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OKAY ! So I am Jasmine Moore, 8teen years old andd graduating this Summer . I am happy to say, that Jacob and the whole wolfpack imprinted on me . I could go off ALL DAY about how I loathe Stephenie M. for ending the saga the way she did, but you guys dont wanna hear me bitch and moan . What I will bitch and moan about thoe, is Leah and Jacob . There is nothing in the world you can say to make me doubt that they belong together . His calm, controlled, cocky demeanor matches her headstrong, drag-down-knock-out bitchy mentality with unprecedented perfection ! IF ONLY IF ONLY, it was given time to be explored... tsk tsk tsk . Obviously, I love blackwater . Anything and everything Blackwater, will probably claim my attention . I hate Nessie . Hate her hate her hater her . Re-whore-mee shouldnt even be allowed to exist . I really hate that S.M. went back on the whole "vamps cant have kids" thing . Dissapointment .

Okay . I really dont have much to say . EXCEPT read Midnight Shadows . I had to take it off of The Twilight Saga, because bitches kept stealing it, but I feel that it has a safe home, here with you all !

Hope you enjoy .

Twilight History .

Me and Twilight have had quite a relationship . For the better part of this relationship, i have loathed it . hated it . I had a friend who was super obsessed over it, but i held my ground out and refused to read it . But then, one fateful day, ( around the time New Moon was coming out and I saw sexy ass Taylor Lautner) I decided to give it a chance . I borrowed my friends Twilight DVD and also the book, and it was it for me from that moment on . Not only did i fall in love with Robert Pattinson in the movie, I fell in love with Edward Cullen in the books . I knoe, its strange, because I am probably THEE LEADER ON EVERYTHING TEAM JACOB, but i began as a Team Edward fan . After New Moon, I dabbled in Team Switzerland, but then after I read Eclipse, i quickly came to my senses and became a loyal follower of Team Space Heater . This all happened in a matter of weeks, and it was like a crazy, emotional roller coaster ride for me lol . Going from one extreme to the other will do that to you I guess .

My opinions on Bella/Edward's Relationship .

If you knoe me at all, you knoe that i h a t e anything and everything Bella Cullen related . There is no way in the world what they shared was "love", it was merely a fascination of his beauty, and an obsession with her blood . Thats not real love . I mean, some people may want that, but not any sane person . When it comes down to it, no person should ever put so much into another person that they give up everything else just to be with them . Bella through away everything for him; her memories . her friends . her family . and worst of all, her life . I dont knoe what crack Stephenie was smoking, but that's not romantic . And was Edward Bella's boyfriend or her daddy ? He tried to control her, and the idiot let him . All that "dazzling" made her putty in her hands, and she wasn't even capable of forming any thoughts that weren't about her oh-so-perfect love . Thats not right . Nothing about that was right . I just dont understand how someone could be so quick to give up their humanity for something as indistinct as "forever" .

My opinions on The Cullens .

Okay, so I don't have a major problem with the Cullens . Not really, anyway . I just feel like they are pretenders . They are trying so hard to be something that they aren't, and that doesnt sit right for me . The point is, even despite their tries, they fail miserably . They aren't human, and they should accept that . Im not saying they need to be feral and hunt humans or anything like that . And I dont like how Carlisle is made out to be this ultimate saint . Yes, hes a great doctor and hes an amazing person, but he, like the others, are not perfect . If he was so good, he would have never turned Esme, Edward or Rosalie . Yes, I understand that they were dying, but who gave him the right to condemn them to the same fate as him just because he was lonely ? If it is as Edward believes, and the vampires really dont have souls, then Carlisle condemned his family, the ones he supposedly loves, to a forever of hell . Chew on that, people . Chew on that .

My opinions on The Wolf Pack .

I love the wolf pack, point blank . They are wild, and they are free, and they hit people all willy-knilly, but most importantly, they are real . Unlike the Cullens, they don't pretend and they ARENT PRETENTIOUS . They live simply, but you can just tell that they are a cultured people who live happily with what they have, even when they dont have much . Perfection creeps me out . Who wants to be around people who they feel lesser than ? Thats the feelings you would get around the Cullens, which is the ultimate difference between them and the wolf pack . The only thing i literally hate about the wolf pack is imprinting . Its sick . People should be able to fall in love freely, with the people they choose . How messed up is it that people have to be binded together for their lives all because they're genetic make up means they're babies will be bigger . wrong . on many . different . levels . And i wont even BEGIN on Jake imprinting on Nessie . Actually, I think i will .

My opinions on Renesmee Cullen .

Steph lost her mind when she wrote Breaking Dawn, clearly . I dont mean to bash her, because without her wonderful mind none of us would have the awesomeness that is Twilight, but really ?! Renesmeee ? REALLY ?! Why is it that Jacob had to imprint on Bella's daughter, after not being able to have Bella ? thats disturbing ! And Edward calling him son ? OMG . i seriously wanted to throw breaking dawn out of the window . Then pick it out of the bushes . Then light it on fire . Then take the ashes and flush them down the toilet . Renesmee, number one, shouldnt exist . If vampires supposedly stop all their functioning, why is it that the males still produce semen, if the women cant produce eggs ? that just goes against nature, and also everything Stephenie said . If they cant cry tears, and they cant sweat or produce any OTHER bodily fluid, then why the hell can they produce sperm ?! tsk tsk tsk . Point blank, Renesmee should go back into non-existence . Oh, and i feel that Breaking Dawn ended with a happy ending for The Cullens, but what about everyone else ? Why is it that everything had to work out so perfectly for stupid ass Bella Swan, but no one else ?

I guess the world will never know .

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