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I am a politically leftist hippie who loves martial arts. I have a high red belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (one rank below black), but I had to move, so I've just started Kenpo-Karate. I am in college studying mechanical engineering with a minor in music performance, but my right brain keeps me writing fan fiction. I am terrible at updating, but I will try to get better. Please read my work and review!


I am not picky about genre, but rather quality. People who can sing and play their instruments well rate top for me. Also, I pay attention to what the lyrics say and mean, although if the singer sucks I can't force myself to finish the song.


Stargate, Fifth Element, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Howl's Moving Castle, Tales from Earthsea, How to Train your Dragon, The Princess and The Frog >.


Star Trek, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Stargate: SG1, McGuyver, Firefly, Pokemon, and MONK.


Manga is one of my biggest loves. My favorite author is Yuu Watase, she wrote manga such as Fushigi Yuugi, Ceres Celestial Legend, Alice 19th, Absolute Boyfriend, and Imadoki Nowadays. I also enjoy series such as Skip Beat, Basara, and Red River.

As for real books, my favorite author by far is Tolkien. I read one of his poems for my high school graduation. Harry Potter and the Sword of Truth Series are also high up on my list (I'm a sucker for fantasy).


Jimmy Carter, Gandhi, The Cookie Monster, Patrick Stewart, and Jean Roddenberry.

Original Characters:


A 14 year-old girl with a mysterious past. She tends to be very impulsive and fierce, rarely making close friends. Her closest companion is her Charmander, but Dante is slowly warming up to her. Professor Oak discovered her on the street and gave her the chance to become a Pokemon Master. He is the one adult that she feels the upmost respect for. She has the unique ability to understand the feelings and emotions of Pokemon down to the deepest level. No one, not even she, can understand it. For some reason, most Pokemon feel an innate sense of trust regardless of their previous views of humans and Pokemon trainers.

Physical Traits-

Height: 5' 3''

Weight: 100 lbs

Description: Very lithe and quick with long glossy black hair. She has piercing green eyes that seem to understand everything around her, and pale skin. She wears a short blue dress with a wide neckline that falls about her shoulders, long sleeves, and silver embroidery. Also she has a pair of long black boots, black gloves, and a soft brown shoulder bag.

Current Team-

Charizard (Male)- This Dragon Pokemon is very self opinionated. He was abandoned by his first trainer and spent an entire year wreaking havoc in Professor Oaks lab, scaring off new trainers. His hatred for humans was quenched when he met Sayo, who somehow felt the pain inside him. He is now fiercely loyal and will follow her wherever she goes. This Pokemon has a very large amount of power inside of him and is the only Pokemon who can wield the "whiteflame" attack. No one knows why or how he is able to do it, but he shows the potential to soar to great heights if he can master this power.

Umbreon (Female)- This small Pokemon was rescued by Sayo while she was under attack by Team Rocket, her previous owners. She was somehow connected to a mysterious operation that they were conducting in Viridian Forest.

Unknown Egg- What will this mysterious egg, given to her from Xeo hatch into?


An 18 year old young man who Sayo first met by a lake outside of Pallet Town. He is very private and mysterious, but may somehow be connected to the International Police. For some reason he has decided to befriend the fierce and independent young trainer and help her to develop her potential. No one really knows what he does, but he pops in and out of the story as he pleases.

Physical Traits:

Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 168 lbs

Description: Very tall and imposing figure with large amber eyes. His hair is a dark brown, curly, and very long, falling loose to his shoulders. He wears a pair of dark jeans, a black belt, a crimson button up shirt, and a long black trench-coat.

Current Team-

Dragonite- A very proud and beautiful female dragon, who fiercely loves her master. However, she too was captured by Sayo's charm and now she has devoted herself to preserve the child's happiness. Sayo is the only person besides Dante who Dragonite has acknowledged as a friend. Though a fierce and dangerous battler she has a bit of a motherly personality when it suits her. This Pokemon is at an incredibly high level, and as yet has never been defeated by another Pokemon since evolving from a Dragonair.

