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Author has written 4 stories for Legend of Zelda.

About Me:

I'm the sort of person who who enjoyed The Silmarillion more than any of Tolkien's other books. The deep history of the world, the depth of each character... if I occasionally (*cough*toofrequently*cough*) get caught up in lengthy exposition in Fused Kingdoms, just know I'm holding back substantially because I don't want to have 17 chapters that read like a history text.

Hmm, what else? I'm 20-something, working full time, and totes excited for Breath of the Wild. Wrote fanfic for like 2 years, then took 5 years off to finish Uni and get a job. and then work that job for a few years and I just started writing again.

My Stories:

Fused Kingdoms: (In Progress) A post-TP, LinkxMidna fic. Link tries to find purpose in his life after the events of Twilight Princess, but hears that his nemesis, Ganondorf, managed to survive their last encounter. Can Link overcome his demons and defeat the King of Evil by himself? SPOILER ALERT: No.

Simple Miscalculation: (Completed. Maybe. I keep changing my mind on what I want to do with this one.) Two one-shots that are barely related, both LinkxMidna, though nothing overly romantic in either.

Crack Playthrough: (Pretty much in the same boat as Simple Miscalculation) I'm slowly playing through the game, bit by bit, writing a first-person narrative centered around Link, but I've given him something of a sarcastic personality...

Royal Screw Up: (completed) OoT, One shot. Link meets up with Sheik after completing the Spirit Temple. Inside the sanctuary of the Temple of time, he rests, and opens up to Sheik about how he feels about Princess Zelda. Awkwardness ensues.

I once had the first few chapters for up for another story, Archipelago. I really liked the secular/non-magical world I developed for that story (the magic in Fused Kingdoms is my biggest qualm with that story -- I hate writing magicalness stuff), but i couldn't think of an appropriate plot. maybe one day I'll think of a good plot and resume working on it.

From this point forward, it is the equivalent of me thinking allowed now. Just misc. notes that I don't have anywhere else yet.

If you haven't read The Silent Kingdom by Freedan, you are doing Zelda fanfic wrong. That is an epic, stand alone piece of amazingness, and the best written thing I've come across here.

I find the problem with a lot of fan fiction is that Everyone has a different experience playing the games, their own interpretation of events and subtext and dialogue. There are 3 ways to handle this that I see, and they all kind of suck:
1) just have an author's note at the very beginning stating what assumptions you are making, what your interpretations are regarding characters' relationships and in-game events. It feels artificial to read and keep in mind for the first few chapters, but very efficient at getting this problem out of the way up front so you can jump straight into the story.
2) A chapter or two entirely dedicated to rehashing in-game events to illustrate how. This feels much more organic and has better flow, but it is tedious to read because we already know what happened, dammit.
3) Work in your characterizations and assumptions over a longer period of time so it's not as tedious for the reader. However, it is harder for the reader to understand the characters initially as we don't understand relevent bits of characterization yet, or it takes too long for the characters to become clearly developed.
I don't have a solution to this.

An OoT, AU Story:

Take that bit in OoT where they say there was this big unification war between all the races, during which Link's terminal mother sneaks him into the forest. Ten years later, the races are at peace with each other as Link sets out. Yeah right. There would be an array of violence still occurring with the different races, or at least a lot of diplomatic tensions that could be exploited by Ganondorf. This opens up a lot of ground for another story...

A 10-year-old boy, practically a foreigner to the vast country of Hyrule, one day finds himself with a secret quest given to him by the Princess of Hyrule. He must travel between regions inhabited by tribes still bitter about the so-called "Unification War", and secretly, they all contemplate conquering the lands for themselves. While the King of Hyrule tries to quell any uprising, secretly, Ganondorf, the leader of the Gerudo, further instigates the tension between the races. Unexpectedly to Link, he finds himself thrust into adulthood, seven years later, and witnesses the destruction that was Hyrule. As he travels the country, he begins to put the history together: Ganondorf succeeded in instigating a war between all the races but his own. Once all the regions of Hyrule were weakened, he and the Gerudo moved in and conquered everything.

I would really love to work on that story... maybe I can use this plot with the world and characterizations from Archipelago. Though, then I'd have to rewrite Midna's part to fit Saria... or make it really AU and keep Midna... Replace the Gerudo with Dark Interlopers/Twili...

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