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Hey fellow Fanfictioners!

Well for the purposes of disgression... you may call me Monkeyman626! (I was going for MonkeyQueen but apparently that was taken!!). I'm 21 years old, and I have blonde hair, and eyes that change from blue to green, so thats why all my characters are gorgeous blondes. (I make them better looking versions of myself! Hey a girl's gotta dream right?)

I am a hopeless romantic, and so if your not into cheese... well consider yourself fairly warned! (though I like to tell myself I have a good balance between cheese and interesting!)

I'm at University now, and I have been writing fanfiction since I was old enough to turn on a computer. Hopefully that means I do alright. I'm a true stickler for Ron/Hermione relationships, and Ginny/Harry relationships, though I do enjoy mixing them up just for the sake of it!

R&R but oh Please be kind to me!

Hehe :D


THE BABY PROJECT The sixth years at Hogwarts School are about to undergo the strangest, weirdest, most difficult project of their lives. Who will learn? Who will grow? Who will overcome? And most importantly... How the hell are they going to survive with all these babies?

HELP!!! The Reviews I've gotten for this story are absolutely amazing! Thanks to everyone whose been following me so far! Now... I need a little help! It's christmas time for Madison, Draco and the kids, and I don't know what I want to have them do! Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Snowball fights? Big feasts? Fred and George mayhem? Accidents? Illness? Lucius Malfoy? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!! BEST SUGGESTIONS WILL BE USED AND THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

THE BABY PROJECT TWO Kinda lost the inspiration for this one, so its been taken down, and i'll put it back up as soon as i regain my inspiration!

THE UNEXPECTED They were the two most outrageous, wild, and talented students Hogwarts had ever seen. And no one even knew who they were. Ginny Weasley and Trixiebelle Velair had a whole other life to what the students thought they knew. The time would soon come, when Hogwarts would see them for who they really were. The Hogwarts students should have learnt by now, to expect the unexpected.


WHEN KARLI CAME A drunken night leaves Severus Snape with an extraordinary gift - a baby girl. This is the story of what happened when Karlianna Adelaide Snape crashlanded on Hogwarts.

WHEN THE MONSTER LAMENTS Was only intended as a oneshot, but if enough people like it, I might make it longer.

Thankyou KortyCub11 who has consented to give me a hand - cowriting WHEN KARLI CAME and given me plenty of help with THE UNEXPECTED and THE BABY PROJECT!

And thank you to Mrs. Nicole Malfoy and her list of things NOT to do at Hogwarts. Pretty much inspired The Unexpected and gave me a lot of glorious prank opportunities!

Sorry it's taken so long to update stories guys. I've been in College, moved countries, got married... its been a hectic two years and I lost inspiration to keep writing. Inspiration is back though (and lets hope it stays). I have begun with my sequel to The Unexpected, It's called Open Your Eyes! Hope you like it guys!

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