Arcanine- This Pokemon was once known as the prince of flame, possible the most powerful of its species. He lived deep in the forest, and served as the guardian for all creatures that dwelt there. However, that magical place was destroyed by Team Rocket, who wished to capture him. A terrible fight ensued, and the entire platoon of Rockets was wiped out, and Arcanine vanished into the mist. No one knows how he and Dante met, but perhaps it was through the secret dream that they both share deep in their hearts.

Unknown x4- We have not yet discovered the rest of Dante's team! Keep reading!

At the request of a reader I have decided to introduce the following character (I have increased his age to make his physical traits more plausible as well as taken a little artistic license regarding his looks and personality)-

Xeo Blaine-

A 16 year old teen from Cinnabar Island. He is already a well-seasoned young trainer having competed in the Johto League as runner up, gained victory in the Sinnoh league and challenged the Sinnoh Elite Four. He is very confident and cheerful, but in the heat of battle his childlike demeanor melts away to reveal a very competent battle style. Blaine of cinnabar is his grandfather.

Physical Traits:

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 120 pounds

Description: Incredibly tall and mature for his age, this young trainer has blonde hair that falls to his chin, and warm chocolate brown eyes. He is garbed in jeans, black converse, and a green long sleeved shirt with black fingerless gloves. He also carries a black shoulder bag and a pair of sleek sunglasses perched in his thick hair.

Current Team-

Arcanine "Blaze" (Male)- This loyal Pokemon was the Xeo's very first companion. He was given to Xeo on his tenth birthday and the pair trained for two years at the cinnabar gym under Blaine, before they went traveling together. Blazes' incredible speed and power enable him to take on incredibly tough opponents even when at a type disadvantage. Blaze is very competitive and protective of his trainer and will go to any lengths to protect him.

Typhlosion "Flamer" (Male)- Flamer was a gift from Professor Elm when Xeo traveled to compete in the Johto League. He was the third Pokemon to join the party and has helped Xeo win many victories all over both the Johto and Sinnoh Regions. Flamer is a playful soul like his master, but always uses his powerful fire attacks to aid the party in any battle.

Empoleon "Arias" (Female)- Arias was the first female Pokemon to join the team, as a gift from Professor Rowan. She has helped to even out Xeo's rather fire-heavy team and was invaluable in his victory in the Sinnoh League. She is very shy and withdrawn but when angered she can erupt in a dangerous torrent.

Staravia "Starfire" (Female)- This very brave and reckless Pokemon was the first Pokemon Xeo caught in the Sinnoh region and is the newest member of his team. Starfire is very bold and tends to take some dangerous risks but nevertheless makes up for it with her undeniable prowess on the battlefield. Her godlike speed exceeds even that of Arcanine, and she has been documented as the fastest flying Pokemon ever discovered, (yes even faster than Pigeot).

Pikachu "Sparky" (Male)- Sparky was the first Pokemon Xeo ever caught in the wild. This impudent and spunky little electric type is very fast as well, making it the third fastest in Xeo's lineup. He was caught in Viridian Forest after giving the still greenhorn duo of Xeo and Blaze much grief during battle.

Weavile "Ace" (Male)- Ace was the second Pokemon Xeo caught and the fourth to join his party after being abandoned by his first Trainer. Strong willed and impatient he constantly disobeyed Xeo during his Johto journey but grows to trust him after many battles and adventures. Can move lighting fast at moments notice in battle is stealthy but powerful.

Spiritomb "Apocalypse {Apoc for short}"(unknown gender): the most powerful and dangerous Pokemon Xeo has ever trained, Apoc is moody, willful, strong, and can lash out if not totally controlled. Since Xeo first captured it in a underground temple in Hoen, he has only used it 3 TIMES IN BATTLE, it has become much more loyal and obedient but does not trust anyone except Xeo and his Pokemon.

Lucario "Aurai" (Male): quiet, precise,and deadly are the perfect words to describe Xeo's third favorite out of all his Pokemon, that he received from Riley as a young orphaned riolu when he was starting his sinnoh quest,rarely speaks using telepathy to anyone besides Xeo, very protective of him, thinks of him as his father.

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