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QUIDQUID SCRIBO DEUM GLORIFICET (I do not mind if you use this signature — if you understand the Latin, then you will know why) :)

Having cursorily examined other authors' profiles, I have decided that my own – heretofore bereft of anything at all – reflected a cold and discrete persona which I regret having projected — if only briefly.

I do not intend to post anything explicit about myself, as such a thing can prove to be hazardous on the Internet; therefore, forgive me if this profile comes off as distant and cloistered.

À propos of my nom de plum, Buizel is the name of a Pokémon (I love Pokémon, but I probably will not be writing any FanFics on it...) of which I am particularly fond. (I truthfully do not recall the origin of the appellation of Rubeda — I guess it simply sounded appealing at the time...)

My FanFics are likely to be limited purely to The Legend of Spyro, a gaming series (although I am referring almost invariably to the recent, renovative trilogy) which I found to be a wellspring of literary inspiration. In fact, the final installment of the trilogy reminded me of Lord of the Rings in many ways...

I never actually got into Spyro until the release of said trilogy, and upon playing through it I was overcome with the desire to continue the story — a sentiment which, surely, anyone on this website should appreciate.

However, as a gentle caveat, please do not expect anything childish or coy from me: I take writing very seriously, and anything that I publish on this site will reflect that gravity. I am not saying that I do not appreciate humor or certain measures of "cheesiness," but I have been slightly miffed by the sight of stories devoted ostensibly to nothing more than mindless prattle about characters who, quite frankly, I believe merit far greater signs of appreciation. (Sorry for waxing a bit bombastic there...)

(That said, I cannot say how long it will take me to produce chapters: There are times when I write an entire chapter in a single day...and there are other times when a week or more may pass before I complete it; therefore, please refrain from asking me for deadlines: I do not have them. I have never liked the idea of writing against the clock, and while some may find that motivating, personally, I find it aggravating...not to mention smothering.)

My stories will tend to be somewhat clinical in style: I will write about emotional subjects and poignant themes, and there will be climactic crises and elegiac symbols...but do not expect me to always pour pathos onto paper (or a computer screen, as the case may be...) — it is simply not my style. I will rather allow you to feel the emotions for yourself and will to that end limit myself to constructing emotional situations in a manner most conducive to such an impact on my readers.

As you can most likely already tell, I like to use "fancy" words. Certainly a community of writers will not begrudge me this penchant; however, I will attempt to avoid sounding verbose or superfluous in my descriptions, as believe me I am well aware of the destructive and demoralizing effects of excessive wordage.

I have only recently begun actually writing FanFiction (though you will inevitably note that I joined the site years ago), so I am sorry to confess that I cannot boast much in the way of published material. Of course, I hope to rectify that (and, obviously, anyone who possesses prolific FanFics had to have at one point begun with nothing, so my position is highly commiserable).

My FanFiction debut, as it were, is the first of what I intend to be a trilogy of an initial series of perhaps two or three, all blanketed under the title Legacy of the Dark Master — so named because it is an account of events occurring after the death of Malefor. (The use of this one term to define all of the series and books therein is due to my desire to write other FanFics that extend into a hypothetical Spyro world, perhaps one several millennia after the events of Dawn of the Dragon, a time when Spyro is truly a legend... I do not know what the literary future will hold.)

Please do not be afraid to review my stories: Any author appreciates having his work noted and commented. On the other hand, you may wish to bear in mind a few things about my disposition towards reviews:

Firstly, I do not appreciate purely vituperative criticism unless I am egregiously deserving of it.

Secondly, I would appreciate absolutely no profanity in reviews, although I am not going to belabor this point.

Thirdly, criticism is meant to be constructive, if only in its overarching purpose: "Flaming," as it is called, is not appreciated — unless, again, I am egregiously deserving thereof. Please attempt to keep criticism constructive and respectful. (Luke 6:31 — "Do to others as you would have them do to you.")

Fourthly, do not be alarmed, offended, or incensed if I should happen to dispute your critiques: As anyone else, I do not particularly enjoy being wrong, so I will attempt to prove myself right. If I answer a review, it will likely be to this end or to express thanks for the comments contained therein.

Fifthly (and relatedly), please note that any criticism should follow the vital premise of argumentation: evidence. If you want to tell me that I am doing something wrong, or that perhaps I should alter an aspect of my writing, I will not likely take you very seriously unless you show me proof of my fault. In the same way, be willing to back up your criticisms against any counterargument I may offer...because I will likely answer some criticisms with a defense of my work. I will employ rhetorical technique in answering criticism: It is most helpful if you employ it in giving the criticism in the first place.

(A little extemporaneous information: If you do review something, please do it in English or in Spanish, and do so legibly; any other language I, obviously, will not understand. This should not be a problem: My stories are in English (maybe some Spanish ones later...), so if you cannot read English there would be little point reviewing in the first place.)

Please do not perceive that I am trying to intimidate prospective reviewers — far from it. I am rather attempting to obviate potentially worthless reviews that are ineffective for any real improvement and end up doing little more than wasting everyone's valuable time. Basically, give me real reviews!

Also regarding reviews, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my writing, be they pertinent to the plot, characters, symbolism, themes, style, &c. I appreciate such questions and I would actually exquisitely enjoy being offered the opportunity to explain my work and to expound upon it from an analytical perspective. There is the aspect of writing which is for enjoyment...and there is the larger, preeminent aspect which is for revelation.

Any questions you have à propos of my work — feel free to ask them!

(Of course, at the same time, you must not expect me to divulge everything about a story in a simple review: If your questons are too profound to clutter the review forum, please do not hesitate to private message or email me.)

As parenthetically noted, I would love to receive pertinent private messages or emails à propos of my work or of others' or of writing in general.

Basically, if you wish to speak with me about something...message me! Believe me, I'll get it.

(Just as a blanket caveat, please note that any character that I have created I therefore own; all rights to these characters are hereby reserved by me. I am not going to bother listing them; simply be aware that any character used in my stories that is not part of the parent story (exempli gratia, obviously I do not own Spyro) is my own exclusive intellectual property.)

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Latin Title Translation: "In the Shadow of the Dark Master." This short story details Spyro and Cynder's passage through the Burned Lands and the Floating Islands on their way to confront the Dark Master once and for all. It focuses on the horror and immensity of these last moments, as well as on the relationship between Spyro and Cynder.
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