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I am Crest Power Combining and I will only be making stories on Digimon and Eureka seveN only, that is until other important things come to mind. I have watched Digimon most of my life, as Kabtuterimon's Electro Shocker (Digimon Adventure Episode 5) was my first episode. I live in a Digital and Reality world where most of my life is unknown, but i can tell you this: in my first fanfic story, you will know a little more about my life, and who i am. Sorry if this is not enough info. but i will only be on the internet once a week if i'm lucky. Ja, my age is 16 and i still love animei.

OK, now that my info is out a little from my my chapter, I guess it couldn't hurt to give out a few info about myself and OC characters. Here are my OC characters, their Digimon partners (including their Digivolutions), their background and their Crests:

Name: Justin Short

Gender: Male

Crest: The Crest of the Combination of Powers

Digimon Partner: Pichimon(Baby/Fresh), Tsunamamon(In-Training), Betamon(Rookie), Seadramon(Champion), Armordramon(Armor), MegaSeadramon(Ultimate), MetalSeadramon(Mega), GigaSeadramon(Super Ultimate)

Background: Justin(me, of course) is a 16 year old boy with dark brown hair, brown coloured eyes and a strange past. When he was a few years younger, he encountered his first Digimon when bullies of his school chased him near a dam when the Digimon, the Dark Master MetalSeadramon, stopped the bullies and chased them away. He soon dissapeared afterwards. He lives with his grandparents and mom as his father died from a snake bite when Justin was only 6 months old. He has many friends and is a little tormented from his past of bullying and teasing, making him very cold to people he dislikes. Sometimes, he is seen being distant from his friends and he is always sad, misereble and extremely irritated on a certain date, the 10th of August, the very same day his father died. His birthday is on the 10th of February and he likes to be in the same place with his friends. He also has a thing that trouble always looks for him, espicially when that trouble is more dangerous for humans to experiance. Justin also uses his leadership skill do get his team out of sticky situations and dangers, making him the leader. He is a leader for good reasons, as he leads his Cricket team to victories against opposing teams. His dreams are to play cricket for his country of South Africa and to become a caring game ranger, so he can look after all types of animals around the world. He also doesn't realize that Sarah has a crush on him, as his eyes are on a certain brown headed girl from the Japanese DigiDisteneds.

Name: James Smith

Gender: Male

Crest: The Crest of Life

Digimon Partner: Kapurimon(In-Training), Dorumon(Rookie), Dorugamon(Champion), DoruGreymon(Ultimate)

Background: Jeremy is an all music, all game loving person. He swears quite a lot and is an AC-DC and Iron Maiden fan. He likes playing games on his PS2/3 and is a lot stronger than he looks. He is a tall 17 year old boy, with square glasses on his face. He has brown hair and greyish-brownish eye colour. He dislikes it when he sees his friends in pain and simply takes problems with his intellegence. His birthday is the 1st of March and he looks out for his friends.

Name: Jeremy Miller

Gender: Male

Crest: The Crest of Trust

Digimon Partner: Gummymon(In-Training), Terriemon(Rookie), Gargomon(Champion), Rapidmon(Ultimate)

Background: Jeremy is the cool, reckless member of the group. He has brown hair and brown eye colour and is 16 years old, having his birthday on the 7th of December. He uses his mouth more than his brain, but he comes up with good plans time to time. He and Justin have been friends since junior school and he is the strongest. He uses his strength to help others and will sometimes get into fights with his friends. He suffered a family tragedy when his parents divorced and he lives with his mom for a few weeks, then his dad. His younger brother can be a pain and thinks his brother is mad during certain times.

Name: Sally van der Merwe

Gender: Female

Crest: The Crest of Harmony

Digimon Partner: Leafmon(In-Training), Kunemon(Rookie), Kuwagamon(Champion), Okuwamon(Ultimate), GrandKuwagamon(Mega)

Background: Sally and her twin, Sarah, are pure boers, Afrikaaners. They do understand English and can speak it as much as Afrikaans, and she speaks it only with her sister. She has blond hair and blue, saphire eyes. She lives in the town of Pretoria with her sister, whilst Justin, Jeremy and James lives in Phalaborwa and Jake lives in Richards Bay. She is 16 years and is the oldest of the twins by 10 minutes. They were born on the 2nd of April and Sally is the flirting one. She has a crush on Jake and is the tallest member of the group, and is extremely intelligent. She uses her skills and tatics in fights that effect the team and Justin has seen to it that she is second in command of the group if he wasn't around. She enjoys the time with her sister and friends and likes to be hounest the whole time.

Name: Sarah van der Merwe

Gender: Female

Crest: The Crest of Peace

Digimon Partner: Kokomon(In-Trainig), Lopmon(Rookie), Wendigomon(Champion), Antylamon(Ultimate)

Background: Sarah, like her twin sister Sally, is a bure boer, an Afrikaaner. She understands and speaks English very fluently, but she speaks Afrikaans to Sally only. She is a 16 year old girl, with blond hair and saphire, blue eyes. She is the youngest of the twins, being 10 minutes younger. She loves her sister a lot and hates fighting. She looks only for peace than fighting and seeks for her inner peace. She has a crush on Justin, as he was the first boy she saw in the Digital World and trusts him. She fears rejection from the fearless leader, but she doesn't know how to approach him. She relies on her sister on how to approach Justin, but she doesn't confess to him in time, thanks to a certain incident.

Name: Jake Venter

Gender: Male

Crest: The Crest of Loyalty

Digimon Partner: Rockymon(In-Training), Gotsumon(Rookie), Monochromon(Champion), Ticeraon(Ultimate)

Background: Jake is a boy of no war. He fights for peace and truce, making him a lot stronger than he really is. Jake is the youngest of the group, being 15 years old. He has black hair and green eyes. His birthday is on the the 29th of June and is very inergetic. He has a loyal heart and is very friendly to everyone. His greatest fears is to see his friends and family fighting eachover and he has a small crush on Sally, despite his hight and age. He actually confessed to her when he thought she was going to die in a certain battle against a certain evil Digimon. He lives to bring truce between people and Digimon alike.

OK, those are my OC characters so you can understand my story better. I apologise if the background isn't good enough, but you know what they say, you never know what happens unless you try. This is Crest Power Combining, over and out

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