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Sorry for the long delay in posting new chapters of my story. Along with an extremely hectic life in recent times there is a new story stuck in my head which is blocking my muse for my current story. Since i don't want to start a new story right now, I tried to post it as a challenge in various forums but no one has accepted it so far. I am posting the challenge here in hopes of one of my readers accepts it.

Charmed Harry Potter challenge.

Harry and Prue are fraternal twins.

Harry's core ability is that he can copy abilities and powers from other beings, be it angelic (Whitelighter, Elder, cupid, etc), Wiccan (powers of all the sisters and other witches), demonic (warlocks, demons, source) and neutral beings (angel of death, angel of destiny, etc.) and enchanted objects. With time Harry's power evolve to eliminate the weakness of the beings he acquired his powers from.

Rules 1) Harry must be aligned to the light side or be neutral. He CANNOT be dark. (He can have darkside powers but only use it for good purposes with side effects.)

2) Harry's powers must remain unbound when Penny binds the power of his sisters.

3) Some point in the story Harry acquires the powers of the Phoenix coven.

4) If harry has demonic powers, he would only use it in case of emergencies due to the side effects (anger, rage, uncontrollable lust, etc.).

Optional 1) Harry goes to magic school at a young age to again the powers of fellow students and Gideon.

2) Harry acquires wizarding powers by copying a wizard, (Dumbledore, Voldemort, etc.)

3) Harry aquiring the powers and the abilities of the Titans and the Gods.

4) Harry gaining the powers from the dragon blade/ charon (to remove or capture souls)

Pairing for Harry (Pick one) 1) No pairing. (He prefers to be single)

2) With the kyra the demonic seers. (Charisma Carpenter)

3) Harry/multi (with female Whitelighter, demons, humans). Can be with different girls at different times or many girls at the same time. ((my preferred paring with Pure as his main lover))

4) Harry/ Prue (they get curious while growing up)

Forbidden 1) Fem! harry

2) Harry paired with a male character. (I have nothing against the gays. I just don't like reading stories with such pairings)

3) Dark or evil Harry. (he can be dark or evil temporarily under the influence of demon, spell or when he uses his demonic power for a longer periods of time.) If this happens only Prue can snap him out of it.

4) Prue to permanently die in the story. (The story can have Paige in it but not at he expense of Prue).

Some additional stuff about the story.

My prefrence would be they growing up together but the author of the story can spit them up if he/she has an interesting plot device. As for Hogwarts, it is completely optional my preferece would be Harry going to magic school to copy as many powers as possible for him (except telepathy/ empathy).

In my version of the story. The wizarding world exists but the have gone into hiding after the source nearly destroyed them in the 14 century. Most of the old famiy have been wipedout. Dumbledore and Voldemort still exists. Instead of a pureblood moment Voldemort started a campaign to rule the world. He became a warlock/evil wizard hybrid because he had already split his soul before becoming a warlock.

Penny and Patty were the ones to stop Voldemort and temperorly vanquish him. (this is just my idea for the story. The aurthors who accept the challenge are free to ingonre this suggestion.)

His powers would be similar to Peter from heroes. Inintially, when Harry is young he can only use powers of people around him. Later on as he gets older, he would be able to use all the powers he copied. As his powers progress, he would be able to remove the negative aspects of the power he copied. (e.g whitelighters vulnerable to darklighter poison.)

If he uses demonic powers, barring the ones copied from a Phoenix witch, it waould cause sideeffects such as anger, rage, uncontrollable lust, etc. as the powers are not ment to be used by humans.

If any one is interested in taking up the challenge please Pm.

I will be posting complete lemon scences from my story on hpfanficarchive under the same pen name. The title of the story is 'Harry Potter Lime collection'

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