Hope you like my new story! Stay tuned for more stories!

In the meantime, if you're craving for something good to read here on fanfiction, then try one of nightdancers stories. They're amazing!


--Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. School is crazy and so is the rest of my life right now. I'm so freakin busy that I don't have time to play around with some new stories. I'll try to get to something started (and hopefully finished!) this weekend. Have an amazing rest-of-your-week, and if you live on the east coast like me, enjoy all the snow!


--Hey guys,

Here's what my new story's about:

It's just a little snippet of Emmett and Rosalie's life. It's rated M. I think you know why. ;)



Holy cow. I've completely forgotten about this account. Looking back at my writing I can do nothing but cringe. For those of you who have had the unfortunate contact with my works of fiction, I owe you my apology. This was written so long ago and I don't even know what I was thinking.

Anyways, I've moved on from twilight. It's been a while since I have, too. I've kind of grown to hate the books for some reason...probably because I was morbidly obsessed with them for so long that I got sick of it. I don't know why I ever liked Twilight, but I guess I'll blame it on my immature prepubescent mind.

Well, I've opened up another account recently. Whenever I get on FF I read James/Lily stories (because they're the absolute best and Harry Potter is and will always be my one true love in life. I'm desperately trying to forget my Twilight stage). But anyways, I'm working on a multi part Jily fic, and it's going to be LONG. So look for me--Lumos23 is my new name. I haven't posted anything yet but don't worry, I will soon! I'm already 19 chapters into my story of James & Lily in their Seventh year, and I'll be publishing it as soon as I finish chapter 21, which will end on a major cliffhanger and put me at about 120k words! I'm excited!

Gosh it feels weird to be back here. A lot has changed since then.

Oh and if you're looking for a REALLY good story to read, try Sacrifices, by Enthralled. It's my absolute favorite story here on FanFiction! It's about Twilight and it's so sweet. It's a must-read.

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