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Mikey, Skippy, and The Girl

a fan has the hots for my brother Gerard and not me. (Morgan don't kill me. It's a story.)But now it's time we have begun.Well hells all

low my fello friend. My name is Philip Alexander Brown but Christina calls me Skippy, the peanut butter brand name, yet it bothers me


"I was just wanting to sleep with him! God you are so...nevermind!" Morgan replied.

(Morgan do not kill me please! its just a joke okay!)

Well I will interduce my self and say that I am Mikey James Way. Yet I always notice that everyone that is "Morgan why the hell are you on top of Gerard!" yelled Skippy.

The next morning Gerard wakes up and sees a big ass croud out side of his window. As he looks around at the signs say My Chemcal Romance!Then he

makes a new and retarded song called

" The croud that wouldnt shut the fuck up and woke me up while I was asleep at 1:00 in the afternooon".

Yet the best part is that Gerard also sees that his girlfriend, Morgan, is ... is... lets not say. So as Skippy walks in and states,

Before me! NOT COOL! Just totally kidding...or am I??"

weird and yet retarded at the same time

" OMFG! You had with her! Well now everyone is confused about what is going on exactly. Yet if you think about it, it is just . "So how was it last night?" Skippy asked in curiosity.

"Nothing happend!You are always skipping to conclutions!"

Then Gerard whiperd," She was the BOMB!"

Now I will state that you may never know what really happend between them yet you do know that she was the bomb at somethng...yet yu do not know what

it is!

Now I conclude this story! Peace out!

You did what with who? reviews
This is about when this girl meets a guy that she starts to go out with and stuff is going crazy and waked out!Found out what happens!
A New Beginning to An Old Ending - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 663 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 2/24/2010 - Complete