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Writers Update: (July 4th 2010)

Okay people. I KNOW I havnt been online in FOREVER and I havn't had the chance to update my stories yet. well...actually, I HAVE had the chances, but ive been taking a look at my stories. And they could all use some work. So I'm going to step back for a while and see what I can do to change what needs to be changed, and fix what should be fixed. I'm actually debating on wether or not I should delete When Ice Meets Fire since its definatly not my best work and to be blunt, i'm quite ashamed of it. Azula's Assassians isn't turning out the way I had hoped for either, so I am just going to step back for a while and correct it.

And on a better note, I have a GREAT new story idea and Im going to start working on it as soon as I finish creating the plot and storyline and whatnot. So yay! There might be a new story added soon, who knows!

Okay, one more thing. I just wanna thank everyone who reads my stories, takes time out of their day to review them, and also to everyone who's supported my work and helped me in the editing process. Thank you guys! Love you all lots!

Hey there :)

My pen name is -MissMouseIsModest-, although I'm officially known as Mouse in the real world, and so I'm obviously a girl. XP

Writing is a big passion for me, and I think it's a great outlet to express your feelings and completely let your imagination run wild. My stories are usually long-Ive never been able to write a good short one. I'm definitely a huge fan of Avatar and watch it religiously, (Zutara FOREVER!) And when a good buddy of mine told me about Fanfiction I thought it was a great opportunity to show some other Avatar-Enthusiasts some of my work :

Stories I'm currently working on and their official summaries in all their unedited glory:

Azula's Assassians

The war is over and now the world is entering a new era of peace. While the gaang goes on vacation to celebrate and relax, Katara and Zuko have realized their true feelings for one another. But when Azula gets involved, she's bent on revenge and tearing them apart. But little does she know how badly she has underestimated the power of true love.

Zutara, Rated M (for later chapters)Takes place on Ember Island, just after the war is ended.

When Ice Meets Fire

There's a new boy in high school in Anchorage, Alaska. A devilishly handsome, deeply inflicted, all-too-mesmerizing new boy. Although Katara is sure he's trouble, and everyone seems to be pushing him away, she can't seem to stop being captivated by him. Should she listen to everyone, who is telling her to ignore him and agree that he's not worth her time...or should she listen to her conscience, who's telling her to risk everything for him?

Zutara, Rated T (For some occasional cussing, and obvious Zutara fluff) Takes place in a modern-day high school.

I'd just like to put my opinion in about something--I am honestly upset about the Avatar Fandom and how MOST of it's 20,000 stories are HORRIBLE and a complete WAST OF TIME to try and attempt to read. Here, people, If you really need help writing an OKAY story, here are a few tips:

-Use proper ENGLISH (Is it that hard? seriously!)

-Use GRAMMAR (Nothing is more annoying then a story you can't read because the words make no sense)

-DETAILS people!

-If you're too lazy to hit the ENTER key, then you shouldn't even bother trying to write

-If you're too lazy to use SPELL CHECK then you shouldn't even bother trying to write

-If you're too lazy to Capitialize letters after .'s and at the beginning of Titles and Names, then you shouldn't even bother trying to write.

-You will never have any fans if your stories aren't ORIGINAL!! C'mon people.You write stories by using your imagination...not taking someone ELSE'S idea and copying then saying it's your own.

I'm only saying this and putting in input about this because its a complete lack of respect for the show and for the creators. And it's humiliatingto say that I'm a part of this Avatar "fandom", because there are only a SELECT FEW stories that are worth my time to read and actually have talent in them. I'm NOT SAYING AT ALL that my stories are the best, because they are NOT, but the sad number of adequate and good stories is really upsetting. Flaming people obviously dosn't help anything, it just makes people mad. SO why don't you just do us all a favor, and go write a story that follows those 7 SIMPLE RULES that require COMMON SENSE.


More about me...(why anyone wants to know, I'm not sure)...

Haha well I obviously have a temper if you can't already tell from reading whats up above XD

You could say I'm a rebel...or a free spirit...or someone who just doesn't like stupid rules. Whatever floats your boat. Either way I'm not looking for anyones opinion about me, so why I'm telling you this I'm not exactly sure...

Age: 14 (But age is a stupid way to classify anyone)

Favorite books: Twilight Saga (The BOOKS are GREAT. the MOVIES and ACTORS SUCK), Inukami! (Awesome Anime book) Black Bird (another great anime book) Tricks (By Emiley Hopkins)

Favorite movies: August Rush is a great one ^^)

Favorite Music: Indie/Indie Rock, Emocore, Punk rock (But genres are stupid too)

Favorite Bands: Modest Mouse (They're freaking amazing, and I think they're an example of what every band should be), Death Cab for Cutie is great too, Blue October (Not Indie but still crazy good), Escape the Fate, blessthefall, Black Veil Brides (loooove em), Flyleaf, Evanescence, Brand New, Senses Fail and others...

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