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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, and Dennō Coil/電脳コイル.

Okay, so new year, new profile.

I'd like to think that I update well, but unfortunately history has shown that I'm really terrible at keeping stories long-term. But until them I was updating nearly 5k a week, so it'll be a good ride until then.

Personal quirks about my writing: on including honorifics when writing anime fics... I'm starting to lean against it. I mean, the name "Negi-sensei" has been thoroughly ingrained to my perception of his character which is why Going Rogue has honorifics (and also because I wanted to see how it would feel) but a lot of the time they just don't flow too well.

Current projects:

Going Rogue - There are some current issues regarding the MC's development and in general the interest of the story, but this one's still going strong.

Progress: Chapter 6: 0% (Dec.9)

Not even a word doc yet. But finals are over on the 11th, so progress will be made then!

2% (Dec.14)

There is now a word doc! Finals are over, and once I'm finally back home, writing will begin in earnest.

Future projects: (working titles)

Bible Camp Bloodbath: Another End - An alternate ending to the titular book by Joey Comeau. Pretty sure it will be the first fic of its series. Unfortunately I recently moved and left the book behind accidentally so this is on delay.

The First Coil - Prequel to Dennou Coil, telling the story of Tamako and Nekome, elaborating on and exploring how Daikoku city must have been when (quote) "All Spaces were Obselete in that time."

Cyber-Warfare - An AU of Dennou Coil, presenting a set of characters with conflicts not tied to the past, but the present. Satchii and the Cybermanagement is presented as a true villain, with Yasako being thrown into the middle of a Cyber-war she is forced to be a part of. Expect more elaboration on Encoding than "I get an encode generator and then I throw it at you". Basically a lot of things that were left unexplained in the show.

Harry Potter, Potions Master - Harry focusing on a different branch of magic, namely, potions. He can't do magic outside of school, right? And his relatives are gonna abuse him if he can't do magic, right? So what if someone told him that there were kinds of magic he could do? Mentor!Snape isn't really my thing, but they may develop a reluctant... camaraderie, or such.

A New Friend - Another HP fic, AU around 2nd year. Not much to say without giving away dramatic Ch.1 spoilers, but it'll be centric on HP and diary!Riddle.

The Two Tails - Naruto AU, the very obvious premise being that the niibii attacked Konoha instead of the kyuubi. With a different demon inside of him, with a very cat-like (i.e. not a complete jerk) personality, how different would Naruto be? Answer: a lot.

Yeah, this list will run me into late 2013, at the least. And of course, Ala Ignis isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That's about it! And when GR is wrapped up, I'll probably begin a dennou coil fic, perhaps being the first multi-chapter fanfic in existence? That is, as long as someone else doesn't get the idea before I'm done.

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