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Author has written 8 stories for Mario, Super Smash Brothers, and Misc. Games.

THE MOLE: PAPER MARIO EDITION website is now published! Unfortunately, Fanfiction eliminated external links, but searching "The Mole Paper Mario Weebly" on GOOGLE (specifically Google) should pull up the site. Check it out for player bios, mission overviews, picture clue gallery, and more!

My Stories


The Mole: Paper Mario Edition (First Priority) 12 characters from the first three Paper Mario games are competing together in a mental and strategic competition to earn money that only one will one. One player isn't genuine, and is trying to thwart efforts at succeeding while evading suspicion. Who is the Mole?

Current Status

Episode 2 (1/5)

Team Pot: 20000c/70000c

10 Players...1 Mole.

Survivor: Isle Delfino (Second Priority) Eighteen players from the Mushroom Kingdom travel to the treacherous and magnificent Isle Delfino for a 39-day trip. They will have to endure the wild surroundings and each other if they want to last long in the game and win one million coins. Who will be the Sole Survivor?

The Amazing Race: Shroom Style (Third Priority) Twelve two-person teams embark on a race around the Mushroom Kingdom in an attempt to cross the finish line at the end in first place and with one million coins in their bank account. Who has the right combination of brains, brawns, and teamwork to succeed? *Will be published as a new story*

Three Long Days (Fourth Priority) A well-earned luxury train ride on the Excess Express turns into a nightmare when a killer on board holds the passengers hostage. Can everyone get to Poshley Heights alive? Or will this become their 'final destination'?

Alpha and Omega: The 77th Hunger Games (Last Priority) Instead of a victory between lovebirds, Peeta sacrificed his life so Katniss could win. District 13 was exploited by the Capitol, and the Hunger Games continue to exist. With new tributes and new twists, are the odds ever in your favor? *Probably discontinued*


Daisies Are Yellow - It's Valentine's Day. Luigi is crazy about Daisy and is desperate to impress her in any way possible, yet it always seems as though he's incapable of even getting the time of day from her. So what happens when he resorts to a different tactic...poetry?

The Scarlette Letter - "The fact of the matter is, Admiral Bobbery's tale is sad. Horribly sad, actually. You'll probably end up crying," Podley explains, polishing the glasses in mechanical rhythm. "But I'll tell it to you, if you really want me to. Get ready. Bobbery's tale of woe goes something like this..."

Convention - When Nintendo informs Master Hand to be on the lookout for possible fighters for a fourth spinoff, he decides to hold a convention to find out who has what it takes. But...just about all they have is what it takes to drive him nuts.

Mafia - In 2010, 15 authors gathered together to play a simple game of Mario Mafia. What hatched from that was a three-day sensation of wits, deceit, and fun. Acting as Mario characters, the townies tried to eliminate the mafia, the mafia vice versa, and the neutral to stay alive. Who won this epic party competition?


December 14, 2015

Hey-o! Not dead, but figured I may as well check in considering last update was at the end of May. Unsurprisingly, updates have been slow, but the excuse of college is a much more legitimate one. Despite that, I published The Scarlette Letter today as a oneshot to help pool some of that creative energy in hopes that it might possibly redirect itself towards projects like *cough* The Mole.

However, as this semester wraps up, I hope (hope) that winter break will see an increase in updates. The next chapter of the Mole is about halfway completed, at a standstill primarily from poor challenge consideration, but easily navigable with enough dedication.

The elephant in the room, ultimately, is Survivor. Wow, still cannot believe that story is going on about six years old. I'm kind of surprised I'm bringing it up, actually, but as it was my most popular story back in the hayday (if eighth grade is your twisted definition of a hayday), I hate to just let it rot. But at the same time, the writing feels almost immature considering how chapters one through ten were all written before acquiring the sophistication of a high school writing level. However, especially with how incredible this season has been to watch, I realize that Survivor is something I definitely wouldn't mind working on, but am not sure how to polish my present story.

Part of me wonders if I should just finish it with my updated writing style and try to seek some improvement through end chapters, but at the same time I'd love to start fresh on everything, including votes, eliminations, tribes, strategies, maybe even a few characters. Which introduces the conflict of, do I just let that story sit there archived from its temporary glory, or do I abolish it altogether and start new?

For anybody that's actually read my Survivor after five years of hiatus, let alone actually reads any of my stories as an inconsistent updater, would love to hear feedback from you! Hope to see increased production over break, assuming exams don't kill me first!

December 31, 2015

Updated The Mole: Paper Mario Edition today! (Which also happens to be the five-year anniversary of one of my first oneshots on the site, Daisies are Yellow). Ironically, both stories were updated at the early hours of 4AM on the eve of New Year's Eve. But as for The Mole, going to try hard to complete the next chapter within a reasonably short amount of time.

Still no feedback on Survivor plans, but then again it is five years old. :P Of course, top priority is currently The Mole as that's what I have invested the most in recently. However, as Survivor was the thing that launched my writing career in the first place, I definitely want to continue it at some point. Most likely I'll finish Survivor: Isle Delfino for its sake and consider starting a new Survivor sometime in the future, possibly alongside the current season.

Thanks again for everybody who still reads my stories after all this time, and have a safe 2016!

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Some stories were never meant to be posted. Filed under Humor and Tragedy for reasons I should probably know.
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*Website located at the top of my profile* 12 characters from across the Paper Mario world embark on a journey that could be worth up to one million coins. But one of them isn't who they appear to be, as their purpose in the game is to thwart the attempts at earning the money. Can you spot the traitor? Who is the Mole?
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Season one of my Amazing Race series. Twelve teams of two from the Mushroom world are about to travel all across it in hopes of reaching the finish line first. Who has the right combo of brains, brawns, and teamwork to win the one million coins? ON HIATUS
Mario - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,520 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/18/2010
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