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I guess I have nothing really to say! I never do... Well I love reading and writing, I like school to some extent and I love hanging out with my friends. I'm known as Happy Emo to one friend, and Crazy to another.. so take your pick! I do Gymnastics, but I'm not very good except at the flexible stuff! (I'm quadruple jointed...) I Love! Anime and drawing Manga!! I must sound like such a loser. Ah well, I will rule the world one day and you'll be sorry ;). I love reviews 2! Leave as many as you want hehe! I try and repay my reviews back as often as I can (even though I have like.. none...) Oh yeah... I also do Music and Ballet! I am a pyromaniaz, and am TOTALLY proud of it! Just don't give me matches... or candles... or... a blow torch. Cause I dont mean to but everything seems to go up in flames around me. Anyways more later! Bubi!! Love youu whoever you aree!! X

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The Souls: Basically, 6 kids find themselves in a strange world with strange powers and are fighting strange creatures called the Klay. Strange...aint it? Their only way home is the Portal, which turns out to be cracked (yipee!!) so evilness is leaking out through it from a 3rd dimension. Of course, they weren't to know they have godlike powers... go figure. They can control them through their best friend Takuya, yet of course he has been infected by a strange disease and unfort, it's fatal. Life sucks don't it? But Takuya's a fighter and when all you have left in the whole 3 worlds is 5 children, you would do anything to protect them, even if that means destroying yourself in the process.

Skips: Just a normal day in a diner, six kids are eating when a fun fact is read out from a Skips packet. Warning: Bad pickup line... hehe

Forever Dreaming: A Birthday Present to Amy: OK this is a birthday present to my real BFFL addicted-to-oxygen. Iggy dreams that he is in his favourite place in the world with his favourite person. Afraid of losing her again he asks for a token to remember her by til next time. He doesn't exactly get what he wants. It is a oneshot but will contune if people want it too.

Heaven and Ashes: A one-shot. Faxness. The gang stop in the ashes of the E house and maybe some romance will bloom. But why does Gazzy have a camcorder!! And why is Max hopping mad? Your going to have to rreeeaadd it!

Ominous: Takuya Kanbara was murdered in front of his girlfriend Izumi 4 years ago. Zoe has moved on, but it seems he's back and ... different. This along with a series of strange murders, a love-sick colleague and... an ominous feeling, Zoe's life is falling apart, just like 4 years ago. And why does she keep running away? And what if she'll do anythign to keep the new Takuya, even if it stretches beyond humanity. Dark fic: Blood in first chapter and then in later chapters

Cool Facebook groups X): Compiled by MISE :) :D

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