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There aren't many horror stories on Alvin and The Chipmunks FanFiction. That's why I'm here. I am here to change that.

Hello, welcome to my page. My name is ColonelShaw.

A few thoughts on some stories of mine. Pretty much just a small section where I talk about them. If you are interested in hearing my thoughts and what not, keep reading. If not, whatever. Don't read it then.
Alvin and the Chipmunk's Final Destination:
This was my first story, but not my first idea. I had an idea for a serial killer, but quickly dismissed it. I wanted people to know I liked horror, but I didn't want them to think I was insane. This story came to me as soon as I created my account, and I began typing it the next day. I began making ideas for deaths with the help of my brother(In fact, he came up with Theodore's and half came up with Eleanor's) and the first few chapters really got people interested, even though their lovable idols were getting slaughtered. It made me laugh that some people hated me for killing them, but they kept telling me to "update soon!". Probably the funniest comment on this story was by Jah-myster784, who said "two words... fucking awesome!" If I were to rate it, it would probably a Four out of Five stars: a good read, but not a must read.

Seven Minutes in Heaven:
I wrote this while I was writing "The Final Destination". It's pretty much just a fuzzy little romance full of all that lovey-dovey crap(which I love!). A few people wanted a sequel with Brittany and Alvin. I have been working on one, but not lately. This idea came to me when I was at a party. A group of my friends were playing and they picked me and my friend, Lisa. We literally did nothing but talk in the closet. When they opened up the door, Lisa was sitting on a storage box, staring at her nails as if nothing happened. I envisioned Brittany doing this, but then realized it would be better with Simon and Jeanette. And more awkward. My rating: Three out of Five.

Ain't Nothin But a Britt Thing:
I personally, did not like this story. It was an idea based off a title and I blindly wrote it. But others seemed to like it and even demanded more! I was shocked, because as soon as I uploaded it, I thought "this is gonna suck". Heh, people think differently I guess. Oh well, I don't think I will be continuing it, sorry. My rating: Three out of Five.

Night of Ouija:
First off, yes, this was a true story. Although a few believed me, they were out numbered by those who didn't. My friends are still affected by it, but not to a point where they need constant attention. To them then, it was true terror. To them now, it was simply something that happened. I wanted to inspire fear into readers, but I didn't want to stretch the truth. My rating: Three out of Five. My advice: Avoid Ouija boards.

This story is different from the rest of my stories, only because I actually had all of it planned out when I wrote it. Every little detail was ready. It was my first M rated story, because of it's wide variety of "colorful" language and for a bit of gore(if you call someone getting cut open with a buzz-saw gore). I even came up with creative chapter titles. A lot of people thought this story was very well written and so do I. My rating: Five out of Five.

This story really struck people. Someone even said that it had made them cry. Truth be told, this story came from nothing as well. I had just finished "The Final Destination" and I planned on writing another story. So I just popped down at my computer and wrote the first thing that came to my mind. That would be the three word sentence "I am null." Oh well. If it's a masterpiece, it is a random one. My rating: Four out of Five stars.

The Diary of Elizabeth Scott: I'd like to apologize again for this story. I had the idea of Eleanor finding the diary and reading about how the girl went crazy and then the ghost haunting her. Unfortunately, I did not have a plot. I just wrote. And then it ended in disaster. So I quit while I was ahead. Otherwise it would have been weeks before I wrote more of it. My rating: DON'T BOTHER.

Dust n' Boots:
I was just messin' with the search engine. I was playing with the genre filters and learned that there was a story for EVERY genre except Western. It kinda suprised me. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Alvin in a cowboy hat, riding off into the sunset on his noble steed? So I got right on it and began writing it. At first, Simon was going to be Alvin's partner and Theodore the bandit. But I had a hard time finding a name for Theodore. Then it hit me: Simon the Snake. I switched the names around and uploaded. My rating: Four out of Five.

This story helped me realize that only you understand your thoughts. No matter how much you think people understand something, they don't. At least not as much as you. I was riding my bike to the library when this "great" idea struck. I had the idea of starting each section with a small subtitle(i.e. Legend of the Red) and really thought it would work. I had actually started it by calling it "Legacy" but realized the different meaning. So I switched it quickly and uploaded it. I made a vow to myself that I would never remove an uploaded story and I really wished I hadn't. This story just wasn't... good. It was confusing and made no sense whatsoever. My rating: One out of Five.

