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Hey everyone! Seems like you've come to my profile and now you're reading this little tidbit :P May I say welcome! I'm happy your reading this! :)

Current Obsession: Harvest Moon, How to Train Your Dragon, NCIS; Tiva Age of Ultron - Banner x Natasha :D How to Train Your Dragon (duh!)

Episode to Episode NCIS Tiva Moments

As I watch I will update the last; if you have any recommendations PM me :) I am NOT adding Ziva's last appearance on the show because I'm still in denial that it even exists...SPOILERS are below, don't read if you don't want to read spoilers.

Season 3

…episode 1 - Kill Ari Part 1

First interaction between Ziva and Tony. Its the only interaction in this episode, but its interesting to see their first interaction.

…episode 2 - Kill Ari Part 2

Second interaction between Tony and Ziva; she tells him about Tali.

…episode 4 - Silver War

Ziva is already annoying Tony on her first day and we see some pretty adorable scenes between them. Eventually he gets annoyed at her because she keeps sneaking up on him and taking his stuff. The tables turn when he makes her go through a dumpster. Its really funny.

...episode 5 - Switch

There are some adorable moments between Ziva and Tony here; but not very many.

...episode 6 - The Voyeurs Web

There are some adorable Tiva scenes in this episode; and the cutest by far is when Ziva cheers up Tony by going out with him to get food when his date breaks up with him.

...episode 7 - Honor Code

Ziva tease Tony at the beginning of the episode. While waiting to go after someone in a car in a parking garage, the “got your back thing: kicks off in a scene between Tony and Ziva.

…episode 8 - Under Covers

Some inappropriate suggested scenes but there are some pretty hilarious/adorable scenes also. This is where Tony and Ziva go undercover as married assassins.

…episode 9 - Probie

Horrible yet hilarious beginning scene where the guys get Ziva to rate their...behinds. Ziva later pats him on the head

...episode 10 - Framed-Up

We get a first glance at Tonys worried face when Gibbs whispers to Ziva that McGee isn’t like her father...when she lies in a low voice to Tony about what he said, he gets worried X( X) They have the awkward sperm conversation later when looking for a slug in an alley! :P

…episode 12 - Boxed In

Ziva and Tony get locked into a box car; during the entire episode they are interacting by teasing and flirting with one another. This episode is where we learn that Tony and Ziva play piano. Ziva still does, but Tony use to learn as a kid.

…episode 13 - Deception

At the beginning, Tony and Ziva are sent to a house and they flirt, Ziva suggesting that he wants to handcuff her...then turning the tables when he denies it and says then that he wants to handcuff himself. Then the handcuff scene with the officer who walks him on them and gets beat up by Ziva occurs.

…episode 14 - Light Sleep

This is the episode in which the “this isn’t one of your movies” scene occurs between Tony, Ziva and McGee.

…episode 15 - Head Case

During the first scene, Ziva opens up about a friend who was decapitated, and then in the next scene while literally almost breathing down Tony’s neck, is reading his email without permission, Later on, while Tony is bending over, Ziva knee’s him in the behind. (LOOOL Ziva XD)

…episode 16 - Family Secrets

Tony and Ziva have a arguing/flirty moment when because she’s slapped in the head by Gibbs, she throws something at Tony and makes fun of him.

…episode 17 - Ravenous

At the very beginning of the episode (after the introduction scene and credits) Tony takes Ziva to see Ducky showing people a appears the pair were running or working out together. In this episode we witness the first “i’m irritated at you and jealous so i’m going to argue for no reason” fight between Tony and Ziva. They, i’m guessing, are jealous AND trying to outdo each other,

…episode 18 - Bait

While staking out and trying to figure out how to free the hostages, Tony and Ziva have some bonding time.

…episode 20 - Untouchables

Ziva and Tony bond while knocking on houses, she touches his hair during the beginning scene. After some more adorable/teasy moments between them, we eventually see Ziva leaning against Tony’s shoulder asleep….snoring like a pig. Later there’s a scene between them while they are in a car watching a foreign diplomat with immunity. This episode also includes the scene where Ziva begs Tony to fill out the accident paperwork because she’s been in a few accidents already.

...episode 21 - Jeopardy

Not too many Tiva scenes considering Gibbs has ordered DiNozzo and McGee not to talk to Ziva because they are investigating a crime and she’s a prime suspect.

Season 4

Season 4

...episode 3 - Sand Blast

There is some arguing and teasing at the beginning of the case between Tony and Ziva when Ziva wants to drive. Later on she is doing her stretches while talking with Tony about the case. And he stares at her. There’s some flirting. Haven’t watched it fully because I was in a rush. But from what I saw there are A TON of Tiva moments.

...episode 11 - Driven

Ziva gives Tony a wet willy at the beginning (The. Best. Thing. Ever!); then proceeds to get nervous when she see’s that he’s getting “tests” (really doing undercover stuff at hospital with a suspect's daughter though over the course of the season he does get feelings for her). She worries about him.

