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HI! I decided i'll update this part here :) I LOVE SPONGEBOB! lol XD i like music, singing, acting, drawing, fashion design (i have like all the average dreams here XD), cartooning (except that), and writing. I HATE Disney, why? They put subliminal messages in their movies and over sexualize their stars! Look it up on youtube really :| anywho SPANDY FTW! If you don't like SpongeBob and Sandy GET OFF MY PAGE! You'll find nothing you like here! Also, i like FLIPPY AND FLAKY!! From Happy Tree Friends they would be so CUTE! YA! SHEMAMINQUA FTW! byeaz!


If you, like me, think that SpongeBob and Sandy should be together, copy and paste this into your profile

if you are Christian, post this on your profile!

these are all the pairings I like and believe in:

SpongeBob and Sandy (O RLY?) (SpongeBob)

Patrick and Mindy (SpongeBob)

Flippy and Flaky (Happy Tree Friends)

Skipper and Marlene (Penguins of Madagascar)

Seddie (iCarly)

Cibby (iCarly)

Aang and Katara (avatar the last airbender)

Wall.e and Eve (wall.e)

Jimmy and Cindy (Jimmy Neutron)

Libby and Sheen (Jimmy Neutron)

Mikey and Mitsuki (Kappa Mikey)

Lina and Doon (City of Ember)

Jack and Ally (Every Soul a Star)

Zoey and Chase (Zoey101)

BabyMouse and Wilson Weasel (XDD) (BabyMouse)

Cuddles and Giggles (Happy Tree Friends)

Handy and Petunia (Happy Tree Friends)

Nutty and Petunia is pretty good too :) (Happy Tree Friends)

Tori and Andre (VicTORIous)

Cat and Robbie (VicTORIous)

Beck and Jade (VicTORIous)

also, i have something to say to all of you shudders SpongeBob and Patrick/Squidward believers, it is a LOT more likely SpongeBob and Sandy will be together, it's a kids show! come on! and from my point of view there are a lot more hints so yeah, you can't change my mind!! :D

TO DO LIST! (this is for myself and you, so u know what's coming)

Title not descided yet-SpongeBob- SpongeBob somehow manages to make himself fall asleep or get knocked out or something for like 20 years and has to get things back to normal, possibly Spandy (this is a REALLY basic idea idk most of the details)

Title not descided- Penguins of Madagascar- Skipper has to descide between Marlene and his secret agent type job thing, lol skillene

Title not descided-SpongeBob- People begin to believe SpongeBob has actually gone insane. Spandy

idk name yet- Some sort of dramatic mid evil thing, 'prince' SpongeBob falls in love with the only girl night in the kingdom (Sandy) instead of princess Pearl

The Dance ((i might change the name))- Happy Tree Friends- Flippy wants to impress Flaky and asks Disco Bear to help him (since he's such a flirt :P) But will things go as planned? Flippy x Flaky :)

((((I ONLY MIGHT DO THIS ONE!)))) Bear meets God (a sequel like thing to Sponge meets God)- It's Flippy's turn to become Christian XDD Flippy and Flaky

Switched- Happy tree friends/SpongeBob crossover- Sandy goes back to her house on land and apperently she was one of the happy tree friends XD (she brings SB) and SpongeBob and Flippy switch places after a magician cast a spell on them ((so cheesy!!)) Spandy Flippy and Flaky

1, 2, Flippy's coming for you- Happy Tree Friends- (title based on the Freddy song O_O) Flaky hears about a killer in town, not sure how else to describe it XD Flippy and Flaky

Another Cinderella story- Happy Tree Friends- A Cinderella story for Flippy and Flaky :)

Compatibility dance- Happy Tree Friends- (based on a Zoey 101 episode) Some animals come to town and set up a compatibility dace for the happy tree friends Flippy and Flaky, Cuddles and Giggles, Handy and Petunia, Mime and Lammy, Nutty and OC, Evil Flippy and OC

Dancing Queen-Happy Tree Friends- a oneshot songfic about Flippy and Flaky falling in love at a dance :)

kicked out (probably)- Happy Tree Friends- Flippy and Flaky get kicked out of town for their constant killing (i almost wrote kissing lol XDD) and fall in love of course! XD Flippy and Flaky

Valentine's Day/ love potion #9-Happy Tree Friends- Sniffles accidentally makes a bottle of love potion #9 (on valentine's day) and spills it on Flippy, :O Flippy and Flaky

(no name yet)- Happy Tree Friends(with a bit of SpongeBob -.-)- Sandy (from SpongeBob) sends her friend from land Flaky a device that lets her see into the future, but what will she see? FxF

(no name blah)- Happy Tree Friends- Flippy always stayed in his house because he didn't want to hurt anyone, but Flaky makes him come out, a bunch more drama, blah XD FxF

Random HxP thing- Happy Tree Friends- after Handy loses his arms Petunia feels sad for him, oneshot HxP

(no name)- Happy Tree Friends- Nutty has to choose between Petunia and candy :O NxP

Squid meets God- SpongeBob- Someone suggested this :D This is how Squidward wound up becoming a Christian may have some backround SxS XD

and possibly more!