French Kiss:
Huh, where to begin... Well, this story is probably my most popular story, next to "The Final Destination". People just love it. They love Fifi and a few even asked to use her in their stories! It was actually going to be an introduction. You see, I was looking around FanFiction and I saw that a lot of people had their own original characters. I didn't really want one. It just struck me as dumb. I mean, pretty much the whole point of FanFiction is to use the characters provided, right? At least, that's why I think people like FanFiction; the characters are already developed for you and ready to use. Anyway, I was looking through some old photos when I found my pictures from my family's trip to Paris. One of them had a member of our tour group. She is exactly as Fifi is described, minus the bag and the chipmunkness. She was shy and timid, just like Fifi is. As I looked at the photo, a quick thought came to my mind. Why not make her? So I did. I wanted to give her a unique French name. Fifi instantly came to mind. My brother thought it was a dumb name, but I stuck with it. LaBeau, Fifi's last name, is a name meaning "beauty". Anyway, I made the story to introduce her and pretty much show her to everyone. But then, another idea struck: Simon. So instead of just an introduction, I wrote a cute little story to go along with it and, well, you know what happens next. My rating: Five out of Five.

Knife Called Lust:
Pretty much taking the original "psycho killer" idea and making it with Eleanor. Due to the fact that it only has two chapters, I will not reveal anymore. You'll have to wait.

The Lie Detector:
Totally random story that came to me when I was cleaning my kitchen. Nothing more to say than the rating, which I give a Four out of Five. If you haven't read it, do so now. It's a short as can be and pretty funny.

The Thing on the Fence:
When I was younger(about 2nd or 3rd grade), I had a terrible fear of looking out my window at night. I was always just afraid of what I might see. Theodore does not share this fear, but does have the terrifying experience of seeing something. The thing described in this story matches the description of The Dover Demon(as seen here: ). The Dover Demon, although not as scary as in my story, had always terrified me. I mean, could you imagine looking out your window and seeing that thing in your yard? My rating: Four out of Five.

Black Swarm: It's lovebug season down here in Florida, and trust me, that's not a good thing. The lovebugs are super annoying. All they do is mate. They come in swarms, flyin' around. You can't take two steps without five landing on you. And they don't eat or drink, which gives 'em a lifespan of about a week. So when they lay their eggs, they die, leaving a huge mess of dead bugs. Anyway, if you look up at the sky, you will literally see a black swarm of them. That gave me the idea for this story, kinda. Due to the fact that it only has one chapter, I will not reveal anymore. You'll have to wait.

The Black Kitsune: I woke up the morning I wrote this with the word kitsune floating through my head. I had no idea where it came from or what it meant. I looked it up and found out it's Japanese for fox. I also learned that the Black Kitsune is a shape shifter. Well, I decided to write the one-shot. Then, I thought about Edgar Allen Poe. Instantly, it went from short story to poem. My rating: Four out of Five.

Knock, Knock, Knock: Ah, horror. This story was a twist of an old urban legend called Drip, Drip, Drip. In said story, a girl and a boy are out of gas, park a car under a tree etc. But instead of being hanged like dear old Alvin, the boy's neck is sliced and he is hung upside down from a tree. The girl in the car hears dripping, not knocking, and does not know what it is until a police officer comes and lets her out. The officer tells her not to look back and of course, she does and she see's her boyfriend dripping his blood onto the car. I thought about remaking it and then came up with a different idea, the current idea. I personally like this one, so my rating: Five out of Five.

The Black Door: This story was written a year ago, for another story sharing website. It was written in first person, which is why there are A LOT of errors. The story was actually my cousin's idea. He had told a story similar to it at a camp out and I adapted it to my views. I find that the original is better than the FanFiction one, mainly because you don't know the character. In the original, the man has grow up with a fear of doors and Alvin only just began his fear. The ending also makes more sense in the original than this one. That is because it is more believable to find an anonymous character going crazy than Alvin. The anonymous also adds to the horror more. Many parts were cut to make this an AATC FanFic. My brother said that when he read it, it gave him a headache. I think the original is great, but this version lands a solid Three out of Five for my rating.

Only Gilt: This story came to me in one of my classes. I got the idea for Theodore to ruin something for Eleanor and then it end up to not be his fault. But who could I blame it on? His dog, Pepper. You know, the one I made up. I think this is my best story on FanFiction. A Six out of Five, if I could. Go read it.

Better Than Anything Else: A cryptic story that contains my resignation letter. I'm not surprised that few understood. Rating: One out of Five.

I am done with Chipmunks!!!

As of 10-17-12, I will no longer be writing AATC fanfics. I apologize for any unresolved plot lines and unfinished stories. Some people just lose interest in things. Thank you all for reading my stories, though my original readers may no longer be around anymore... I still enjoy getting reviews and seeing that people have added me to their favorites and whatnot.

If you like a story of mine that is unfinished, and maybe want to finish it yourself, message me about it and what you'll do, and there's a good chance I'll give you my blessing to write it yourself. I always get emails when someone messages me, so I'll see it. Like I said, I'm no longer writing, but I would love to see what you'd do with my stories.

Thanks for checking out my profile.

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