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Author has written 2 stories for Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog.


I'm baaaaaaack :3

I will be remaking all my works here. That way they are better than where I abandoned them.

I have been through the forces of life, and it believe its a sign to start publishing myself once more.

Stay tuned!

Yo, fanfiction has changed a lot...

Girls are like apples on trees.

The best ones are at the top of the tree. People don’t want to reach

for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt.

Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that

aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think

something is wrong with them, when in reality,

they're amazing. They just have to wait

for the right one to come

along, the one who's

brave enough

to climb

all the

way to the


A Hetalian's Pledge

I pledge to think of Italy whenever I'm helpless... or someone mentions pasta.

I pledge to think of Germany whenever I try too hard... or I silence a room.

I pledge to think of Japan whenever I feel out of place... or I take too many pictures.

I pledge to think of America whenever I need a hero... or a sandwich.

I pledge to think of Britain whenever I'm not taken seriously... or someone fails at cooking.

I pledge to think of France whenever I feel misunderstood... or mischievous.

I pledge to think of Russia whenever I'm missing summer... or my faucet.

I pledge to think of China whenever I'm unfairly treated... or I'm mistaken for the other gender.

I pledge to think of Spain whenever I feel unappreciated... or I'm too oblivious to notice I am.

I pledge to think of Austria whenever I give up too easily... or I manipulate others into doing my chores.

I pledge to think of Hungary whenever I fight others' battles... or I support another yaoi pairing.

I pledge to think of Liechtenstein whenever I barely survive... or someone misspells my name.

I pledge to think of Poland whenever I'm shy... or I (like totally) win using my own rules.

I pledge to think of Switzerland whenever I get paranoid... or I rock frilly pink pajamas.

I pledge to think of Belarus whenever I have an unrequited crush... or take crushing too far.

I pledge to think of Estonia whenever I feel powerless... or I have computer problems.

I pledge to think of Latvia whenever I talk without thinking... or I feel way too short.

I pledge to think of Lithuania whenever I am persecuted... or I lose a game of chess.

I pledge to think of Romania whenever I get judged by my appearance... or I try to use magic.

I pledge to think of Ukraine whenever I feel way too sorry... or a bit too mature.

I pledge to think of Denmark whenever I'm criticized... or I have a little too much fun.

I pledge to think of Finland whenever I feel too different... or I'm celebrating the holidays.

I pledge to think of Iceland whenever I'm bullied into saying something... or I procrastinate with candy.

I pledge to think of Norway whenever I'm not listened to... or I'm surrounded by idiots.

I pledge to think of Sweden whenever I'm misinterpreted... or I use a Swedish Death Glare.

I pledge to think of Greece whenever I have different priorities... or I see a cat.

I pledge to think of Romano whenever I feel unloved... or I swear my a* off.

I pledge to think of Turkey whenever I'm overprotective... or I wear a mask.

I pledge to think of South Korea whenever I express myself oddly... or I see anything made in Korea (da-ze!).

I pledge to think of Seychelles whenever I'm hated for something I didn't do... or I find a swordfish.

I pledge to think of Canada whenever I feel invisible... or there's maple syrup involved.

I pledge to think of Sealand whenever I am overambitious... or sell stuff on Ebay.

I pledge to think of HRE whenever I leave someone behind... or realize my name or title is completely wrong.

I pledge to think of Prussia whenever I can't admit my fears... or I redefine "AWESOME."

Everyone has a little bit of each nation in them, including me. Therefore, I pledge these things as a true Hetalian. Copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to show your Hetalian spirit! Luna Safire, Crazy Awesome Neko, Katie-Kat1129 Raven G. Black, Roses-of-Envy, PurpleLuna98,WrittenArt

Work begins now.

I won't be regular as I once was (if I was ever)

But stick with me

Love you all.

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