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Author has written 61 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, Death Note, Magic Kaito/まじっく快斗, Lagoon Engine, xxxHOLiC, D N Angel, Fairy Tales, Hikaru no Go, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Calvin & Hobbes, Avengers, Natsume Yūjin-Chō, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam Wing/AC, Avatar: Last Airbender, Princess Tutu, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Hunter X Hunter, and Tangled.

Hi! I'm Lisa Telramor, part time worker and fanfiction addict. I am a fan of Detective Conan fanfic. I also like Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Avatar the Last Airbender, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Gundum Wing fanfics, among random other fandoms. Interests now added: Hikaru no Go, Homestuck, Startreck 2009 movie, BBC Sherlock, Kingdom Hearts, FAIRY TALES, Free!, Natsume Yuujinchou, DNAngel, Lagoon Engine

I write quite a bit outside of fanfiction, but I have always liked a good fanfic. I am a fan of kai/shin and haku/kai, but I honestly like any well written story. If anyone has a story suggestion, I am willing to consider writing it. I tend to respond well to prompts. Most of what I've been writing are from prompts.

9/12/10- I'm back at college and I swear, two weeks have felt like a month.. -_-; I branched out a bit, added several fanfics outside of MK/DC. They weren't planned, but random grips of creative rushes. I doubt there is much of a following for Lagoon Engine considering how many fics there are out there on this site (a grand total of four, counting mine) but it's a good series. For those of you out there that like DNAngel or Sugisaki's other works, I recommend checking it out. Cute, aimed at a bit younger audience, it still has depths that leave you hanging for more. Which is why I am still interested in it even after all the gaps in her writing DNAngel. The woman needs to learn to finish what she starts. -_- Anyway, I hope I've shown by now that I'm open for just about any pairing or scenario. And contrary to what I've written, I'm not obssessed with the romance genre or yaoi, though I enjoy both. ; So please, feel free to contact me if there is a fic you want written any have yet to see. I'm willing to consider writing it. :)

10/28/10- I'll be gone all of November likely for NaNoWriMo. I can already feel the stress and frustration. Why do I do this to myself again? Oh, right, because I want to eventually be a published author. -_- So yeah, no fanfics during that period. Thanks. I'm still open for feedback or requests, though keep in mind that any requests would be put off. Take a look at my poll!

12/12/10- NaNo is now over, and rest assured, I am working on the next chapter now. If you haven't voted on my poll, please do!! I plan to close it at the new year and write which ever story wins. I'M STILL WRITING! I HAVE FINALS RIGHT NOW, SO I AM TAKING A BIT LONGER. I WILL HAVE A BREAK SOON IN WHICH I WILL HOPEFULLY HAVE MORE TIME, BUT I HAVE LIFE OUTSIDE OF WRITING, SHOCKING AS THAT MIGHT BE. That is all.

01/09/11- Poll is now closed. I'm currently writing the winning sequel for Up in the Air!

02/05/11- Annnnd, the sequel is not going well. But I finally managed to get out a new chapter of Almost! :D That makes me feel better. But I can't get the characters to come out right for Up in the Air sequel... Would anyone be offended if I did one for career change instead?

05/01/11 - Hm, yeah, I haven't been writing much. Not fanfiction. Not own fiction. Real Life and classes have devoured my soul and my creative desires...-_- But, good news is that I got another chapter of Almost out today and I have the next few chapters planned. Plus summer is coming. I hope to write a lot in between my internship. I think my biggest problem lately is that my creative writing class kind of zapped all my confidence in my writing ability... You don't want to write if you keep questioning every word you put on the page. Sigh. Anyway, life crises aside, I am looking forward to this semester ending. I have a sequel to the Takagi/Kaito thing in the works... Hopefully it will get out sometime... If the muses start talking to me again... I need to find new inspiration. And if any of you have looked at my DevArt account, I recently spammed it with bad poetry. Go gouge out your eyes on my emoness.

06/06/11 - I am on internship! :D Enjoying myself even if the hotel room I am living in for a month is a bit isolating and noisy at times. Will try to write more this month. Try. Still not feeling too much inspiration darn it. Hope people enjoyed the cracky oneshot I put out.

07/01/11 - End of internship, last day is tomorrow. So, still no Almost, but more random short stuff. I am contemplating a sequel to Unconventional Distraction. It would be short and cracky like everything else I seem to be writing at the moment. Ah, well. Have fun with my random fairytale stuff.

03/22/12- Um, long time no write? More random fic. I am still working on a kinkmeme fill from August... and now a new fandom, Hikaru no Go! I've been reading in it for over a year now, and I had to write something. So I did! Mostly not much motivation these days, which is not good as next year I have a senior writing project to complete my major. Ah, well. I still plan to finish Almost despite not touching it much in the last year... I apologize to those who read it. I did not mean for it to freeze over. I have a feeling it means I was taking the wrong direction in the chapter I'm writing, but it's been sitting open on my desktop for a year and only poked at every once in a while. I will finish it, just once the desire to write it returns. I find myself more active in different fandoms lately, and less and less in DCMK. I still love the series, but I have not read it in a long while and only follow certain authors these days. Oddly, I've gotten into Homestuck fanfic, which I never thought would happen. Then again, I never saw myself enjoying reading it either. It's a bit embarrassing to admit it's fun. Hikago is my go-to for good stories with equal partnership pairings. I crave a good story with slash action that doesn't constantly worry about dom/sub, or giving a 'feminine' role. At least with Akihika fics there are usually "We are equals, rivals, and hell if I don't love you too" vibes all around. That is all for the update, back to being the dutiful college student I try to be. >>

06/09/12- Just letting everyone know that while I'm still writing fanfics, it will be less and less in the next year due to my senior writing project. I have to write a novel to graduate. o_o Sooo...I will have less time to do silly writing on the side. Of course I will still do fanfic writing. It is usually a nice change of pace, short, and has its own rewards, but my school work comes first. I'm graduating college in a year and then it will be a toss up whether I head to grad school or the work force. Either way I'm reaching that point of adulthood. Bleh. No worries. I'm not one of those people that thinks fandom is for kids and adults can't enjoy it. Do those people really think all that porn out there is written to a majority audience of people under 20? Nope, I'll still write or read in fandom, even as I get older. No worries.

