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"The Ticking Life" Journal Status: Last updated on 29, July, 2011, 04:26 PM or 16:26 (2nd Update on that day)

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It feels good to write so much... I could have never thought that I would write approx 40K words in the last eight days of July...
It feels really good...

No, I only have to update "The Year Alone" and then every story will have two updated chapters... :-)


Updated "The Ticking Life" Journal and posted Chapters 15 of "Harder Than Imagine"...

I'm on a roll right now... :-D


Just read some reviews of The Year Alone, and it got me so emotional...



If everything goes right, in the coming four days I will update three of my stories: The Year Alone, Harder Than Imagine and of course, The Ticking Life...
Thank you everyone for keeping up with my unstable schedules...


I have started a new Project on Re-Releasing Classics after styling them a bit...


The Ticking Life Journal has been updated, and Chapter 0 and Chapter 2 have been re-posted...


Well.. I'm going to post the next chapter of The Year Alone tomorrow... which would be around 10,500 words...
And please review my stories... because I don't think they are so bad that I can't even get 10 reviews per story...

It's me being a wimpy excuse of a writer, but I don't care...
So I'll say again, please Review...


The World Ahead, The Ticking Life and Harder Than Imagine are updated...
Please Read and Review...


To all...

I am writing the next chapter of The Ticking Life (6500 words) which may be completed by Saturday.
I am also writing The next chapter of Harder Than Imagine (1000 words)...
And The Year alone (2000 words)...

Sorry because of the long break,... but I was busy with many other things...

For all who were wondering what I am doing, I was making a game, a visual novel to be specific...

Here are the links...


Update: The M rating in my story is mostly for violence except Harder than Imagine and trying to be on the safe side... and I'm trying my best to tone it down too... I guess the rush i felt back then when I started writing has died down...


Finally I am after such a long time... It feels good returning to writing again and all that, although I don't have as much time as I used to have as I have to go to a different state daily for my college... 2 hours in bus in the morning and around 3 hours when coming back leave me exhausted... Anyway... bye... for now that is. :-)


How do you start writing about yourself, when you are supposed to be the most boring person alive. lets try.

Um... A...

Not going right. I can't find a word that could describe how boring a person I am. Lets give it another shot.

Hi, as you have, nope.

I'm not really fussy about the canon story line. According to me, any story which has a strong plot is a good story, no matter how much un-canon it gets. Now, all you would and should call me a hypocrite as in my story I'm requesting anyone and everyone to help me keep it canon. But as I say and believe, in real world, people only gives those advice, which they never like to flow themselves. Going good. Yup.

Now, to be honest with all (as I'm a honest person), I actually intended to post a banner or slogan or whatever you would call them, that please read my story. But, now I doesn't need to do that, thanks to you lot.

Now, on a borriest (is that even a word,) note, let me tell you something about me.

WARNING!! Don't read more if you don't want to get a headache, and a severe one at that.

Or, it may be good for those people who consider themselves boring it may be a good lift for their mood.

I have a bit of a serious problem with me. I suffer continous Writer blocks, which is to say, I get writer block as much as I eat (which is to say at the least 5 times in a day, but I follow strict diet rules and eat low amount in a time. Wish the blockes were also like that).

When I write Fred and George lines, jokes come to my mind without any effort (if you can call them jokes).

And yes, I've read in many profiles, you are supposed to tell your age. Okay then, I'm 16 and a half years old boy.

I'm a fan of RPG games and I really like the Laxius serius by Indinera.

My Beta problems: I, actually don't have any serious beta problems, except my bl... sorry, my own pride. I just don't like the fact that someone else gets to read it first. But sometimes, I pray in earnest for a beta. That's why I posted a requeat in my Author's Note. Truth be told, I was bloody sure that no one will reply to the request, but one person did, and I'm sorry if I hurt him in any way.

My community: If anyone wants to join a comunity, which here means Angst Fan's, all you have to do is send me a good Angst fic of Harry/Ginny and if I like it, which means the story, I will make you a member. Thanks.

Reviews: According to me, reviews should be insightful, disecting the story. They should be critical, if the reviewer feel like the author had gone in a wrong direction but they shouldn't be rough and wrong and there should be no wrong criticizing, just for the mere fun of it and for taunting the author. The reviews should be deep and should give a essence of the good and bad part of the story.

The things I don't like about Harry/Ginny fics:

1. Most of the authors always show Harry as a weak fragile person who could do anything to be near Ginny. They don't show Harry true nature, i.e., impulsive, suspicious, possesive, arrogant and hot headed. They only show his weakens, i.e., carving for love and easily forgivable nature.
There descriptions of Harry matches of a dog. Painfully faithful and forgiving to Ginny.

2. They all show Ginny as Super Ginny, who can do anything with a single wave of wand. If their descriptions are taken into consideration, she should have been able to defeat Bellatrix without trouble.
They show her as a super flier who can defeat Harry with eyes closed. They all somehow seemed to forget the fact Harry did a wonderful dive the first time he sat on a broomstick.

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