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Thanks to Evil Ratchet for drawing these pic from "Why you're the way you are":


Prowl under attack


Hiatus: "Usurper's Secrets." Basically this got killed when evil corporate things happened. However, now that I'm finally, finally free from said evil corporate things, I'm thinking about revamping it with less OCs, more less-known cannon characters. That's a little while down the road, though. Apologies for the really long delay.

Current works: "The Risk In Wanting"

Notes about the differences in "Emotions?" and "The Risk In Wanting":

  1. Over the next several days I'll be converting the time units in "Emotions..." to orn-based, when time units are necessary. I got tired of how often I ended up using the word "cycle", like "cycled vents" and "3 cycles later" and so on.
  2. I had to switch POV from 1st POV to 3rd POV in "Risks" because the muses absolutely demanded mature content on AO3's version of "Risks" (...Jazz...) and I am too repressed to write that in 1st POV.
  3. I also switched POV because the perception of another's action when told through a character's eyes can make them seem meaner than that other character is. Example being Ratchet. I plan to give him more coverage in "Risk" because some readers took him to be an uncontrolled hater, and that was never the intent. The actual intent will be told in "Risks" so no spoilers here.
  4. Tac-set ("Emotions" will later be updated to better reflect this):
    1. An AI that controls the battle computer, simulator, and logic center. I'm using "AI" here to describe an entity's intelligence level higher than a drone but below self-awareness. IDW seems to define it as Automation Intelligence if the subject isn't self-aware
    2. Battle computer for raw data processing.
    3. Battle simulator for simulating real-world application of the battle computer's plans.
    4. Logic center checks everything to make sure there's no errors, risks, overlooked possibilities, circular-logic loops, etc.
  5. When I think of Prowl's emotion filters (end of "Emotions," in "Wanting"), I think of magnetic anomaly detection systems used in air-borne vehicles for water-based hunts, from raw data filtering to rapid assessment. Helps me to think that, but it doesn't belong in the story so it's not going to be stated in any actual fic.

    Just how did I come to that idea for comparison? Because of my background, that's how! I did some work on MAD systems. In order for a MAD system to work it has to filter out Earth's natural magnetism variations, solar magnetic activity, ferrous contaminants in the air, and other ferrous things so it produces a readout relevant to the user about the size and depth of submerged metallic bodies.

    So how am I applying that here? For Prowl, his filters instead filter out typical emotions (natural magnetism variations), most daily normal emotional changes (fluctuating solar magnetic activity), mild emotional response disruptions for uncontrollable events/mechs (ferrous air pockets requiring rapid re-calculation and data filtering for entering and exiting the pocket to avoid false positives or negatives), and such.

    The emotion filter percentages say how much of spark-based emotions are being filtered out: 0% is all emotions from the spark are detected by Prowl because nothing is being filtered so Prowl can't perceive it (like a MAD system giving a positive detection "ping" at every small rock down to a 1000-ft depth), or 100% is virtually no emotion is detected by Prowl because it's as completely blocked from reaching him as can possibly be (MAD system not giving a positive readout even when flying over a sunken cruiser barely below sea-level).

    His typical settings are set so he'll only feel (read) the highly elevated results, be it love, hate, excitement, terror, protectiveness, depression, or jubilation, but also because he has no choice. See end of "Emotions" for reason, but otherwise Prowl's default is little-to-no emotion.

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