8/26/12 - Still writing fic, might be a while before I update or publish though. Exciting news: Vanilla has been translated into Vietnamese. If you are interested, look below for a link. I'm back at school now though, so heads up for where the real work starts.

12/12/12 (Ha!)- I can safely say all fic writing is at a standstill. I'm in the middle of finals right now, but the past few months of college have been...eep. I have written less than 5,000 words of fanfic in the past two months even as I'm averaging about 20,000 a month in my ofic story for class (I have to organize it for this semester's finals. That's over 200 pages of single spaced type written at random. It's like a ball of yarn where you don't know where one end of yarn starts or if it's a little cut bit tossed in there and it all is in knots...) >_> I hate college sometimes

In progress : sequel to Unconventional Distraction universe. Kaito and Saguru are traveling across the continents to reach Japan. So far it's only epistolary format with letters to Saguru's uncle back in England. It's a nice, shiny distraction for me. Also a gender swap Magic Kaito story. A bit more of the Hikago threesome thing in the works.

7/23/13 - Hi. Long time no type. In the last few months I've graduated from college, turned in the biggest writing assignment of my life that had me having mental breakdowns in December over getting things in order (it wasn't due til April. I turned the first 9 chapters in to graduate and have another 13 I need to figure out how to edit). I've also been accepted at a graduate school for library science. So that's what I'll be doing next year. But what of my fic? I can tell you now that I'm writing. I still write every day, and sometimes it is poking at longer fanfiction works, works that I won't publish until they're complete because I know what it's like to be left hanging for months will no promise of a completed story, and sometimes I am working on ofic projects that I set aside during this last year's insane writing schedule. If you want a record of my WIP's check out my livejournal: . It's a liiiittle out of date because I am missing a Saguru English Teacher story on there. If you have questions/comments, send me a line there. :) Lately to get back into the feel of fic writing, I have been doing some posts on the comment_fic community on livejournal. My LJ page has a log of the stories I have filled so far. Feel free to read if you want. _ And I don't bite. I like getting messages. If you have anything you want to ask, let me know.

10/10/13 - You might notice a few new stories. I've been doing short writing prompts, so I can bring you some short fic! None of my long projects are anywhere near complete (much to my chagrin and irritation) so I hope that these are enough to show that hey, I'm not dead, I'm still writing, and I plan to keep writing. Send me a message sometime. Turns out Grad School isn't going too well. But that's life. I'm not sure where I'll be in a few months but you know I will be writing something. Thanks for reading the silly stuff I put up here.


6/6/14 - Hi, so graduate school did not work out and I'm home again and have been for 6.5 months now. I work part time and that's pretty much life at the moment for better or worse. Still writing, but what I am writing as always shifts with the day. I recently finished a longer ofic work that was where most of my attention was going, but whether or not this frees more attention for fanfiction, I'm not sure yet. Thanks to all the people who read my fanfic and comment and favorite. It has kept me writing through writer's block and depressive spirals, so thank you.

8/19/14 - Still working part time, still writing fanfiction Actually, mostly only writing fanfic lately. I might be publishing a longfic sometime soon. By long fic I mean long as in 200 pages in MS word long. But I'm only posting it if I can complete it and...yeah, that's the hard part. I write longer fic but it doesn't seem fair to post them if I never finish, so my long stuff tends to rot in my doc folders.

4/6/15 - So. Long time no post here. I am much less active on these days. If I haven't posted here in a while, chances are I'm posting on AO3 or my livejournal account. I can be found there under the same names. Sorry. It takes a long time to update with and I am that much less likely to do it because of that. -_-;;; I hope to get this site back up to date on what I've posted elsewhere soon. Also I should never mention when I am working on something because inevitably I lose all will to touch it. ;_; Thanks for still reading and commenting on my stories. That brightens my day. A reminder that I don't post everything I write here anyway; some are too short and some have sex scenes and so don't get posted here.


There is a chance more of my fics will be translated into Vietnamese. Rosy.phung has asked permission to do so, and if she posts translations, they will be found here:

WhiteRose of Alaska has read "Defining Normal"out loud and posted it on youtube. If you're interested, please check it out here: Thanks for taking the time to do this!


Pages full of idle words
Penned with hot and bitter tears:
All men call the author fool;
None his secret message hears.

Truth becomes fiction when fiction's true;
Real becomes not-real where unreal's real.

When grief for fiction's idle words
More real than human life appears,
Reflect that life itself's a dream
And do not mock the reader's tears.

Cao Xueqin, The Story of the Stone

"Insanity is contagious"

-Me (ok, it probably has been said before, but it's my usual tag line)

"Sometimes the jukebox in my mind just CLICKS, and I actually remember the words to the songs for once. You know?"

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