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Hello people. I am chrystallight!

I began writing when I was eleven on a boring afternoon with my laptop. I was sitting in the front room on the couch as my adult gamer friends talked to my parents about gaming and movie whatnot stuff (mind you I am a gamer as well but at the time I was clueless to what the discussion was based around). At the time I loved, no, obsessedover Sonic the Hedgehog.

I had the toys, the games, I made drawings (despite how terrible they were), I even bothered to look up the original and the newer Sonic the Hedgehog Television series on you tube and watch every episode that existed. So I was on my laptop, bored out of my tiny mind, when a movie started playing in my head. Sonic and I, (as a colorful purple hedgehog) teamed up with Shadow and Silver, Knuckles and Tails, fighting off all the badies that came our way. And we lived in an awesome underground (in a tall hill) base with windows to the side of the hill to see outside! I pulled out notepad and started writing furiously as the ideas came, and then went back and wrote the first chapter...

The story was called, (appropriate as I was young and innocent so I made myself extremely important to the story line and characters)
"The Adventures of Adrianna and Sonic!".
It was the worst thing I've ever written but that was to be expected. It was after all, my first story ever. I knew little about spelling and punctuation and nothing about paragraphing so it was difficult to read. I may consider posting the original unedited version here, but I get the feeling it will gain very little attention.

(I will make it clear that I have actually been here, on this website, for a few years now. I had the story put up along with other poorly written pieces of work, but I took them down today as to re-begin with a fresh slate.)

Since then I have lost my life consuming love of Sonic the Hedgehog, but I still keep up with what is happening in the world of the colorful, talking humanized animals that I loved.
They've over done it though: Sonic was a great game and show, but they keep trying to make more money from it and they're making it worse. Poor Sonic should have been left to die off heroically as the better of 2D games and Cartoons a long time ago. sigh. Oh well. At least Sonic Generation somewhat restored its respect and greatness.

As I had said before, I lost my obsessive love for Sonic, but in turn grew some new interests. I found that I love to draw and create art, and with more time, I found I had a talent in digital three-dimensional art. I enjoy writing, and the bloodier it is, the more glee I get from writing it. Algebra and Biology are my favorite topics, and they go hand in hand. If I listed the amount of games, shows, or plain topics I enjoy, this would be five pages long.

At the moment, my biggest craze is Minecraft. More specifically, the characters and story line that I had created in the world of Minecraft with some friends.

A world that takes place in 2014 on the world of Minecraftia, where modern culture and midevil culture are scattered upon the world. Demons and angels hide in the Aether and Nether. Slowly Minecraftia is sinks into darkness as the God of Death (Or refered to as the Devil for sake of simplicity) gains power and control on the overworld.
Death and destruction rave the surface; pain and misery, greed and violence. Hatred, and loss in faith of Notch begin to taint man-kind as Herobrine's darkness creeps from out of his loyal follower's nether portals.
It is up to some misled heroes, fate written by the God of Light Notch, to save the overworld from most certain destruction, and put an end to He's growing power.
A vampire, an assassin, a fire demon, a pyrochenetic, an enderborg, a water mage, a dwarf, two angels, and an alchemist.

Honestly thats the easiest way to sum it up and still a lot is left out. Haha. Even better the story is based on a Minecraft setting Roleplay that I run (poorly) with my friends.
I play as the vampire and as a secondary character, the pyrochenetic.

I don't really write much based on the roleplay, more around adventures or major situations that could likely occur in their world. The team is always jumping down each other's throats, but they have their moments of coöperation.

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, Singing.





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