...episode 20 - Cover Story

Tony and Ziva joking about how McGee was not “talking about them” and yet as they speak of reasons as to why we realize McGee WAS talking about them. Haven’t watched this fully.

Season 5

...episode 1 - Bury Your Dead

Ziva’s reaction to Tony possibly being in a car accident which reveals her feelings for him (if that doesn't convince you, pause it when she says Tony and study her facial expression...). She tries to help when he finds a letter from Jeanne.

...episode 2 - Family

Ziva is worried about Tony after the incident with Jeanne, who constantly expresses that he is fine. In the mens bathroom they have an argument in which she leaves angry. The conflict is resolved in this episode.

Season 6

...episode 2 - Agent Afloat

Tony has been on a ship for the last four months; and then someone’s murdered...the second half has Gibbs and Ziva with him on the ship. There are some bonding moments ;) Its the "you could have called" episode :)

...episode 5 - Nine Lives

Ziva is going to Tel Aviv, Tony does some snooping and ends up speaking to her in Hebrew at the end.

Season 7

...episode 13 - Jet lag

Tony and Ziva are on a plane from Paris guarding a witness. They work together and bond while their witness is constantly asking if they are together.

….episode 14 - Masquerade

Ziva open up about her capture in Somalia, they have a moment while searching a warehouse.

Season 8

...episode 5 - Dead Air

Not one of the recommended episodes I found but I think its one of the most memorable and shows us how much Ziva and Tony love each other now. Ziva saves Tony (as usual) when propane tanks explode, then she shows them that she knows a lot about possible which was something discussed by McGee and Tony earlier in the episode.

...episode 10 - False Witness

Tony starts acting odd which worries Ziva...she eventually gives him a pep talk when she finally finds out what’s wrong. (Go Ziva! though i’m pretty sure with the ending I just saw, it was all a set up for his end prank XD Go old Tony... :P)

….episode 20 - Two-Faced

Ziva introduces her boyfriend to everyone...Tony is SO jealous in this episode XD Especially when Ray tells him he is in love with Ziva. He looks at her a lot during the next scene. Near the end they talk...and then he gets a iced eye ball.

Season 9

...episode 1 - Nature of the Beast

This is the pencil kiss scene between Tony and Ziva EEEKKK!! :D

...episode 12 - Housekeeping

This episode flowing from the previous confused me a little...only because in episode 11 Ziva was encouraging Tony to see his old flame...and now she's totally jealous! LOL! Anyway, she's jealous in this episode, once and while doing that teasing, flirting, bickering, fighting thing :P While in staking out in the mountains (i think Tony’s apartment?) with EJ Ziva brings them coffee and talks with EJ comfortably. The episode ends with the “do you consider me to be i your life?” video (youtube it) with Ziva and Tony.

...episode 13 - A Desperate Man

Ziva doesn’t want Tony to answer Rays call, and later in the episode she tells him what happened after he lightly pushes her to talk about it. Tony and Ziva discuss the marriage proposal (Ray proposing to Ziva). This ends with the cell phone scene in between Tony and Ziva after she discovers that Ray is the murderer.

...episode 15 - Secrets

Not many Tiva moments here, but we do get a hint of Tonys strong feelings for Ziva when his ex fiance tells him to tell the girl he loves how he feels...which we do know is Ziva ;)

Season 10

...episode 6 - Shell Shock Part 1

Near the end Tony shows Ziva a picture of him and his mother when he was young. They have a heart to heart chat about it...and it was an adorable Tiva moment :3

...episode 7 - Shell Shock Part 2

Skipped to the end; have yet to watch the full episode. At the end, because Ziva missed the opera, Tony sets her up with a sound system so she can listen to it and picture that she is with her sister at the opera as it is important to her (she goes every year because her sister liked the opera...Ziva does it in her memory).

...episode 19 - Squall

There’s a flirty scene at the beginning between them at the beginning.

...episode 21 - Berlin

Here Tony and Ziva have gone to Berlin to track down Bodnar. There are some pretty intense short scenes, including a deep talk between them on the plane, in their room and in the car which results in them holding hands before their car accident.

...episode 22 - Revenge

Tony holds Zivas hand while he’s driving home from the airport to comfort her. They spend almost the entire episode together while recovering from the accident.

To Come

Season 3 - Episodes not yet mentioned

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The Bridge Between Worlds: Back when viking and dragon are still at war, fifteen year old Eerika cuts a deal with Hiccup. She'll assist him in fixing his prosthetic tail for Toothless, and in return, Hiccup will help Eerika find her missing dragons. But as adventure unfolds, Eerika may find shes gotten more than she bargained for. Center's around events of How to Train Your Dragon. Rated T in case. HiccupxOC. Book One of six of the Our Dragon Souls series.

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