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If your reading this, this is just a small blurb about me, what I'm like, what I like and also what I dislike. You don't like what your reading, simple solution...stop reading.

What I'm like...hmmmm...I guess you could call me funny, I'm no comedian but I can say I do get laughs out of people, mainly from being a klutz and I have moments where I kind of have no idea what people are talking about so I may ask a stupid question. But I'm also big on trust, honesty and family. I trust people fairly easily but it takes them a long time to get close to me, but some people I let in pretty fast, depending on the type of person they are and what sort of feeling I get out of them. If they trust me, I trust them. Honesty is also a pretty big thing as well with me. I'd rather have someone tell m the truth rather then lying, I'm the same way. I'm a very blatantly honest person. If I don't like something, I will tell someone right away. may get me into trouble but again, would someone rather I lie to them or tell them the truth? Truth may hurt but sometimes it's the best thing. Family is also pretty big, just because of a lot of crap that has happened in the past. I love my mom and try to always be there for her, I try to do the same for my sister t sometimes it's hard. Lots of people know what its like, sibling rivalry, but no matter her bad days shes still my family. I worry about her and I try my hardest to be there and spend time with her when she lets me. My dad works out of town but whenever he's home I hang out with him when I'm not on the go with work and friends.

I love drawing, as well as writing, two things I am very passionate about even though sometimes I lose the mojo to do so. But its still the one thing I love most where I can express myself. I'm also interested in Wicca and am gathering information and reference on it, so maybe one day I can be a full Wiccan (sounds weird but atm I don't know how else to word it). I also, recently discovered but has my undivided attention now is steam punk. I think its really neat, especially since I like history, I like the old style clothes with the modern twist. As well I love belly dancing and dancing in general. Whenever I have money I try to enroll in either belly dancing or try out a new style of dance. My boyfriend and I are both thinking of giving break dance and hip hop a try together New experience so it should be fun.
A few other things I like are good manners, personal space, tattoo art, the moon, wolves, werewolves, the color green, anything shiny XD, things alphabetized, cleanliness, myths and legends, learning new languages.

Some things I dislike are bugs (don't mind some but others are just YUCK!), clowns, porcelain dolls, bad hygiene, rude people, bad manners, people who pretend to be something they aren't, grinding (so-called dancing), certain kinds of people with certain attitudes. That's just a few things but no point being depressing and rude airing the dirty laundry.

But that's just a small bit to know about me, if anyone's interested

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Check out my Deviantart to see my artwork

FAN FICTION: MY ANTI-DRUG. Because, who has time for drugs if you're reading and plotting and writing and checking reviews?

You don't like any of the stories or any of the OCS? Well...I DO NOT CARE! It is called a fan fiction people, some facts may be twisted, some characters family trees may be different. There may be pairings you don't like, well I DON'T CARE. You send me a bad review insulting me or my writing, it will be reported and I will delete it. So best thing to do is don't waste my time, because my time isn't worth your childish crap. SO IN CLOSING YOU DON'T FEKING LIKE IT, DON'T FEKING READ IT. DO NOT RAG ON ME JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT! GROW UP! Don't freaking harass me on any of my other accounts, or that just makes you even more immature.


I don't know what happened, but while editing some fan fictions, either my computer or the site glitched. So now some chapters are missing or have gone screwy. Please be patient while I work through fixing them and retyping up what is missing.

To everyone who follows my fanfictions, I don't know how often you look at my profile but I am sorry I have been away. I will be away for quite some time yet because I am re-reading and revising my fanfictions in hopes of making them even better and more compelling for you to read. In the past two years I have had no desire to write or plot and I am hoping to get back into it over the next little while.

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My Angel Of Death reviews
Ember Spark never thought she could have normal friends, a normal life. When she moved to South Park, she didn't expect to meet who she did, especially when Damien Thorn, son of the devil seems to keep eyeing her up like lunch. Let the hell begin... Please read Iris on HarbucksFML's account before reading.
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