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UPDATE 3/17/04
UPDATE 3/17/04

Hey!! Once again, i'm not sure if anyone's even CHECKING this profile anymore, and i'll be great-plenty glad if anyone actually is.

About the stories, I've come to a conclusion that I am going to finish Something Deeper if it kills me. I may be making it shorter than I had originally wanted, but if so, then just be assured that I'm NOT going to sacrifice the quality for (lack of) quantity. I had hoped to plow through a couple of more character-focused chapters, and I probably still will. I had originally planned to make Something Deeper a triolgy, but now I'm not so sure I will. One, it'd be SOOO long, and two, it'd take SOOO long, therefore, I'm rethinking my positioning.

I had originally said that I would repost my older chapters, but that's gotten nowhere fast, so I'm just going with the creative flow and writing for now, and then waiting 'til I feel divinely inspired to repost the chapters. Either that, or I'll do it once the story is completed.

Other than that, I've removed "Ode to the Endurer" from my story list. It's safe to say I'll probably never finsih the story. I think I had maybe 8 reviews on it (not that quantity of reviews is any reason to discontinue a story, I simply mean it didn't seem anyone was clinging to it, y'know? That's mainly the reason I haven't given up indefinitely on Something Deeper. I do, indeed, owe it to ya'll.)

However, the initial idea behind 'Ode' was one of my better ones, and may rewrite it sometime in the future. No promises, though.

Besides that, I've been wanting TERRIBLY to dive into writing Inuyasha fanfiction, but I'm trying to suppress that urge until I finish my DBZ fic. Although, I have written a TEENSY bit on it *Ducks from rotten fruit* I know I'm horrible, writing on Inuyasha and NOT my DBZ, you'd think I was unthankful for all you wonderful fans.

But Inuyasha is so GOOD! If you haven't watched it, do, because I think it's safe to say that ANYBODY who's been a fan of DBZ will love Inuyasha. I was never able to get into it like DBZ, until almost a year ago, and man let me tell you, I haven't been so taken with an anime SINCE DBZ! I think it's nearly impossible for me to be any more enthralled with it! Trust me, Inuyasha is WORTH the investment. And the NEW season is wonderful. the art has imporved so much (Hard to believe, considering it was amazing to start with!!) and I get excited every time I see a new opening or closing theme. FYI, however, the fourth opening theme is the BEST song ever (Grip!)!! And the theme rocks. However, the NEW ending theme (Come My Way) is friggin' ADDICTING. Makes me feel high, or something!

Anyhow, try Inuyasha if you haven't. And for teh best Inuyasha fiction you've EVER read, check out my pal, Thunk, otherwise known as Bucky. Her Inuyasha fics are AMAZING. I can truly say I've never been more impressed with ANY story (Fiction or literary) than I was with Soledad, her Sango/Sesshoumaru story. It made me CRY MY HEAD OFF, but mainly gave me the desire to write Inuyasha, and get back writing my DBZ! So everyone do me a favor and go to THUNK's profile (ID 244521. I give you the ID instead of story ID number because it's crucial you read BESO before reading SOLEDAD!! Beso is ALSO amazing, but Soledad was the most extraordinary thing I've EVER read in my LIFE!) and read her stories!!! That is all, and God bless you!!


(What? Haven't visited VALL yet? Haven't become a member yet? COME ON, GUYS! you don't know WHAT you're depriving yourselves of! Just take a look around, you WON'T be disappointed!!


NOTICE: Okay, I was putting this in the rewritten disclaimer of Something Deeper chapter ONE, but I'm going to keep it here for now.

Something Deeper has been my most popular fic, but also the most controversial. Let me state here in PLAIN ENGLISH that even though it has discriminating overtones, IT IS NOT A DISCRIMINATING STORY. The story was written primarily to expose the stupidity of racism, but since I've been bogged down, I haven't got to THAT part yet. But I would be stupid to write a love story between a human and an alien and BASH interracial couplings, wouldn't I? I'm sorry to those of you who have been offended by the story, I truly am. I never meant to rile anybody, and my intention was to WRITE this story to expose why racism is a BAD, even EVIL, thing. I just haven't got to that part yet. And, in order to make the story realistic, I had to write how others view racism. So if you get offended by that, I'm very sorry. But I am NOT a racist, neither do I encourage any kind of racism, discrimination or hate because of skin color. I have wonderful friends who are black, white, Chinese, Indian, anything you can think of. But just to put some of your minds to rest, I am NOT a racist. If you don't want to read through the story because it will offend you, then please don't. I hate getting offended, and it would be a shame to get offended because of the racial tones in this story, when it was written by someone who ABHORS racism.

I'm not mad at anyone, just concerned that so many of ya'll thought I was a racist. I don't want people to see me as anything like that just because of content of a story. Part of being an expansive writer is trying to write from every perspective, even if you don't agree with it at all.

Well, thanks for reading my rant. I appreciate it!!

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