-Waaaay too many to write :D


-He kills her in Happy Trails because it was originally planned to be Pop, but they took him out because it would be weird for Pop to kill Flaky, i know what your thinking 'so they think it's NORMAL for Flippy to kill Flaky!' NO, Pop and Evil Flippy are voiced by the same person (that's why Flippy doesn't use his normal voice in the episode) and they're both bears, it was a last minute decision and why would Pop be on a school trip anyway?! As a chaparone? But where's cub? So they had to! >_

-Flaky killing FLIPPY! Without a Hitch, this REALLY hints that Flippy likes Flaky he doesn't flip out the ENTIRE time, and he tries to save her life! But of course he couldn't because Flaky stabbed him -.- at least it wasn't in the heart! She could've stabbed him there and this girl on Deviant Art said she chatted with one of the creators on (i think -_-) and he said 'she would have done it to anybody' so, yeah :D

-Hide and Seek and This is your knife, back in the early episodes, Flaky was planned to be a boy, which explains why she has no eyelashes plus in some ways she can be a tomboy, i think this also explains why Flaky is killed by Flippy, some other small reasons and stuff about these, some peoples say 'WHAT?? FLIPPY AND FLAKY!?! NO! Flaky hates Flippy/Flippy hates Flaky!' since when!? Both these episodes show how they're friends and one of the HIGHEST RATED comments on This is your knife said 'looks like a double date' meaning giggles and cuddles and flippy and flaky, both i support, YAY! ^_^ plus when he's Flipped out he can't control himself, you know normal Flippy would never do those things to Flaky! and in either there is a slight posibility he didn't see her, in my opinion

-Party Animal, another point that Flaky doesn't hate Flippy or vice-versa, i see how some people say that throwing him a party means nothing besides friendship, but c'mon, he cried tears of joy! How cute! and when Flaky was making the cake she seemed as if she was dreaming about him to me ;) Plus, when Flippy was with Flaky he didn't Flip out, when she was gone he flipped out right away and it's kind of cute because when they're cutting the cake, it's kind of like a wedding, when the couple cuts the cake XD lol, plus he doesn't kill Flaky when she's right out in the open, i understand she's already in pain which kind of takes the 'fun' out of it for Evil Flippy, still, it might mean something :D

-Double Whammy, when she screams, he goes back to normal, you'd think a scream would only make him move on to kill her, but noooo, hearing her voice brings out the good in him i think it's kind of like Flippy hears her scream so he's like 'wha- Flaky?! is she hurt, what did i do??' something like that :\ MAYBE!

-A girl on Deviant Art (the one i mentioned somewhere up there ^^^) chatted with one of the creators on (i think) and he said that Flaky is in fact a girl (DUH!) and that he could see them being together but it probably wouldn't end well, which of course is the entire point of HTF anyway, and he says they're a match made in HTF heaven, so SEE!! That,like, proves it times a thousand! :D


-Flippy and Flaky (O RLY?)

-Cuddles and Giggles-even their names go well! XD

-Handy and Petunia- i nub you was too cute!!


-Flaky and Cuddles-i honestly think this pairing would be super sweet but Flippy would be even BETTER with Flaky and oh my God i just LOVE it!

-Flaky and Nutty- also makes sense, but Flaky is taken and i'm not going to put her through the horror of knowing her boyfriend loves candy more than her, plus party animal kind of killed this pairing :P

-Flaky and Mime- Mime needs SOMEBODY!

-Petunia and practically anyone else- i deal with it, i'm not totally super in love with Handy and Petunia the way i am with Flippy and Flaky

-Giggles and Splendid- i have nothing against this couple :) it's, meh, OK

-Evil Flippy and Flaky- maybe Evil Flippy has some shriveled up and burnt piece of heart for Flaky O_O XD


-pop and cub- !!!!????!!!! That is the most disturbing couple EVER

-Fippy and Giggles- There is like NO chance Flippy likes Giggles and both are TAKEN!


-Flaky and Petunia- i only heard this like once but UGH!!

-Flippy and Disco Bear- WHAT IDIOT CAME UP WITH THIS!!?? Flippy isn't gay, even if he was he wouldn't like Disco Bear!! SHEESH!

-Flippy and Splendid- So Splendid never tries to stop Flippy BIG WHOOP, neither are gay, and Splendid's enemies are Lifty and Shifty it's like Batman and the Joker! >_

-Flippy and Evil Flippy- YOU CAN'T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF!!!1!!@!! SHEESH! BLEH! This pairing is horrible! and they hate eachother anyway! I hate this sudden fad of bad-* and cute UGH!

-Girl Flaky and Boy Flaky- !?

-Giggles and Petunia- ew :{


FLAKY IS A G I R L it's been admitted a million times you can't deny it!!!


i'm so random, YAY!

WATCH IT NOW! I made it :)

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