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Severus Snape is Rickman's Doppelganger. He didn't die and lives quietly out of the public eye. And he knows his life is absolutely nothing like a "Regency Romance" and should never be compared to it.

Rowling's opinion that Snape would have never fallen in love is utter BS IMO. He definitely had the capability to love and be loved in return, but it would have been a hard road for any potiential lover. I believe he would have emotional and psychological scarring not only from childhood abuse but from what he saw in Voldemort's service. He probably also would have had confidence and esteem problems from the bullying he recieved. And he might have had a skewed idea of romance and intimate relationships. Whatever person endeavored to take him on would have had plenty of baggage to deal with.

Two of my dislikes are that I absolutely hate Snape/Slash, and I absolutely loathe authors getting carried away with the Bronte ideals in Harry Potter land. Severus had more in common with the Beatles than Mr. Darcy. It's like putting John Lennon in Wuthering Heights. (In both cases, if you asked the men in question what they thought of those situations - I think they'd tell you to get real and %&* off!)

I've read close to 600 fics in four years, and I've written 30 of them in my 40 years of life. So I kind of have a pretty good idea about what makes a good fic and what just doesn't work. I'm not being a bitch when I leave a review pointing out errors. There is a chance that any author that writes a good enough fic could get published, so why put out a piece of junk? A suggestion is to do your first drafts on Microsoft Office. It's loaded on most computers and it catches a great deal of (but not all) spelling and grammatical errors. Then upload it and have a BETA read over it. If you can't find a Beta, get an author buddy to do it. But you really need a second set of eyes to look over and catch things that you might not realize sounds awkward to everyone else's ears. Also, if you're writing Snanger, then it sounds much better if things are said in an British frame of mind. They DON'T speak American slang or phrases, and a grown up British man talks MUCH differently than an American in his teens or twenties (plus, they don't roll their eyes!) It's these little nuances that can either turn a reader totally off because it doesn't sound like it could have ever happened, or it can suck a reader in because they can imagine the characters speaking and doing what you've written. So do your homework. Make it believable! There are awards out there to be won, and authors who really do get published after getting their feet wet doing this kind of work. Don't blow it because you don't care enough to be bothered. If you care enough to upload your story/ies, then care enough to do it without errors.

Pet Peeve #1: SPaG errors from Authors and Betas! When neither know the difference between using SCARED (frightened) and SCARRED (having marks left from injuries); LOOSE (not snug or tightened) and LOSE (misplace); SOOTHE (to make someone or something's emotional state feel better) and SOOTH (Truth; reality); CLOTHE (to wear apparel) and CLOTH (a piece of material); BREATHE (to inhale and exhale) and BREATH (a single inhalation); TWO (one more than one), TOO (much more) and TO (an adverb); and THERE (a specific space) and THEIR (an object belonging to someone or something singular or plural)- combined with Betas who don't catch the obvious error! And people who don't know where to put apostrophes. An apostrophe before the S (example: Draco's luggage) means luggage that belongs to Draco. Let's say the line is 'We didn't know where to put Draco's luggage.', You check it by saying "the luggage is Draco's". If the statement works, then the apostrophe goes before the S. No apostrophe goes when you are just talking about a group of something. An example would be "The Burrow is owned by the Weasleys" or "The Hogwarts Founders created four houses. " In both cases you're not talking about something that belongs to someone/something, you are only showing groups of things. An apostrophe after the S means you are talking about something a whole group owns or does. "The fourth year students' grades went down drastically when Umbridge was teaching DADA."

Pet Peeve #2: Writers and Betas who can't spell character names or Spells correctly! The Harry Potter Lexicon (Google it) is the best place to find out information if you can't spell.

Pet Peeve #3: Writers who get distracted and change the storyline midstream, oftentimes abandoning the original premise completely! Please try to write the COMPLETE story outline down before you transfer each note to the site or get it beta'ed. The reason for doing this is to not only keep you on track, but to keep the plot bunny from chewing through your notes. If you have a great idea midstream, please don't try to incorporate it, use it as the idea for your next story. (I just got done reading a story that had/has this exact same problem: It would have been an excellent fic but then two chapters had nothing to do with the original context of the storyline, totally veered away from the original premise, and I got so upset that I deleted it.) And generally, most Betas are too lovely to tell you the idea stinks!

Pet Peeve #4: Authors who feel it necessary to add text directly from the original books. As fans we ALL SHOULD have read the books! There is no reason to put the lines in verbatim. If you need to refer back to the time periods, write something like, "While Snape was staying at Spinner's End that summer, the Dark Lord saw fit to have Wormtail act as his personal bodyguard to make sure Snape stayed in line. During that summer, he also entertained guests Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Black. Narcissa begged Snape to watch over Draco and made an Unbreakable Vow to solidify their pact." (P.S. It's not Canon that Severus was abused or Crucio'ed as a DeathEater.)

Pet Peeve #5: Authors who obviously don't have curly hair saying that Hermione or someone else brushes her hair. I can tell you from experience (because my hair IS naturally curly), that you don't brush curly hair unless you want to look like a fuzzball! Curly hair and brushes do not mix! Curly hair usually only gets combed when it's wet and there's a ton of conditioner in it. So although Hermione getting her hair brushed at Severus' knee sounds really romantic, it's not realistic to think he'd make her hair better by doing it (or think he was doing her any favors! Ouch!)

Pet Peeve #6: Writers who put in colloquialisms and get them wrong. "Take the bate" BATE is wrong. The word should be BAIT. "Slight of hand" SLIGHT is wrong. The word is SLEIGHT. Remember: it might be a real word, but Spellcheck will not tell you if you've always got the CORRECT words in your sentence. DON'T rely on that. Your brain is actually smarter than Spellcheck some of the time.

Pet Peeve #7: Authors that don't bother finding out what was popular culture twenty five years ago, and what wasn't even invented yet. "Snape was an Emo." "Hermione heard Nickelback on the radio." "Ron took off his wifebeater" "Harry went to a Starbucks in London" DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Pet Peeve #8: Authors who just don't know when to stop a story from dragging on. "Oh I'm going to have them do this and this and this, and maybe today they can do this and this..." These stories are not your personal diaries. I wouldn't suggest uploading them if it's your therapy either, unless they have a definite ending. Even Rowling herself didn't spend four years on every story - and she's the originator! Past 35 chapters, unless it's an amazing story, people lose interest fast. It may be interesting to see what you can come up with, but again - refer to Peeve #4. In this context too is rehashing Severus telling Hermione or any OC about his parents. (P.S. You DO realize that it's not Canon fact that Severus or Eileen was EVER abused, or that Tobias was an Alcoholic, don't you?)

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